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Nikki Bella yielded one of she sexiest dances yet on Monday"s Dancing through the Stars, and also her fiancé, man Cena, was in the audience come cheer her on.

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It to be "Guilty Pleasures Week" top top DWTS, so the WWE Diva and also pro-partner Artem Chigvintsev perform a Fifty Shades that Grey-themed Viennese waltz, set to Rihanna"s "Love top top the Brain," and the number set the run floor ~ above fire.

Following their dance -- in which Bella verified off she flawless physique in a sheer, sexy black color lingerie-inspired ensemble -- the pair were joined through Cena, that was welcomed to the phase by organize Tom Bergeron.

"I assumed it was probably a an excellent idea come just get you out right here to give your comment first," Bergeron said, laughing.

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Cena, who chuckled together his fiancée wrapped she arms roughly his waist, had nothing however praise for she steamy routine.

"I assumed it was spicy! I thought it to be exciting, I assumed it to be sexy, I assumed it was fearless. I thought it was every reason why i love you," Cena called Bella, as he pulled her in for a hug anda sweet kiss.

As because that Chigvintsev, Cena jokingly offered him a threaten glare and also raised his fist menacingly before his scowl transformed into a vast smile and also he shook the dancer"s hand with the talented pro.

"Well done," that praised. "Very fine done."

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For your efforts, Bella and also Chigvintsev deserve a 21 out of 30 -- a score common by four other couples consisting of Derek Fisher and Sharna Burgess, Nick Lachey and also Peta Murgatroyd, Terrell Owens and also Cheryl Burke, and also Frankie Munitz and also Witney Carson.

ET recorded up v Bella throughout rehearsals this week, wherein she opened up about performing a dance inspired by the erotic novels and admitted that she and also Cena have actually their very own red room.

" really developed me a beautiful red room," she explained. "The wall surfaces are choose beautiful red velvet walls. Actually, the door going into it looks favor a door indigenous a castle. It"s quite insane. The has fur rugs, candles, chandelier. A many drawers."

Check the end the video clip below to hear much more about she steamy relationship, as well as her various other guilty pleasure: cheesy romance novels.

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Dancing through the Stars returns following Monday in ~ 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.

EXCLUSIVE: Nikki Bella Details she Sexy 'Red Room' at home With john Cena: 'It's quite Insane!'

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