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The Dancing with the Stars family members is grateful that no one of the cast and crew the Dancing through the Stars: Live! light Up the Night were seriouslyinjured duringa deadly multi-car accident on Monday afternoon in Iowa, including one the the tour buses moving members the the show.

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“No one to be injured, but it to be pretty scary,” the resource says.

Anothersource exclusivelytells ET the season 25contestant Lindsay Arnold andher husband, Samuel Lightner Cusick, along with dancersBrandon Armstrong,Emma Slater and Sasha Farber were on the bus at the moment of the crash. Follow to the source, the dancers go not endure any major injuries next from“cuts and bruises,” and they space all grateful to be OKafter the “very scary” accident.

“It felt prefer a tumble dryer inside the bus at time of impact, however again, everyone is OK.," the resource says.

The resource adds that the dancers to be caught totally off safety by the crash, as some were the end of bed and also othersstill in their bunks. The source notes the the group feels“very lucky” that things were not worse, and also theywere all an extremely grateful to have each various other on the bus to aid recover.

“It"s one day they will never ever forget," the resource says.

Monday"s scheduled present at Stephens Auditorium in Ames, Iowa, was canceled as result of the crash. Follow to the Iowa State Patrol, 21-year-old Josephina Mae Buffington of Fairfax, Iowa, passed away in the crash, and four others were listed as injured. One vehicle failed come stop in time to stop colliding with a vehicle on the inside mean shoulder, i m sorry then led to multiple other automobiles come collide through the original vehicles. Road and also weather problems were cited together a factor in the accident.The tour is resuming top top Tuesday in ~ the Coronado Performing Arts facility in Rockford, Illinois.

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On Tuesday, DWTS cast members reacted to the deadly collision. Six-time champ Derek Hough Instagrammed a snapshot of himand his girlfriend, dancer Hayley Erbert.

"I’m for this reason thankful mine love is safe," he wrote. "To my DWTS family. Ns love you all and I to be so glad you are all safe after such a terrible accident. Be strong, be safe and I will watch you very soon."