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elafilador.net Court Rants: Why Hayley Didn’t get A pro Spot ~ above Season 27

Ok, so when the agree lineup to be announced earlier this week on GMA, I experienced a many folks thrilled for Brandon – and even an ext that were sad about Hayley no getting promoted to pro. I was honestly kind of shocked the so many people were incredulous about her not getting a pro spot – to me, it to be pretty straightforward to view why…they just ran the end of spots. Yet in light of me acquiring some genuinely curious questions from fans that wondered why Hayley was passed over because that a pro role, here’s my ethical opinion.

But first, let’s obtain this main suggest straight: there is no an unlimited number of pro slots.


Fall season traditionally has had actually (13) couples (we won’t talk about the chaos that season 9). It’s a nice number, and usually fits nice nicely through the (usual) 10 main schedule. Since (13) is an odd number, we’re either going to finish up with (6) female pros and (7) masculine ones, or angry versa. Which we get much more of is exclusively dependent upon that gets actors – if they take place to obtain (7) female celebs to sign on, climate it’s her lucky day, guys – one more male agree slot simply opened up. Sorry, females – us only need (6) of girlfriend this season. Just the means the cookie crumbles, I’m afraid. As result of the budget and schedule, it’s simply not feasible come “add” another couple, specifically if it’s just so one of the pros deserve to have a shot. No one of the pros are that important.

But why couldn’t they have actually sat among the various other female pros out, so Hayley could get a turn?

Ok, let’s take a look at at who we’re working with here: of the 6 female advantages this season, 5 space MBT holders. Ideal off the bat, i don’t think any kind of MBT-holder is walking to acquire benched in donate of a pro that isn’t battle-tested. Among them is a 2-time MBT winner, and also the sole OG agree from the formative years the the display – and Cheryl is still yes, really popular, for this reason as much as I’m concerned, she probably has an open up spot waiting for she whenever she wants. Jenna is the present MBT-holder, and also just come off a solid season through Adam and also an impressive very first choreographic outing top top SYTYCD – regardless of how you feel about Jenna together a person, the girl’s acquired choreo chops, and that’s what this show needs right now…so i don’t see the feeling in cutting her in donate of Hayley. Lindsay is an additional choreo heavyweight and also a recent MBT winner – plus she appears to get along fantastically with every one of her partners, so it’s advantageous to store her on as well. Witney’s MBT win wasn’t together recent, yet she is a choreographer that has started blossoming this past couple of seasons…so it renders sense to save her as well. That pipeline us v Emma & Sharna. Emma’s a reasonably recent MBT-winner as well, and is extremely good at transforming partners that space not much to sneeze at on document into competent contestants – plus she’s married to an additional pro, i beg your pardon TPTB need now the their token married couple has flown the coop. Sharna’s MBT-less, yet has much more than proven herself together a experienced choreographer – and also she’s popular. I’m not sure who we’re supposed to be cut here…

But it’s no fair that Hayley’s been in the troupe for 7 seasons, and Brandon’s only remained in it for 3 seasons and he gained a agree spot first!

First, you need to let go of the concept that this display somehow has to be “fair”. It seldom is, specifically to the mrs pros; and also then there’s the little matter the Val usually being handed ringer ~ ringer, season after season. Yet I digress. Secondly, you’re comparing apples & oranges – Hayley is a modern dancer that only started dancing ballroom in ~ the last 3-4 years; Brandon is a ballroom dancer that is cross-trained in modern and various other styles, and has been doing it for quite a bit longer 보다 Hayley. On paper, Brandon is a lot safer bet – specifically when friend look at several of the various other contemporary-dancers-who-got-a-crash-course-in-ballroom pros we’ve had: Tyne (who had actually one short, unmemorable season and we never ever saw her again) and Allison (great at contemporary, yet not-so-great at ballroom/Latin, and was cut after 4 seasons). Best now, the ballroom dancers cross-trained in other layouts have a lot easier row to hoe top top DWTS than do the modern-day dancers who have only taken up ballroom in the last couple of years. Brandon additionally won the junior pro competition on DWTS ago in 2007. And also once again, castle NEEDED more MALE advantages THIS SEASON. It’s not as if Hayley would certainly have gotten a point out if Brandon didn’t – she can’t companion a mrs celeb. Also, tenure in the troupe isn’t everything – we’ve seen enough troupe members perform a handful of seasons and then gain let go, and Sasha seems to obtain shuffled back to the troupe every so frequently as well, despite being promoted to agree awhile back.

But why do the males seem to get advocated from troupe more often 보다 the women?

I’m not certain this is really true, as the last couple of promotions native the troupe (prior to Brandon) that we’ve seen are Alan, Jenna, Lindsay (although she to be a agree to begin with, checked out the troupe, climate went ago to pro) and also Witney – statistically, you’re more likely come get supported to agree if you’re a woman in the troupe 보다 a male, as the female pro lineup appears to vary quite a bit more these days as result of marriages/pregnancies. But as a side note, I’ll to speak this: the current female pros, ~ above the whole, space FAR an ext skilled together teachers and choreographers 보다 the masculine pros. Every solitary female agree in the lineup this season is both a mainly choreographer and also a mainly teacher – i can’t to speak the same for the men. Ns honestly feel prefer the male pros together a entirety need every the aid they can get – with the leave of mark & Derek, there is little hope in terms of solid male choreographers. Sasha & Artem it seems ~ to yes, really try, and also seem to do pretty well around 60% of the time; ns think Alan is still pretty green and trying to figure out his choreographic identity; Gleb & Keo, bless them, space not great choreographers. Girlfriend know exactly how I feel about Val’s choreography – it’d be pretty good, if he would just stop v all the props/time-wasting/troupe-overutilization. We need a dynamite male choreographer – and also I think it can be Brandon. I heard significant praise because that his choreography skills during Juniors, and also since he’s coming from the exact same school/era that gave us Lindsay, Witney, & Jenna, ns think he’s acquired some serious chops. I have tendency to think of it an ext as a compliment to the women that they seem come be keeping the females the exact same while shaking increase the male agree lineup an ext and much more these job – the women space killing it, therefore why mess through something the works? The guys need job-related – therefore they store tweaking the lineup.

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But…but…will Hayley ever got a shooting at being a pro???

I’m certain she’ll get her shot, most likely within the following year or so. I think it assisted that Sharna sat out Juniors, together that developed a mentor vacancy for Hayley come fill and also somewhat prove herself. Ns think Peta’s out for the foreseeable future (if not permanently), together she’s express a desire for an ext kids; additionally, Sasha & Emma have said they want to begin trying for children next year, so depending on their success in that arena (hehe), we can see a female agree slot opened up in the spring (if there’s a spring season) or autumn (more likely). There’s additionally the truth that both Lindsay & Witney have been married a couple of years currently – what’s come say they can not begin thinking about kids soon? Or also Jenna? and then there’s Sharna, who appears to it is in blossoming professionally – she may discover herself populated with various other gigs prior to long, and might decide that she’s outgrown DWTS. There’s not a single pro that has actually been on every single season the DWTS – the agree lineup isn’t static, and if you’re patient, long-running troupe members do ultimately get promoted. Be safe – I’m certain Hayley will obtain her moment, when a slot opens up up.