Monday's premiere proved footage that the rehearsal accident that compelled the supermodel off the dance floor and also into the operating room.

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Christie Brinkley suffered a severe injury during rehearsals because that "Dancing v the Stars," so her daughter, version Sailor Brinkley-Cook, perform in she place.ABC/Dancing v The Stars/YouTube
Just hours prior to Monday night"s season premiere that "Dancing v the Stars," pan learned that one of the biggest stars wouldn"t be able to perform on the run floor in ~ all.

Seemingly ageless supermodel Christie Brinkley experienced an injury during rehearsals that led to surgery for her and a last-minute casting switch for the display — one that put her 21-year-old daughter, seafarer Brinkley-Cook, in the spotlight.

And once the competition ultimately kicked off, it didn"t shy away from sharing footage of the behind-the-scenes accident.

Just before Brinkley-Cook took the stage, a clip revealed her mother"s early on ballroom ambitions, as the 65-year-old icon an initial met she intended pro partner, two-time champ Val Chmerkovskiy.

"I"ve always been a pan of "Dancing v the Stars,"" Brinkley beamed. "I have actually Val, and I couldn"t be much more delighted."

She seemed even more enthusiastic when she discovered out she"d be finding out to foxtrot to ex-husband Billy Joel"s struggle "Uptown Girl," a track stated to it is in penned around her — she also starred in the 1983 music video.

While maneuvering roughly her partner during the routine, Brinkley tripped end his heel and also tried to break her fall with hands.

"My arm! mine arm! mine arm!" she cried out. "I think I damaged my arm."

She to be right. Together she defined on Instagram Monday, the break compelled "a steel plate and screws." and it likewise required a last-minute replacement.

Despite very small rehearsal time, Brinkley"s design daughter do her mom — who was sit in the audience — proud, earning 19 points the end of a feasible 30 for she "Uptown" foxtrot, which put her amongst the top 5 contenders of the night.

"Dancing through the Stars" hold Tom Bergeron welcomed Christie Brinkley to the phase after her daughter, seafarer Brinkley-Cook, danced the foxtrot she was collection to execute alongside pro Val Chmerkovskiy.ABC

There room no viewer votes or eliminations in the very first week of the ballroom bash for season 28, so while Brinkley will certainly sit out the whole season, Brinkley-Cook is guaranteed to be back for more.

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