ABC recently announced the Season 14 actors of Dancing v the Stars. Among the B-list "celebrities" competing for the disco sphere trophy are two people class athletes—Packers wide receiver Donald Driver and tennis legend Martina Navratilova. 

If history is any indication, Driver and also Navratilova are most likely to do an extremely well. In 13 seasons, one athlete has actually won an impressive five times—four simply missed, comes in second. 

Let"s take a look at 20 that the finest athletes to compete on DWTS, ranking them based on their dance success. 

Season: 9Place: 11th 

UFC champion lining Liddell competed in Season 9 of Dancing through the Stars and also finished in 11th place. 

Liddell perfect behind room of reputation receiver Michael Irvin and just behind Olympic swimmer Natalie Coughlin. 

Season: 9Place: 10th

Olympic yellow medal-winning swimmer Natalie Coughlin contended in Season 9 that Dancing through the Stars and placed 10th in the competition. 

Season 9 was among a grasp of seasons that one athlete didn"t make it into the height five—retired broad receiver Michael Irvin to be closest to the top 5 in seventh place. 

Season: 12Place: 9th

Retired expert boxer Sugar beam Leonard contended in Season 12 of Dancing with the Stars and also finished in 9th place. 

Sugar Ray"s moves weren"t sweet sufficient to outlast WWE superstar kris Jericho or large receiver Hines Ward. 

Season: 5Place: 9th

Boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr. Contended on Season 5 of Dancing v the Stars and finished in nine place. 

He may have actually failed to affix with the audience because Mayweather actually received solid scores indigenous the judges the week that was removed from the competition; the viewer vote is what sent out him home.

Season: 8Place: 7th 

Hall of reputation linebacker Lawrence Taylor contended on Season 8 of Dancing through the Stars and finished a respectable seventh place. 

Taylor"s season was stacked with athletes—he competed against Olympic gymnast Shawn Johnson, rodeo champion Ty Murray and former Dallas Cowboys cheerleader Melissa Rycroft. 

Season: 9Place: 7th 

Retired NFL star Michael Irvin competed on Season 9 of Dancing through the Stars and finished in seventh place. 

Irvin failed to impress early on on but managed to boost week to week and said he to be happy to have actually made it 7 weeks on the show. 

Season: 1Place: 5th

Retired boxing legend Evander Holyfield completed on the inaugural season of Dancing with the Stars and also finished in 5th place. 

Holyfield was no the finest dancer and also his fifth-place complete sounds better than it actually is—there were just six rivals on Season 1. 

Season: 11Place: 5th

Retired NFL quarterback cut Warner completed on Season 11 of Dancing with the Stars and perfect in fifth place. 

Warner took the news of his elimination favor a champion though, saying backstage ~ his elimination, "It was unfair. We felt because that a long time that us should have gotten far better scores than we did, therefore we"re disappointed."

Season: 13Place: 4th

U.S. Soccer star expect Solo competed on Season 13 that Dancing with the Stars and to be mercifully got rid of in 4th place. 

Solo"s overall popularity to be on full display screen as she horrifying to dance week-to-week to be overlooked through the city hall audience. Girl can"t dance to conserve her life, yet the truth that she was simply one episode shy that the finale speaks volumes about her popularity and also likability.

Season: 10Place: 4th 

Patriots wide receiver Chad Ochocinco competed on Season 10 the Dancing through the Stars and also finished in 4th place. 

Ocho simply missed out on competing in the finale—ESPN"s Erin Andrews and also figure skater Evan Lysacek finished behind Pussycat Dolls command singer Nicole Sherzinger. 

Season: 4Place: 3rd 

Retired boxer Laila Ali completed in Season 4 of Dancing v the Stars and finished in third place. 

Ali competed in the season finale, but came up simply short, finishing behind NSYNC"s Joey Fatone and also Olympic speedster Apolo Anton Ohno.

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Season: 10Place: 2nd

Olympic gold medal figure skater Evan Lysacek completed in Season 10 that Dancing with the Stars and finished in second place. 

Lysacek almost captured gold again, yet Pussycat Dolls lead singer Nicole Scherzinger confirmed too tough. 

Season: 7Place: 2nd

Retired protective tackle Warren Sapp contended in Season 7 of Dancing v the Stars and proved a big man can move through finishing in second place. 

A how amazing fleet-footed Sapp beat the end boy-bander Lance Bass, singer Toni Braxton and amateur adult movie star Kim Kardashian. 

Season: 6Place: 2nd 

Retired dolphins linebacker Jason Taylor completed in Season 6 of Dancing with the Stars and make it come the season finale prior to losing come Olympic figure skater Kristi Yamaguchi. 

Taylor was among the favorites transparent the season and also never had a down week.

Season: 2Place: 2nd

Wide receiving legend Jerry Rice contended on Season 2 the Dancing with the Stars and finished in second place, that was directly beaten out by boy-bander drew Lachey. 

I hope drew Lachey appreciated the moment, it"s the only time he"ll ever be considered better than Jerry Rice at anything. 

Season: 6Place: 1st 

Olympic number skating yellow medalist Kristi Yamaguchi competed on Season 6 the Dancing v the Stars and, unsurprisingly, perfect first. 

Her figure skating background made Yamaguchi a organic for the competition and gave she the sheet she essential to beat the end linebacker Jason Taylor, who finished a near second. 

Season: 14Place: 1st 

Steelers vast receiver Hines Ward contended on Season 12 of Dancing with the Stars and inserted first. 

Ward was very early favorite top top the show, and also he and his partner earned the first perfect 10s that the season.

Season: 4Place: 1st

Olympic speedskating superstar Apolo Anton Ohno competed in Season 4 the Dancing through the Stars and was one of plenty of athletes to come in an initial place. 

Ohno and also his partner Julianne Hough were early on favorites and beat the end a dude indigenous Cheers, a dude native Beverly Hills 90201 and a dude native NSYNC.

Season: 6Place: 1st

Spritely gymnast Shawn Johnson competed in season eight of Dancing v the Stars and to be partnered with mark Ballas, the expert dancer that partnered with the Season 6 winner.

She was the youngest competitor in the show"s history and narrowly edged out Gilles Marini to success the competition.

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Season: 3Place: 1st 

Legendary Cowboys running back Emmitt Smith competed on Season 3 the Dancing through the Stars and won the totality damn thing. 

Smith to be by far the greatest "star" on the show, beating out the unimpressive likes that Mario Lopez, Joey Lawrence, Shanna Moakler and Tucker Carlson. 

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