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numerous thought Lopez to be the​ better dancer. Kevin Winter/Getty

"Saved by the Bell" heartthrob Mario Lopez appeared to have this win in the bag. The actor to be oozing chemistry through his pro partner Karina Smirnoff and the duo was transforming in near flawless performances ~ above a weekly basis.

In fact, castle nabbed the very first perfect scores of the season. Yet the Lopez lovers underestimated the power of the Dallas Cowboys nation. The NFL"s all-time top rusher Emmitt Smith winner the popular vote and took house the mirrorball trophy much to Lopez"s chagrin.

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"I would like to think the criteria to be based solely on being the ideal dancer, and also I thought we did sufficient to accomplish that," Lopez told The Post.

"I number if this was truly a dance competition they would have actually voted because that the better dancer," the added.

Some believed Gilles Marini obtained robbed in season eight.


Marini didn't win. Jemal Countess/GettyImages

Viewers can not get enough of Gilles Marini. The "Sex and also the City" and also "Switched in ~ Birth" actor dazzled v his phenomenal quickstep and also tantalizing tango.

He showed up to it is in a lock for the title. But his to plan for success were thwarted through Olympic yellow medal-winning gymnast Shawn Johnson — fresh turn off an Olympic year no less. The two were be separate by less than 1% in votes do it among the the next competitions in "DWTS" history, follow to world magazine.

Shawn Johnson had the manuscript flipped in season 15.


Johnson didn't win to numerous people's surprise. Slaven Vlasic/GettyImages

How great was Shawn Johnson in season 15? The quickstep she carry out with companion Derek Hough throughout what was called the All-Stars season won an excellent choreography Emmy.

If that wasn"t enough, she finale freestyle was a powerhouse performance featuring the Olympic yellow medal-winning Fierce Five. However in a shocking twist no one observed coming, former "Bachelor" contestant Melissa Rycroft to be crowned champ.

Even Rycroft herself didn"t see it coming. Follow to entertainment Weekly, she said reporters after the show, "When it was our surname called, I simply went, oh, mine gosh, just how did this just happen."

Kellie Pickler edged out Zendaya Coleman in season 16.


There was a technological glitch in season 16. abc

"K.C. Undercover" star Zendaya Coleman dealt with "American Idol" alum Kellie Pickler in season 16. The two were neck and also neck every season leading approximately the finale.

In the finale, Pickler and partner Derek Hough performed an abnormally stripped down and also emotional freestyle. Coleman and also her pro, Val Chmerkovskiy, play up she hip-hop background in their last piece.

With points merged from those perfect scores and an extra dance, the night ended with Coleman ahead by one. Yet Pickler emerged victorious with the mirrorball amidst a little of controversy.

that turned out that as result of a technological glitch, fans had an obstacle casting votes ~ above

About the glitch, this day reported Val Chmerkovskiy said, "That"s bull----."

Mya finished 2nd in season ripe to many people's surprise.

Mya was meant to take house the title. Henry S. Dziekan III/GettyImages

When the finale came under to singers Mya and Donny Osmond, countless thought the songstress had actually the win in the bag. Not just did the Grammy winner have a run background, yet she and also partner Dmitry Chaplin additionally had the highest possible score averages the the season.

But what Osmond had actually was a devoted fan base and loads the charisma which thrust him and pro-partner Kym Johnson come the upset win.

"We didn"t know who was going come win ideal up till the minute that they announced it was Donny!" Carrie Ann Inaba revealed to E! online after the show. "I think we had Mya and also Donny matched, but it was emotional, exciting. It was surprising. It was good."

Mya, having been a frontrunner every season long, comment to the loss through disappointment. "There"s therefore much. There"s disappointment, dedication, passion, and also commitment … I"ve learned multiple amounts of things. It"s an endure that you"ll never ever forget because that the rest of your life and also that you want to share v others," she said.

Superbowl champ Donald Driver winner in season 14. Taylor Hill/GettyImages

In an additional case whereby it payment to have a football pan base, Superbowl champ Donald Driver to win outKatherine Jenkins and also actor wilhelm Levy for the mirrorball in season 14.

Jenkins looked to be the frontrunner with judges Len Goodman and also Bruno Tonioli likening she dancing to poetry and calling her among the most technically advanced dancers castle had ever before seen ~ above the show. But Driver and his companion Peta Murgatroyd ceded a dynamic freestyle to traction ahead for good.

The Washington article addressed the surprising win saying:

Proving that Donald"s success is a bit of a surprise, here"s part commentary indigenous the judges once asked to rate the 3 finalists earlier in the episode. Carrie Ann Inaba on William: "William is a phenomenon...I"ve never heard the audience go this crazy for anyone in 14 seasons." Len Goodman ~ above Katherine: "Katherine is among the most technically advanced dancers we"ve ever had," v Bruno Tonioli chiming in: "It"s like watching poetry."

The dance-off to be unprecedented. alphabet

Season one created what is tho the many controversial success in the show"s history. "General Hospital" star Kelly Monaco and "Seinfeld" actor john O"Hurley confronted off in the finale that the inaugural season.

Monaco repeatedly spent time in ~ the bottom that the leaderboard with companion Alec Mazzo when O"Hurley and also his pro-partner Charlotte Jorgensen were favored through the judges. However Monaco"s freestyle acquired the an initial perfect score that the season and earned her the honor of gift the very first champion.

The controversial win led to the very first and just dance-off in "DWTS" history. In the dance-off, O"Hurley regulated to sheet Monaco out however she is still considered the official winner.

Bobby Bones and also Sharna Burgess, winners the season 27. Getty/Robin merchant

Season 27 recently had actually what has been dubbed by some as the "Mirrorball Miracle."

Radio hold Bobby Bones and his star partner Sharna citizen had reasonably low scores throughout the whole season. Earlier this year, Bones also said didn"t feeling the judges want to him come win.

"I think lock are fair. I don"t think they want me to win, frankly," he told GoodHousekeeping earlier this year. "I think the judges desire somebody who came in with much more dance endure to win."

He even Instagrammed his odds that winningand lock weren"t very high.

But, the show ultimately comes down to the human being who vote — and also the civilization chose Bones and Burgess. They take it homethe coveted trophy, much to the surprised of numerous fans.

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"We were never the ones that were supposed to win. I had the worst odds," Bones said after the finale, together per Fox"s report.