Dancing with The Stars: What happened To Jana Kramer after ~ The present After being cheated ~ above by she husband, Jana Kramer has dealt with to produce a better life for herself, which contained saving her marriage.

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due to the fact that her flashy debut on season 23 of Dancing through The Stars in 2016, Jana Kramer has actually seen a lot of of alters in her life through husband Mike Caussin. The One Tree Hill alum has actually gone with life as ideal as she can, despite bouts of infidelity and hardship.

Most well-known for her duty on One Tree Hill, Kramer started acting in 2002, acquisition on roles and also improving her craft util she landed she coveted role in 2009. In 2011, her country singing career take it off, to run alongside her effective career in acting. Seeing her potential and also obvious stardom, it to be no surprise when Dancing with The Stars came knocking, catapulting her farther into fame. Return she didn"t win, fans to be pleased to see a familiar and also popular face. How has Kramer"s life been since the show?

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After marrying her husband, Mike Caussin, in 2015, popular music Culture reports Kramer found topless photos of an additional woman on his apple watch. Alarmed, she walk to inspect his phone, yet found they"d been deleted. She"d been v the paces of infidelity with him before, and was left stunned and wounded at the feasible betrayal. She messaged the number back, only to gain a saucy an answer that argued she come over. Racked through worry and pain, she phoned a friend, crying as she faced her worst fears. Top top confronting him, she discovered it was just a bot, however some the the memories associated with his cheating were still also painful. They often talk around themselves and their marital troubles openly on their podcast, Whine Down. However, Mike walk something for his mam that spoke to the type of job-related he to be trying to placed in.

Is The good Fight because that you? We have actually been inquiry a lot of if this book is just about infidelity and also though it does touch top top that and ways to resolve triggers, this publication is therefore much much more than that. This publication is around fighting for each other, not versus each other. This book is around fighting because that YOU- whether you are married, single, divorced or simply wanting come learn more tools around how to be a better person. And also honesty this publication is about showing friend you no alone in her struggles. Mike and also I share our deepest fights, struggles and victories from each of our perspectives and also how us came earlier together to do far better and to ultimately fight for ourselves and also this relationship. Swipe right to see few of my dms and the wide range of exactly how this book is already an altering their fight. We love y’all for this reason much...you space worth fighting for. #thegoodfightbook

He left a keep in mind for Jana, detailing his love and also affection because that her and explaining just how amazing she is. Bring away by the gesture and attempting to present her love, she common the note on Instagram. "Well this is a nice method to wake up up! It"s the little things the make me feeling the many loved for this reason waking as much as this expected the world." She claimed in the caption. "I additionally wanted to share this due to the fact that I feel so often all we execute is complain about our partner to our friends etc instead that saying just how amazing our partners are." Kramer to be truly trying come look previous the situation, opened herself up to the healing that is feasible when a couple works together.

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Fast forward to 2020 and Jana and Mike room still walk strong, battling their weakness together. They have opened up previously on their podcast around Mike"s sex addiction. Now, they have actually released a publication that gets into the nitty gritty trenches of their marriage, exposing the hardship and also fights, but additionally the love and understanding. People reported that, top top hearing of Kramer"s idea to release the book, Caussin was outraged and also filled v shame. "You"re not releasing this." the told her, yet Kramer confessed the at the time, every she want to execute was "help people."

Kramer and Caussin are clearly putting in the effort to stay together and work on every other. After some time talk to his wife and coming to terms v his own shame, Caussin agreed come write and also release the book, share intimate moment of your relationship exterior of the podcast and interviews for the an initial time. "The publication is vulnerable, it"s authentic, it"s direct, it"s funny, it"s passionate," the said. Kramer is diverting most of her attention to she family, strengthening she bond v her husband and spending time with her children, Jolie, 4, and Jace, 21 months. She has actually forged an remarkable career and as her family proceeds to blossom, she is working previous her marital hurdles to truly have it all.