Dancing through The Stars official announced that is season 22 lineup Tuesday morning (even though everyone currently knew who was going to it is in on it) and, as usual, it’s loaded with experienced athletes. Denver Broncos linebacker and Super key MVP Von Miller, Pittsburgh Steelers vast receiver Antonio Brown, previous NFL quarterback Doug Flutie, and also UFC fighter Paige VanZant will rep the sporty next of to dance contestants, together names choose Mischa Barton, Jodie Sweetin, and also Geraldo Rivera.

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You would think the athletes room at a distinct benefit when it involves a display like this, especially those still in the midst of their expert careers. However while it’s true that athletes have gone on to win a decent number of Mirrorball Trophies, there room equally as plenty of sports-related dancers who have actually spun out early. (Some were also the first contestant removed from competition.)

From boxer Evander Holyfield way back in season one to Triple Crown jockey Victor Espinoza in season 21, who was the really best and also who to be the an extremely worst? That’s what we’re right here to determine. Along the way, you’ll probably learn two things:

1) Antonio Brown has to be the favorite among the sporting activities stars this season, simply because Steelers players, wide receivers, and specifically Steelers large receivers have performed well in the past.

2) If any of these athletes get the Cha-Cha as their an initial dance, to speak goodbye.

A rapid note: we’re working only with dancers who are well-known as gift athletes an initial and foremost. Part contestants participated in athletics, however were well-known chiefly for various other endeavors and also thus not included. The very same goes for world who occupational in sports, but were not well-known as athletes themselves. (Hi, Kenny Mayne.)

With that, let’s take a look earlier at every athlete who has participated ~ above Dancing with the Stars:

49. Olympic athlete Lolo Jones (Season 19, 12th Place)


Jones’ performance was cringe-worthy, complete of mistakes, and also generally weird. City hall it, you’ll probably have the same confused look ~ above your confront that she did. The was tough to phone call if she didn’t care or just gave up immediately.

48. Long-distance swimmer Diane Nyad (Season 18, 12th Place)

Nyad’s success of swimming from Cuba to Florida without the assist of a shark cage is impressive and also deserving of high praise.

Her cha-cha was… not.

47. NBA player Ron Artest a.k.a. Metta world Peace (Season 13, 12th Place)

It’s no that Metta wasn’t trying. It’s simply that he had actually absolutely no moves.

46. Equine jockey Victor Espinoza (Season 21, 12th Place)

Things got off to a poor start as soon as Victor began strumming his guitar prior to the music kicked in. Points got worse once he began gyrating his hips. Things dropped off a cliff once he began dancing.

45. NFL player Keyshawn Johnson (Season 17, 12th Place)

A many athletes have been the first person got rid of in a offered season, yet we’ve placed Keyshawn so low because compared to every other broad receiver who has ever before been ~ above the show, his power is so out of action (literally) that it phone call many things right into question. That was additionally kind that a jerk to partner Sharna Burgess.

44. Tennis star Martina Navratilova (Season 14, 12th Place)

Out of step and constantly looking come her partner for reassurance, Martina never ever stood a chance.

43. Hockey player Sean Avery (Season 18, 11th Place)

Avery was on during the exact same season as Diane Nyad. Otherwise, he more than likely would have actually gone residence first. He resembles a spotter adhering to his partner around the dance floor, wait emotionlessly to catch her at every turn.

42. Tennis star Monica Seles (Season 6, 11th Place)

Seles was able to offer up the technical facets of run easily, but the sensual performance element was out of her reach.

41. Boxer Evander Holyfield (Season 1, 6th Place)

How go a male who perfect in sixth place end up therefore low? since there were just six contestants that year. Evander’s gained some moves but most of the time, he’s just standing there while his companion dances.

40. Ice ska Dorothy Hamill (Season 16, 12th Place)

Hamill looked beautiful and also still had a lot of the same grace that led her to ice cream skating gold, but it was much less like dance and more like a gymnastics floor routine.

39. MMA fighter Randy Couture (Season 19, 11th Place)


Couture has taken on some of the many vicious, an effective opponents in the world, yet he to be no complement for the Paso Doble.

38. Boxer Sugar ray Leonard (Season 12, 9th Place)

Sugar beam was a most pomp and circumstance, v not a entirety lot of really dancing.

37. Lining Liddell (Season 9, 11th Place)

Liddell actually lasted a while (Season 9 featured 16 contestants). He’s inoffensive as a dancer, but also has a case of stand There and also Let Your partner Make you Look Good-itis.

36. Football player Michael Sam (Season 20, 11th Place)


It’s been one disappointed after one more for Sam due to the fact that leaving Missouri and his performance below was the same. He lugged the enthusiasm however his footwork essential a most work.

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