Laurie Hernandez is now tasked v finding a place for the mirror ball trophy amongst her Olympic medals.

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The 16-year-old gymnast, who many recently stood for the U.S. In Rio, and her partner, Val Chmerkovskiy, were announced together the winners the Dancing v the Stars on the show"s finale Tuesday.

‘Dancing with the Stars’: nation singer Jana Kramer is eliminated

The pair bound for very first on the 23rd season’s premiere and also remained in ~ the high finish of the leaderboard because that the majority of the competition. The talented twosome received the first perfect score that the season top top Cirque du Soleil Night in week 4 and continued come be strong contenders.

After winning, Laurie said, “I just want to give thanks to everyone for their support and riding follow me this stunner roller coaster of my life. And, my score is just to accumulate others together I walk on with my journey, and thanks because that being there for me.“

Luckily, Laurie no hanging up her dancing shoes just yet. She will certainly be a component of the Dancing v the Stars tour.

Race vehicle driver James Hinchcliffe and also Sharna burgess placed second, and retired NFL player Calvin Johnson Jr. And his partner, Lindsay Arnold, put third.

Revealing the win team wasn’t the only interesting moment ~ above the finale, for which DWTS alumni returned.

Ryan Lochte had actually a 24K Magic glowing moment. That’s him to dance on the judges’ table in blue.

There were additionally performances native season 21 vet Andy Grammer, Kenny "Babyface" Edmonds and Jana Kramer. Vanilla Ice had to it is in our favorite musical act of the night. The rapper got aid from his friend, rick Perry, who might have a budding career together a DJ. Word to your former governors.

Finalists Calvin and also James had actually trouble getting out that onesies in the opened number, and also the former large receiver even took a spill.

Thankfully points went smoother because that our finalists when they went back to the ballroom. Every pair performed their favorite run from the season in addition to a regime learned for the 24-hour blend Challenge. Every one of their numbers listed below received perfect scores from the judges.

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James and also Sharna

Viennese waltz and foxtrot

Calvin and Lindsay

Jive and quickstep

Laurie and Val

Foxtrot and Argentine tango

Come earlier to game This! for much more from the season’s champs, Laurie and also Val, prior to they embark on the media identical of a quickstep with appearances booked on Good Morning America and also The see Wednesday.