There"s nothing sweeter than holding the title of ABC"s first-ever DWTS champion! due to the fact that winning the mirrorball, Monaco ongoing to portray the function of Samantha McCall top top the network"s daytime drama, General Hospital.Monaco do her many recent go back to the show during season 25, pairing up with her near pal, Cheryl Burke, and also former NFL star Terrell Owens because that Trio Night.

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The 98 levels singer had so much fun learning just how to run on the show, the he join the pros and troupe dancers on their DWTS tour after win the title. At the time, he had actually no idea that his brother, Nick Lachey, would later complete on season 25 the the show with Peta Murgatroyd. Regrettably for Nick, that didn"t have actually as lot luck -- he and Peta were the fifth couple to be removed fromthe competition.


Cheryl nabbed her second mirrorball through this former NFL pro, who stays a DWTS legend. He went back to the show"s15th seasonas among the "All-Stars," and during season 23, that made an epic surprised appearance in one of Calvin Johnson"s routines with Lindsay Arnold. Additionally, the covers agree football because that ESPN and also is the co-owner the The Gents Place, a men"s grooming and also lifestyle club established in Frisco, Texas.

Season 4:Apolo Anton Ohno &Julianne Hough


The short-track rate skater is one eight-time medalist, who many recently winner one silver and also two copper medals atthe 2010 Winter Olympics. He"s also developed his very own nutrition business, 8 Zone, in addition to the Apolo Anton Ohno Foundation, i beg your pardon encourages world to make hopeful choices and also promotes active, healthy and balanced lifestyles. Apolo went back as an "All-Star" to the show"s 15th season v Karina Smirnoff, but the two were poll off during week nine.


After taking home a mirrorball, theBrazilianauto racingdriver has continued to compete, racing in theWeatherTech SportsCar Championship, Indy500 series and dare championship. He"snow officially a three-time Indianapolis 500 winner! prefer Apolo, Helio additionally returned as an "All-Star" in season 15, this time partnering withChelsie Hightower. They to be voted off in the 3rd week that the competition during a twin elimination. He also welcomed his an initial child, daughterMikaella, in 2009.

"Winning the the mirrorball trophy was a good accomplishment for me, especially since I never was a dancer!" Helio explained to ET. "The whole experience lugged me a whole brand-new appreciation because that dancers and also made me much an ext recognizable in airports.To this day, human being still avoid me to tell me they love me ~ above the show and the yellow suit!"

"I"ve had a lot much more requests to show up on talk shows and opportunities for speaking engagements since doing the show," he added. "Super cool! mine mirrorball has a special place of honor in my living room... Ideal in in between my three Indy 500 trophies!"


Kristi reportedly couldn"t get sufficient of the ballroom after ~ winning the prestigious title! She returned to the display during season 16 to dance with fellow figure skater Dorothy Hamill. She likewise reunited with Mark throughout the show"s 25th season, performing a number v her previous partner and also violinist lindsay Stirling throughout Trio Night. Additionally, the gold medalist worked as a unique correspondent for the Today display during the 2010 Winter Olympics. She additionally has her own women"s activewear line,Tsu.ya by Kristi Yamaguchi, and also has performed through Cheryl Burke on she Love on the Floor display in Japan.

Kristi says, however, that since winning DWTS, it"s also been"back to reality," as she"s been busy being a mother to two adorable daughters, Emma, 12, and also Keara, 14. She tells ET she keeps she mirrorball ~ above a shelf in she movie room... Right beside husband Bret Hedican"s Stanley Cup trophy!

Season 7: Brooke Burke&Derek Hough

Since to win the mirrorball, there"s to be no stopping this talented brunette beauty! She"s right now working on she upcoming fitness app, Brooke Burke Body, i beg your pardon launches in December 2017. She"s additionally a TV host, well-being guru, podcaster and CEO the

Additionally, she"s showed up on Jane the Virgin andMelissa & Joey.

Season 8:Shawn Johnson& mark Ballas

The previous Olympic gymnast announced her retirement from gymnastics in June 2012, 3 years after completing on DWTS. A few months later, Shawn went back to the show to complete as an"All-Star" with Derek Hough. The two ended up in second place.

Shawn has also been very vocal about her wellness struggles in current years. In November 2015, she revealed she suffered from an eating disorder ahead of the 2008 Olympics, and in October 2017 she took to YouTube to tell pan she had actually a miscarriage simply two work after she and also her husband, Andrew East, uncovered they were pregnant.

Season 9:Donny Osmond & Kym Johnson

Donny remains one of the earliest male winners (he was 52 year old once he perform on the show). He went back to the ballroom together a guest judge because that Disney Night top top season 18. Then, in 2014, he to be a guest referee on theBritish variation of the show, Strictly Come Dancing.

Season 10:Nicole Scherzinger& Derek Hough

The former Pussycat Dolls singer has been maintaining busy since taking residence a mirrorball, play judge on The Sing-Off and the U.S. And also U.K. Versions of The X Factorand the beloved function of Maureen in the Hollywood Bowl production of Rent in 2010, command by Neil Patrick Harris. She likewise released 2 soloalbums, Killer Love in 2011 and also Big Fat Lie in 2014.

As for her personal life, Nicole has beendating Bulgarian tennis player Grigor Dimitrov for the previous two years. Following his ATP Singles victory in November 2017, Grigor adorably thanked his "girlfriend" while agree his trophy.

Season 11:Jennifer Grey&Derek Hough

Nobody can take Baby the end of the ballroom! after winning DWTS, Jennifer fill in because that head judge Len Goodman ~ above the BBC One TV present Strictly Come Dancing in 2011.

She likewise appeared in Lifetime"sBling Ringand voiced Mrs. Kurokawa in the English-dubbedversion ofHayao Miyazaki"s film,The Wind Rises.

And as of November 2017, we"re happy to report she"s tho dancing!

Season 12:Hines Ward& Kym Johnson

Shortly after completing on the show, the previous NFL stardecided to shot a different type of competition. In 2012, he started training for the 2013Ironman civilization Championships.

He competed in the Ironman Kansas in June 2013 with a finish time that 5:53:18, i beg your pardon earned him the as whole rank the 623. He climate completed the Ironman people Championships in October of that same year, finishing with a time that 13:08:15.

Season 13:J.R. Martinez& Karina Smirnoff

The previous U.S. Army soldier has remained in the spotlight because winning DWTS. In 2012, he served as the grand Marshal that the climbed Parade in Pasadena, California. He additionally starred top top the syndicated activity series, SAF3.

He"s likewise a proud dad to a daughter, Lauryn Anabelle. He proposed to Lauryn"s mother, Diana Gonzalez-Jones, in November 2017.

Donald officially announced his retirement native the NFLin January 2013after playing his whole professional career v the green Bay Packers. A couple of months later,a street was named after Donald, follow me witha statue specialized in his honor.Both are located on the edge of Dousman Street and Donald Driver way (formerly Pearl Street) in downtownGreen Bay.

One year later, Donald produced the Donald Driver moved to achieve Awards. As of November 2017, the foundation has honored 18 recipients and hasgiven away end $1,000,000.

Season 15:Melissa Rycroft& Tony Dovolani

"Life has actually been amazing, both personally and also professionally, after ~ winning the mirrorball," the former Bachelor star and Dallas Cowboys cheerleadertold ET in an to exclude, interview."My family members has grown, we"ve produced a good life in Dallas, and, professionally, I"m doing points I"ve only ever before dreamed of!"

"The biggest change since to win is that i havea career," she joked."After competing on my first season the DWTS, ns was blessed v a job at Good Morning America. After the "All-Star" season, ns then organized the DWTS tour and was provided hosting and also correspondent jobs for some exceptional shows. I"m lucky sufficient to hold a country syndicated morning talk present from my house base in Dallas this days. Mine dream job, best in my backyard. Ns feel quite lucky!"

Season 16:Kellie Pickler& Derek Hough

"Working through the whole DWTS team was so lot fun," Kellie gushed come ET. "They space unbelievable and true professionals and also helped me achieve something I never thought i could. My life has definitely taken part unexpected, but wonderful turns because DWTS, including my reality present on CMT, I LoveKelliePickler,and my new syndicated daytime talk show, Pickler& Ben."

Kellie also revealed the she tho dances, yet "definitely no ballroom."

"Occasionally a freestyle v my husband in the kitchen," she said, laughing. "He"s no as great as Derek, but he tries! however honestly, DWTS was a true blessing, and if asked, ns would do it again in a heartbeat."

Season 17: Amber Riley & Derek Hough

Moments after ~ taking house the DWTS title, the previous Glee star said ET, "I just never really thought about winning, until maybe the last two weeks when I was just like, "You recognize what? I had actually needles in mine knees, obviously I desire this much more than i am willing to admit." So, ns didn"t know. Ns honestly just didn"t understand who was going come win. It might have to be anybody."

Today, fans can capture Amber playing the lead function of Effie White in the musical Dreamgirls ~ above the West finish in London, a function that landed she the 2017 Laurence Olivier award for ideal Actress in a Musical.

She additionally appeared as a judge on the BBC One musical theatre talent show, Let that Shine, in 2017.

Season 18: Meryl Davis & Maksim Chmerkovskiy

For this Olympic athlete, act DWTS opened a number of brand-new opportunities that permitted her to prove she canperform exterior of the civilization of competitive number skating.

"Learning new dances and also styles indigenous week to week make me autumn even an ext in love with the special means we can express ourselves through movement, on the ice and also off," she described to ET. "As Charlie Whiteand I proceed to perform in number skating tours approximately the world, it"s a pleasure to draw from our mutual experiences ~ above the show to additional enhance our performances."

In addition to skating, Meryl"s had a couple of opportunities to continue dancing exterior of the ice rink.

"I participated in Maks and also Val Chmerkovskiy"s show, SWAY, several times, and now perform regularly in Cheryl Burke"s tour, Love ~ above the Floor," said Meryl, that revealed she keeps she mirrorball on the mantle at her parents" house in Michigan. "I likewise loved returning to DWTS to dance through Maks for the show"s 10th anniversary special."

Season 19:Alfonso Ribeiro&Witney Carson

Like Emmitt, Alfonso has end up being a DWTS legend! The fresh Prince the Bel-Air star hasreturned come the show plenty that times since nabbing the mirrorball, most recently during the show"s 25th season come dance through Witney and also Frankie Muniz for Trio Night.

Additionally, he returned as a guest judge throughout season 21 and also filled in for organize Tom Bergeron that same season. The was later named Tom"s successor to organize America"s Funniest residence Videos.

Season 20:Rumer Willis& Valentin Chmerkovskiy

The eldest daughter the Bruce Willis and Demi Moore aided Val come his first-ever DWTS victory! Val got his 2nd mirrorball trophy through gymnast Laurie Hernandez during the show"s 23rd season.

Since then, Rumer has remained close through the Chmerkovskiyfamily, offer asa bridesmaid in Maks and Peta Murgatroyd"s wedding. DWTS additionally helped kick Rumer"s career into high gear. After completing on the show, she join Val ~ above the DWTS: Perfect 10 Tour, starred as Roxie Hart in Chicagoon Broadwayand appeared onseason three of Fox"s musical-drama Empire premiere.

Thanks to Bindi"s remarkable journey ~ above the show, Derek obtained his 6th mirrorball this season, making the the most victorious agree dancer in the show"s history.

As for Bindi, she has since learned how to drive, has taken college process in business and also tourism and also is proceeding to live the end her so late father, Steve Irwin"s, tradition as a wildlife conservationist in Australia. She"s additionally still head over heels for her boyfriend, Chandler Powell.

"I think what"s really wonderful around Chandler is the no issue what is happening, he"s constantly there for me and also he always makes me smile and laugh and it"s brilliant to have actually someone so sort who really understands her world," she gushed come ET. "He loves wildlife, that loves conservation and he"s simply really passionate around making a difference and he"s constantly such a kind person, i beg your pardon is great."

"My life has totally changed, for the better!" Nyle told ETof life after the mirrorball. "I created a foundation, theNyleDiMarco Foundation, and also through it I"m able come inspire and also raise awareness. Our score is to improve education and learning rights for 1.2 billion world with disabilities including 360 million deaf human being who carry out not have access to official education."

"The biggest adjust would be my common life, specifically within mine deaf community," he continued. "I mean, I wanted to become a math teacher. I assumed that ~ America"s following Top ModelI would be able to go ago and begin my teaching career. I thought wrong... DWTS to be a phenomenal opportunity that, like ANTM,gave me a platform that i wouldn’t have necessarily had as a teacher."

Nyle, that keeps his mirrorball at home in his office, additionally told ET the he"s right now co-writing a scripted collection that he"s "very passionate and excited" about. "I think Hollywood is prepared for brand-new story angles and also searching because that diversity on TV," the explained. "I desire to share much more of my experiences and tell story that represent my community."

Immediately after gift crowned the season 23 champion the DWTS, the Olympic gymnasttold ET that winning a mirrorball "almost" feel the same as to win a gold medal.

"I"m simply so excited i was able to have this opportunity," she stated at the time. "Even past the show, I just feel favor I really sprouted as a person and I"ve surrounded myself with so plenty of amazing human being that I deserve to now contact family, therefore that"s cool."

Competing at simply 16 year old, Laurie remains among the show"s youngest winners. She join the DWTS Live! Tour, and returned to the ballroom throughout season 25to dance with her previous partner and also Victoria Arlen throughout Trio Night.

The former NFL agree admitted come ET the dance is "addicting." because taking house the shiny accolade, Rashad hasn"t to be able to hang up his dance shoes just yet. We"ve checked out him reflecting off his recently acquired an abilities via Instagram plenty of times, and also he newly returned because that season 25 come dance with Emma and Property Brothers star attracted Scott throughout Trio Night. Plus, the still enjoys offering advice come future contestants.

"The closer you get to the end, the an ext fun girlfriend should shot to have," he described in one interview v ET. "It"s not easy to acquire to the end of the competition, therefore if you do, do it a celebration!​"

"It takes hard work and dedication," that continued. "If the couples put in the hours and also take the advice from the judges and from their partners and also apply it,they will​dramatically rise their opportunities of do it to the finale. Compete is stiff, but somebody"s gotta success it. Might as well be you!"

The Hamilton star and his specialized pro companion took residence the desire trophy after ~ a challenging season of competition.

In the critical night that the finals, Fisher and also Arnold win out lindsey Stirling and also Mark Ballas -- the season"s runner-ups -- as well as third place finishers Frankie Muniz and also Witney Carson.

The former Disney Channel star and also his partner performed 2 flawless routines -- very first a samba, and also then a salsa/paso doble fusion -- both of which earned them perfect 30s in the final night that competition.

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It was also announced throughout the show that both Fisher and Muniz will certainly be joining the DWTS winter tour, Dancing v the Stars: Live! - light Up the Night, alongside your partners and also some that the show"s most famous pros.

-- extr reporting by Angelique Jackson & Brendon Geoffrion

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