The votes space in: After gift predicted to come in last place, Bobby bones officially won Dancing through the Stars season 27.

Bobby, and his pro partner, Sharna Burgess, are definitely this season"s underdogs. In spite of receiving much lower scores in comparison to the various other finalists, the pair has ongoing to step up your game and also win the mind of fans. Native Bobby break out into a floss during new York City night to life his ideal life in M.C. Hammer trousers for the Cha Cha in main four, the nation music radio host has proven he"s a pressure to be reckoned with. And now, all of Bobby and also Sharna"s hard work has actually culminated in a large victory for the duo.


When hold Tom Bergeron announced the news, Bobby was past ecstatic to be crowned the champion. "Thank you to the people. Say thanks to you come Sharna who made all of this possible," was every Bobby, who was overcome by emotion, could say.

This success is substantial for Sharna also — it"s her very first Mirrorball trophy ever. Sharna’s victory renders her one of just 16 pros to have ever won the ultimate prize. Former pro Derek Hough at this time holds the record of most wins at a whopping six titles.

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To success the competition, Bobby had to fend off part seriously superior talent. Finalists Evanna Lynch and Keo Motsepe, Alexis Ren and also Alan Bersten, and Milo Manheim and Witney Carson every crushed their last dances in the finale. Undoubtedly, the gyeongju was a close one.

Bobby called that he believed that the judges wanted a an ext seasoned dancer to be crowned the champion.


"I don"t think they desire me to win, frankly," that previously described to us. "I think the judges want somebody that came in with an ext dance suffer to win. Yet that"s why the show isn"t just around the judges — it"s also around the people."

It transforms out, the people"s opinion mattered most. So, what is Bobby going to carry out now? as he revealed come us, he and also Sharna have some pretty significant plans to celebrate your "W" together.

"We"re getting small Mirrorball tattoos!" Bobby declared.

Bobby"s excitement appears to enhance what his pan online are feeling. Immediately after Bobby was given the trophy, fans freaked out in the finest way:

mrBobbyBones simply won DWTS!!!! I’m sooo happy for him! he deserves it much more than anyone," one human being wrote top top Twitter. "OMG they walk it! Congratulations Bobby and Sharna," said another.

And that"s a wrap. Even though the celebrities might be disappearing indigenous the ballroom floor, devoted viewers deserve to still watch the advantages on the Dancing through the Stars Tour – a lively, rhinestone-filled production with stops all approximately the country. Plus, Bobby fans will be able to catch that on the upcoming season the American Idol.

But because that now, Bobby and Sharna worthy to relish your hard-earned victory. Congrats to the pair!

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