Monday’s semifinals broadcast ofDancing v the Stars was all around the number two.

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Not just was the episode — remarkably! — already the second-to-last outing that Season 30, but it featured 2 routines from each continuing to be duo, climate wrapped v one last dual elimination. (Two is likewise the number of Kleenex box you can have burned through while watching this episode. All over you looked, another sob-worthy contemporary!)

Before we gain to the results, let’s failure the season’s penultimate performances:

CODY RIGSBY and PRO CHERYL BURKEEach couple’s an initial dance ~ above Monday to be a redemption routine, whereby they got to take one more stab in ~ a style they’d fumbled previously in the season. For Cody and also Cheryl, that was asalsa, which castle previously just performed via recorded rehearsals after ~ contracting COVID. The was type of impossible, then, for Codynot to boost with this version, however even his 2nd attempt felt a little bit underwhelming; a few of those side-by-sides looked favor Cheryl to be dancing the salsa but Cody to be letting loosened in the club, and also their last tricks to be a tad wobbly.

Then, in their follow-upArgentine tango, that felt strangely prefer Cody had tiny to execute in the way of yes, really steps, though he walk absolutely pond that opened silhouette. Derek Hough probably put it finest in his critiques, though: “Cheryl was working overtime in the routine!” Judges’ Scores: 35/40 (salsa); 36/40 (Argentine tango)

MELORA HARDIN and PRO ARTEM CHIGVINTSEVFirst, Melora and Artem redeemed themselves through arumba, and also Melora carried much an ext lyricism right into her hips and arms this time around. Their actual highlight, though, was a contemporary in ring 2: in spite of getting saddled v Imagine Dragons’ “Thunder,” which is lot too fast-paced a song for a typical contemporary, Melora still brought really moving emotion come the piece, particularly in the eight-count leading as much as that final embrace with Artem.Judges’ Scores: 36/40 (rumba); 36/40 (contemporary)

SUNI LEE and PRO SASHA FARBERSuni and Sasha acquired to effort afoxtrot for their redemption style, which, when a substantial improvement end their first showing, finished up ranking amongst the night’s an ext forgettable performances. But their second appearance, this time for acontemporary, was much an ext captivating. Suni connected her inner chaos nicely, and also it to be the appropriate style for her to showcase her remarkable gymnastic talents.

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I’ll agree v Len Goodman, though, the Sasha might perhaps have actually choreographed more effectively here: together Sara Bareilles’ “Gravity” built and also built, I retained waiting because that a an ext astonishing climax, and also that eventual lift through Sasha’s hands clasped approximately Suni’s head wasn’t quite The moment I’d been anticipating. Judges’ Scores: 37/40 (foxtrot); 38/40 (contemporary)

JOJO SIWA and PRO JENNA JOHNSONIf the comment part of mine recentDWTS recaps phone call me anything, it’s that you all have actually somethoughts about JoJo’s ongoing success on Season 30. However if the smoldering, sensual chemistry that JoJo and Jenna’s redemptionArgentine tango didn’t thaw also the coldest that critics, surely their gorgeous, expressive contemporary go the trick. JoJo came into Season 30 with technological dance experience, sure, yet her versatility of emotion has actually been stunning to clock — as was her near-perfect synchronization with Jenna in the contemporary routine’s many side-by-side combinations. Judges’ Scores: 40/40 (Argentine tango); 40/40 (contemporary)

IMAN SHUMPERT and PRO DANIELLA KARAGACHFirst up, Iman and Daniella had actually a redemptiontango, which, many thanks to Derek’s mentoring, provided Iman an opportunity to focus on ideal frame an ext than in most weeks that Season 30. (And the distinction it made!) and at the hazard of ending up being even an ext of a fuddy-duddy than Len himself, ns wasn’t specifically enthralled by theirjazz later in the show. There was small jazz content there for Iman to master, and also the limitless lifts — while physically astounding — have lost lot of their impact post-Horror Night. Judges’ Scores: 37/40 (tango); 38/40 (jazz)

AMANDA KLOOTS and PRO ALAN BERSTENAtango awaited Amanda and also Alan in the redemption round first, and it was fantastic to check out Amanda get intense and unrestrained through her face expressions after weeks of an often-unconvincing performance smile. As for your Round 2 contemporary— performed to a lovely sheathe of “Live your Life,” a song initially sung by Kloots’ so late husband, Nick Cordero; I give thanks to the Dancing gods for acquisition pity on our tear ducts and also not making use of Nick’s vocals — it to be breathtaking. I was concerned Amanda can not be able to get with the number, provided how her face was quivering indigenous the attempt to hold back tears in ~ the beginning. But she ultimately infused the performance with all of that raw emotion, and also the result was magnetic.Judges’ Scores: 39/40 (tango); 40/40 (contemporary)

And now, the results!

ADVANCING come FINALE (in stimulate of announcement)JoJo Siwa and also pro Jenna JohnsonIman Shumpert and pro Daniella KaragachCody Rigsby and pro Cheryl Burke

COUPLES IN JEOPARDYMelora Hardin and also pro Artem ChigvintsevAmanda Kloots and pro Alan BerstenSuni Lee and pro Sasha Farber

ELIMINATEDMelora Hardin and also pro Artem Chigvintsev (automatically got rid of with lowest merged scores and votes) (also:boooo!)Suni Lee and also pro Sasha Farber (after all four judges saved Amanda and Alan)

With that, I turn it end to you. How are you feeling around these four finalists? walk Melora or Suni deserve one of those clues instead? struggle the comments v your reactions!