Dancing through the Stars: The Show's many Memorable Wardrobe Malfunctions legendary costume designers work tirelessly to save the DWTS dancers covered, yet nip slips and also full moons? They"re gonna happen.

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top top Villain"s main of Dancing with The Stars, AJ McLean gained to live his dream when he danced a Psycho-themed ballroom tango. “Ever because I could walk," AJ said, "I’ve love to play dress up. I love makeup. Ns love gore. The in me. It’s component of me… classic movie monsters.” He became one of his favorite villains, Norman Bates. Coming turn off of 3 9’s the mainly before, AJ to be poised to admire again. Yet AJ had an prompt wardrobe failure when his wig flew off prior to he can even revolve around and face the cameras. Luckily, his power didn’t suffer. The judges offered him one 8 and two 9’s. Yet when it concerns wardrobe mishaps, AJ’s absolutely not alone. We’re taking a look earlier at several of the many memorable DWTS costume crumbles.

DWTS Costume Designers, Daniela Gschwendtner and also Steven Lee, carry out some ethical to quality magic in developing incredible, perfect fit, and also functioning costumes main after week. But because it is such an overwhelming task, there’s no time because that test runs. In an interview v TV Insider, Steven Lee stated that the dancers put on your costumes for the very first time “literally two hours prior to the show.” and thanks to that time crunch, we’ve been given the gift of part glorious wardrobe malfunctions over the years.

Joe Amabile’s “Tragic Mike”

Joe, who fans may remember as Grocery save Joe from season 14 the The Bachelorette, and also his pro-partner, Jenna Johnson, to be joined by another Bachelorette alum, Jordan Kimball and also danced a Magic Mike themed salsa three-way. When the two men went come rip off your white shirts native beneath their overalls, sadly, Jordan’s tear far shirt didn’t precisely tear away. He had to finish the performance through the shirt swinging around his waist. As Bruno put it, it was much less Magic Mike, and an ext “tragic Mike.”

Sharna Burgess’s “Nip Slip”

While dance a tango v her celeb partner, NFL pro Antonio Brown, the Australian dance pro had actually a little of a nip slip. Sharna got to her hands over her head, and unfortunately, her optimal did no come with her. Together her nipple ended up being visible, producer quickly reduced to a DWTS logo. As soon as they cut back to the dance, it was over. Tom Bergeron stepped in front of the pro so she could readjust her costume before judging, and also everyone had a good giggle.

Melissa Rycroft’s “Full Boob”

Former Dallas Cowboys cheerleader and also Bachelor contestant Melissa Rycroft hopped increase on the judge’s table at the end of a particularly great samba danced through pro partner, Tony Dovolani. As soon as she hopped off the table, it to be a great thing her earlier was come the camera due to the fact that apparently her entire boob popped out of her costume. Together she turns ago to confront judging she look at mortified and can be heard saying, “my boob popped out!” out or in, it didn’t issue in the end. It to be a practically perfect performance earning her 10’s throughout the board.

Monique Coleman’s “Full Moon”

High school Musical star, Monique Coleman to be dancing a very impressive jive with pro partner Louis valve Amstel when one of her heels got recorded in she skirt, pulling it down and also exposing she booty. But Monique handled it favor a true professional. She just pulled she skirt ago up without lacking a step. She scored right 9’s in spite of the skirt snag.

Lil Kim’s “Nip Slip?”

Kimberly “Lil Kim” Jones and also Derek Hough danced such a phenomenal jive that both Carrie Ann and also Bruno jumped native the seats and also pulled Lil Kim in because that a kiss and a hug of congratulations. When Lil Kim rejoined Derek, Tom jumped in front of her, make the efforts to tell her some part of she boob to be exposed. Despite Tom Bergeron do a large deal out of it, nobody else seemed to an alert or care. Perhaps Tom was looking a tiny too very closely at Lil Kim’s boobs?

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Vanessa Lachey’s “So long Skirt”

Vanessa Lachey and also pro partner, Maksim Chmerkovskiy to be dancing a quickstep as soon as Maksim accidentally stepped top top Vanessa’s skirt, pulling the whole thing right off. However Vanessa, ever the professional, retained dancing. In fact, their performance to be so seamless, among the judges can not tell if the skirt mishap was intentional or not. It wasn’t, but Vanessa didn’t let it avoid her. The duo went house with straight 9’s the night.

Chelsie Hightower’s “I’m good”

Tom Bergeron’s eagle eye were out and ready to spot another nip on slide the night agree dancer Chelsie Hightower and also celeb partner Roshon Fegan danced so intensely that her strap retained coming down. She fixed it every time, however as the pair approached the judges it slipped again and Tom Bergeron was ideal there, ready to aid her. She brushed him off, informing him, "I"m good."

Kirstie Alley’s “Shoe dropped Off”

Kirstie Alley to be spun right into a seated position by pro companion Maksim Chmerkovskiy. Yet somehow during that spin, her shoe came off. Therefore she continued to be in the seated position and got her shoe ago on prior to rising to complete her performance. After, when Maksim tried to do a joke, Kirstie was not in the joking mode. She admitted it to be funny, however insisted it no right. “I’m claimed to it is in acting prefer a swan and also I’m putting my shoe earlier on,” she cried. The didn’t aid that the actress had taken a tumble the main before.

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Lindsay Arnold’s “Broken Shoe”

While dancing the Charleston v her former pro NFL player partner, DeMarcus Ware, Lindsay Arnold’s shoe broke. Miraculously, the expert dancer simply clenched her toes tight and kept the shoes from coming fully off. She finished the performance and the judges loved it. Now that’s exactly how you attend to a shoes malfunction.

when no one wants a wardrobe malfunction, the clear that these Dancing v the Stars celebs and also dancers know exactly how to address them. What no so clean is why Tom Bergeron was always so rapid to point out every possible nip slip! simply what specifically was he looking at all those years? eye up, Tom!