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Dancing v the Stars (DWTS) has reached its 30th Season after ~ 16 years on air. The latest series features a selection of famous faces from Olympic athletes come actors and also influencers, every hoping to lift the Mirror round Trophy in ~ the very end that the competition. has everything you must know about Dancing v the Stars Season 30.

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When walk Dancing v the Stars Season 30 Start?

Dancing v the Stars Season 30 begins on Monday, September 20 in ~ 8 p.m. ET top top ABC.

The collection will climate air every Monday till the finale i m sorry is set to take location in mid-November.

To clock Dancing with the Stars, girlfriend can capture each episode as that airs live on the abc Network,, and also the alphabet App. If you take place to miss out on an instalment you can stream the recent episode via ABC"s Website the following day.

Hulu customers can also stream episodes of Dancing v the Stars every Tuesday.

After a 30-day cost-free trial, you deserve to subscribe come Hulu because that $5.99 every month.

The Dancing with the Stars Line-Up

The DWTS Celebrities

The official couples will be announced during the first live display of Dancing v the Stars.

The famous encounters taking part in Dancing v the Stars are:

Country music singer Jimmie AllenSpice girls legend Mel CBling Empire"s Christine ChiuActor Brian Austin GreenActor Melora HardinSocial Media star Olivia JadeThe Bachelor star Matt JamesThe speak co-host Amanda KlootsActor boy name KoveOlympic gymnast Suni LeeWWE wrestler Mike "The Miz" MizaninThe actual Housewives that Atlanta star Kenya MoorePeloton instructor and also fitness personality Cody RigsbyNBA star Iman ShumpertYouTube personality and also singer JoJo Siwa
1 that 15

Christine Chiu ABC/Maarten de Boer
Christine Chiu ABC/Maarten de Boer
Olivia JadeABC/Maarten de Boer
Jimmie AllenABC/Maarten de Boer
Martin KoveABC/Maarten de Boer
The MizABC/Maarten de Boer
Imam ShumpertABC/Maarten de Boer
Suni LeeABC/Maarten de Boer
Amanda KlootsABC/Maarten de Boer
JoJo SiwaABC/Maarten de Boer
Brian Austin GreenABC/Maarten de Boer
Cody RigsbyABC/Maarten de Boer
Melora HardinABC/Maarten de Boer
Kenya MooreABC/Maarten de Boer
Mel CABC/Maarten de Boer
Matt JamesABC/Maarten de Boer

The DWTS Professionals

Two skilled dancers—Lindsay Arnold and also Witney Carson—return to the line-up this year after having actually babies.

Two-time Dancing v the Stars champion Peta Murgatroyd and also South afri Latin and also ballroom dancer Keo Motsepe will certainly not be a component of the skilled line-up in Season 30, however.

Sofia Ghavami and also Ezra Sosa have joined the lineup the Dancing v the Stars as skilled dancers who will perform in team routines and step in if another professional is unable to perform.

Brandon ArmstrongAlan BerstenArtem ChigvintsevVal ChmerkovskiySasha FarberPasha PashkovGleb SavchenkoLindsay ArnoldSharna BurgessCheryl BurkeWitney CarsonJenna JohnsonDaniella KaragachEmma SlaterBritt Stewart

Who Is The hold of Dancing through the Stars?

Supermodel and TV personality Tyra financial institutions will return together the hold of Dancing through the Stars.

Banks changed Tom Bergeron in 2020, who had actually hosted the song since its beginning in 2005.

Banks also serves together an executive, management producer on the show.

She is ideal known for her modeling career, becoming the very first female design to show up on the covering of GQ magazine, and also the very first Black mrs to appear on the covering of sporting activities Illustrated"s Swimsuit Issue.

Banks is also known as the creator and also host the America"s next Top Model i m sorry ran because that 24 periods in the U.S.


Tyra banks hosts Dancing with the StarsABC/Adrienne Raquel

Who are the Dancing with the Stars Judges?

Len Goodman, Derek Hough, Carrie Ann Inaba, and also Bruno Tonioli are earlier as the judges the Dancing through the Stars.

Goodman, that was absent from season 29, returns together head judge because that the upcoming series.

Inaba and Tonioli have actually served on the judging panel of Dancing v the Stars due to the fact that the show started in 2005, never missing a season.

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Former Dancing v the Stars expert Derek Hough joined the judging dashboard in 2020, stepping in for Goodman who was unable to ravel because of the COVID-19 travel restrictions.