Are "Dancing with the Stars" experienced bull rider Bonner Bolton and sexy partner Sharna citizen saddling up turn off the set?

The truth show"s season 24 premiere showed lots of flirtation and spicy innuendo including the handsome rodeo star, 29, and the longtime "DWTS" pro, 31.

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Burgess was viewed blushing and also gushing over Bolton in rehearsal footage that confirmed her very first meeting him in his Texas hometown.

Then Bolton asserted on camera together their maintain progressed, "I"m dancing through the prettiest lady in the house."

Judges continued to stoke the romance angle after the pair performed your Monday premiere illustration cha cha, for which they got a solid score of 22.

Bruno Tonioli furious the dancer, "Sharna, you"re in because that the drive of a lifetime!"

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And handsome Bonner, who has likewise worked together a model, said co-host Erin andrew in your "DWTS" sky Box interview about his run coach, "She"s to be drilling me hard."

After the show, while not outright confirming a romance, burgess said of date rumors, "I think castle are collection on fire right now due to the fact that of our package and also the inadvertently innuendoes in the skies Box. Obviously, we have chemistry."

She coyly told FOX411, "Yes, we are both single."

Bolton chimed in, "Definitely, both very single."

In January 2016, Bolton damaged his neck ~ a bull threw the off and he came down on his head, leaving that temporarily paralyzed. The dangerous injury will most likely be debated further on "DWTS" if he proceeds to progression in the competition.


On Monday night, every one of the stars performed but there to be no elimination, so they run again next Monday, march 27.

Bolton said FOX411 around Burgess, "It was so lot fun simply to dance and also to be v such a good partner and teacher. She"s been very patient. Obviously, it"s not easy to teach a cowboy that was paralyzed simply over a year ago from the sports of bull riding to learn exactly how to dance and also be coordinated, but she"s act a hell of a job also though ns missed some things tonight. I had actually so lot fun and also I"m going to feed turn off of God and try to lug it even more next week."

The dance skilled has to be teamed with various other rough and also ready celeb competitors in the past, such as amputee war veteran noah Galloway and race vehicle driver James Hinchcliffe. Both that those stars currently had girlfriends when they performed with Burgess.

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"People through near-death experiences appears to be my cup the tea," citizen told FOX411. "I love informing their stories" through dance.

Bolton added, "She"s like the run therapist. She gets the distinct ones, obviously."

And probably now, she likewise gets a friend from "DWTS"?


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