The 22nd season of Dancing with the Stars kicks turn off on Monday night v a whole brand-new crop of competitors looking come take house the desire mirror ball trophy.

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While we"re excited to view what celebs favor Jodie Sweetin, Mischa Barton, Geraldo Rivera and Von Miller carry to the dance floor (not to mention the long-awaited return the Len Goodman to the judges" panel), there"s a little bit of ours heart that will always belong come season 21 winner Bindi Irwin.

The 17-year-old nature conservationist took viewers on a sometimes emotional, but always exhilarating thrill ride throughout her time on the show. From she dedication to finding out the art of dance to she unwavering desire to do her so late father proud, Bindi lugged the abc hit series to brand-new heights.

So, in ready for this new season the DWTS, let"s take it a look earlier at some of Bindi"s really best moment from last season.

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1. Bindi Comes the end Swinging

From the very very first episode, us all sort of knew that Bindi would certainly be going house with the mirror round trophy. Bindi and also her agree partner, Derek Hough, dazzled the judges with a jaw-dropping jive the left the pair tied for the highest possible score of the night.

2. Bindi Rocks Out

Bindi and also Derek walked on the wild side through this hard-rocking tango set to the AC/DC classic, "You Shook Me every Night Long." The powerhouse performance earned them the night"s greatest score yet again.

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3. Bindi go Retro

Bindi and also Derek celebrated the ‘70s with this outstanding quickstep set to the theme track from The Jeffersons. It to be a thoroughly appropriate music choice as Bindi and also Derek were without doubt "Movin" top top Up."

4. Bindi Takes our Breath Away

One that the many moving things about Bindi"s time on DWTS was she love and devotion to she late father, Steve Irwin, who passed away when she was only eight years old. So, during this pre-roll package, once Bindi obtained teary-eyed talking around her dad, us couldn"t aid but acquire a little misty as well.

After bringing the audience to the verge of tears, Bindi and also Derek"s beautiful modern-day dance (set come "Every Breath friend Take" and devoted to Steve"s memory), thrust everyone, consisting of the judges, end the edge and into full-on weeping mode.

We"ll recognize if you need to step away because that a minute to grab a tissue.

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5. Bindi brings the Sunshine and also Smiles

Switching up partner can"t it is in easy, but Bindi and also DWTS pro Val Chmerkovskiy pulled off this fun-loving cha cha v artful mastery. As Val"s brothers (and guest judge) Maks said, "It was the dance of the night."

6. Bindi and also Derek"s epic Lift

Remember that time Derek and also Bindi recreated the top lift native Dirty Dancing, punch everyone"s mind? Of course you do. Everybody does. But here"s a chance to clock it again, since why not? For most fans, it was clear Bindi was on the quick track to victory after this stunning routine.

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Bindi Irwin's Emotional and also Tearful Tribute to late Father Steve on 'DWTS'

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