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The competition will be getting tighter as the staying contestants and also their pro partners take it the phase for an evening of jaw-dropping routines set to classic country tunes. Indigenous what we"ve heard from the couples, fans have the right to expect a the majority of flannel, part denim and a entirety bunch of cowboy hats -- not to point out some interesting live musical performances and also the long-awaited Team Dances!

ET will certainly be live blogging every the action in the ballroomso be certain to follow together with us here, on Twitter and also Facebook as we recap the routines.

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And the Couples Going house Are...

6:59 PM:

Three couples discovered themselves in jeopardy tonight, beginning with John and Emma, complied with by DeMarcus and also Lindsay, and also then Evanna and Keo.

After some painfully long pauses, Tom Bergeron announced the couple who to be safe: Evanna and also Keo.

John and also Emma join DeMarcus and Lindsay on the dance floor, wherein they obtained a was standing ovation from the judges and also the audience.

"I feel like I winner every week," DeMarcus said, hugging Lindsay.

John additionally had nothing however praise because that his partner, informing Emma, "I to be so grateful that you to be my partner and also you to be my coach through this whole thing since truly, this was one of the finest experiences of mine life."

Team Joe down Gets Red Hot

6:56 PM:

For Team Joe Down, Joe made decision Alexis for she skills, DeMarcus because that his size and power, and also Juan Pablo because that his charisma and talent.

As it transforms out, if you to fill up her team with enough talented performers, lock can help you look really good. Because that their team number, the team performed a sexy, gyrating western hoedown set to Luke Bryan's "Country Girl."

The number included an additional super-sexy table dance, and a mechanical bull and an effortless heatthat yes, really resonated with Bruno, that specifically dubbed out Alexis because that looking favor she to be "one that the professionals."

Carrie Ann claimed the number got a tiny too confuse at times (and put Joe front and also center a little too much), yet Len had nothing but love because that the lot of pure fun the Team Dances lugged to the show.

For their efforts, Team Joe down earned a disappointing 26 out of 30, giving them three whole less points than Team HayNow.

Team HayNow has So much Fun

6:45 PM:

For Bobby's Team dance performance, the radio star determined Milo, Evanna and John for Team HayNow, and also the group pefromed a wild, at sight fun team number set to Dolly Parton's iconic standard "9 to 5."

The dance had everything you might hope because that in a country Night team routine: Table dancing, red flannel, andsuper-tight denim (on both the guys and also girls).

It alsofeatured Milo and Keo milking fake cows, Bobby and also Sharna tapping their boots and a basic vibe of playful frivolity that was a perfect embodiment that *the* lust-for-life attitude that *Bobby* bring to the show every week.

Bruno referred to as it a "country triumph" and had nothing however praisefor the "brilliant" choreography, while even Len admitted that he love it. In the end, the team earned a 29 the end of 30.

Bobby and also Sharna rotate Up the Romance

6:30 PM:

Coming into country Night, it appeared that Bobby would have actually a real edge this week, considering his background in the people of nation music.

Bobby even said in his pre-taped package that his score this week is "to make nation proud." and also when he and also Sharna take it the stage for a romanticViennese waltz, it was clear that he was giving it his all.

Accompanied by a live power fromChris Janson, to sing a beautiful covering of "Can't aid Falling in Love," the pair delivered a breathtaking routine that had much more genuine feeling than many of the dances we've seen this totality season.

Len Goodman said it was conveniently Bobby's best dance of the season, and Bobby asserted that if he got an '8' native the brother judge, he to be going to tree a big kiss appropriate on his face.

Well, there were kisses all roughly as Bobby got '8's across the board, and ended up giving both Len and Bruno beloved smooches in celebration.

Also, Bobby announced the he is going to it is in the full-time mentor top top the next season that American Idol, joking that he's going to teach them to sing, but not to dance.

Alexis and Alan space in Perfect Harmony

6:23 PM:

After lastly admitting that they liked each other, Alexis and also Alan took to the DWTSdance floorfor a supervisor sexy, romantic samba set to a live power of "Ladies in the '90s" fromLauren Alaina, and they set the stage on fire.

Clearly, embracing their emotions interpreted beautifully right into their routine, whereby they to be in perfect synchronization.

Len loved the number,calling that the finest dance of the night -- which almost led to a fight between Len and also Carrie Ann who said that they were slightly off with their timing.

Carrie Ann became in the minority as soon as it concerned scoring, providing the pair a '9,' if Len and also Bruno forgive perfect '10's, for a almost perfect 29 out of 30.

If Alexis and Alan survive this upcoming double elimination, it will certainly be interesting to see how their romantic unfolds, and also how that effects their performances in the semi-finals.

Love Is in the Air because that Alexis and also Alan

6:19 PM:

Alexis and also Alan's romantic is taking facility stage.

Duringtheir pre-taped package, the pair once again handle the reality that they have feelings because that one another, and also this time Alan actually admitted the he likes his partner.

Then, ~ an afternoon that horseback riding, lock kissed! right there, ~ above camera, in the pre-taped package!

So, that absolutely answers that question.

Artem, Val and Gleb Make desires Come True

6:17 PM:

After showing off your abs just minutes earlier, Artem, Val and Gleb invited fans back to the display with a short but weird sexy dance with (apparently) 3 random females they brought out from the audience.

So, that's absolutely one factor to get tickets come the live show.

DeMarcus and also Lindsay slow-moving Things under for a Viennese Waltz

6:12 PM:

DeMarcus and also Lindsay have been just one of the season's many fascinating couples. Lock haven't always scored the highest, but they've to be a truly flawless pair, and also they've yielded some the the most surprising routines the the season.

For theirViennese waltz, DeMarcus turned under the speed, energy and also power he's showcased in previous dances because that a sweet, heartwarming number that was perfect complimented by kris Stapleton's"Tennessee Whiskey."

The judges had actually a lot of love and appreciation because that DeMarcus' capacity to evolve as a dancer, and also complimented his capability to light up a room v his smile.

The pair earned a 27 out of 30 for your efforts, i beg your pardon is an innovation over last week's 26 and marks their greatest score of the season.

Shirtless Pros gain 10

6:06 PM:

If you desire to catch people's attention once coming back from a advertising break, showcasing a run number special a team of at sight ripped, shirtless DWTS pros isn't a bad way to do so.

The number additionally got a '10' native Bruno, i m sorry isn't much of a surprise.

Milo and Witney were Born to Love Dancing

6:01 PM:

After gaining their first perfect score critical week, Milo and also Witney come into nation Night through their sights set on repeating the accomplishment.

In a pre-taped segment, Witney admitted that she's a substantial fan of nation music and also Milo also wrote Witney a nation song specifically about their time top top DWTS and also their pursuit for the Mirrorball trophy.

So, when they hit the dance floor for theirfoxtrot, it to be clear just how deeply both stars had adopted the layout of the week, and also they yielded a stunning regimen that recorded the grace of timeless ballroom with the soul of a country song.

Getting some assist in the kind of a live performance fromLANCO, performing their hit single "Born to Love You," the pair couldn't have actually done a much better job showcasing their range and their versatility.

As Carrie Ann said, Milo is "the one come beat," and also that standing was solidified through their outstanding score that 29 the end of 30. While it wasn't a perfect score, the did ar them near the peak of the leaderboard and it offers them other to strive for following week.

Grocery store Joe obtained a small Cocky

5:49 PM:

Last week, Joe got his first '8' of the totality season, and the Bachelor in Paradise star took that to heart by convincing himself he's currently a expert dancer, at the very least according to his pre-taped package.

With his newfound confidence, Joe and Jenna struggle the run floor because that a leather-clad tango -- set to "Burning Man" by Dierks Bentley ft. The brother Osborne -- and, despite his ideal efforts, the dance obtained alackluster an answer from the judges.

"Imagine if foolish Max had actually to tango across bumpy roads, into the wilderness, surrounding by wildfire, right into an explosion! the looked specifically like that," Bruno said, in perhaps the best description the the run that might possibly be given.

Meanwhile, Carrie Ann complimented Joe's refusal to offer up, calling the an "anomaly," i beg your pardon she supposedly meant together a compliment.

Ultimately, the pair earned a 21 the end of 30 (which is in reality pretty good compared to many of your performances this season), and will have another chance to impress the judges with the Team Dance later in the show.

Cole Swindell Proves 'DWTS' Needs an ext Live Performances

5:41 PM:

Cole Swindell treated audiences come a live power of "Love You also Late," and it simply goes to present that a couple of more live musical performances, even if they aren't throughout one that the vain dances, wouldn't be a poor thing.

Juan Pablo and Cheryl Head come the Fair

5:34 PM:

Juan Pablo and also Cheryl really deserve to make any kind of dance look good. Last week they acquired a perfect score for your Halloween Night dance, and tonight lock upped your game also more.

The pair hit the run floor to execute a country-tinged Charleston -- set to"One Shot" by Hunter Hayes -- that mostly took ar in the ago of a pick-up truck, and it was nearly flawless.

"Is there anything girlfriend can't do?" Carrie Ann marveled during the judges feedback."You make every little thing look for this reason effortless and also so easy!"

Well, it seems that another thing Juan Pablo and Cheryl have the right to do is get two perfect scores in a row! The pair got another 30 the end of 30, probably cementing their ar in the DWTS semi-finals.

Could We get an All-Pro Season?

5:27 PM:

So, I acquire that Dancing through the Stars is around watching famouspeople who don't know exactly how to run learn exactly how to dance, and also that's great.

But every time castle come back from a commercial break with a routine featuring the pros, it's constantly breathtaking! 100 percent that the time.

Would it really be crazy to have a season wherein our favorite DWTS advantages team up and also compete because that their own Mirrorball trophy?

Evanna and Keo Showcase your Gracefulness

5:22 PM:

Evanna and also Keo gained their an initial '10's of the season last week for their Halloween Night performance, which way the bar was greater than ever coming into country Night.

While it seems that neither Keo no one Evanna were an especially familiar with country music going into rehearsals, you'd never have the ability to tell fromtheemotional, stunning rumba they delivered.

Set come a live performance from Carly Pearce, to sing her single "Every little Thing," the routine was an ethereal and also majestic displace that grace and delicacy the was also a perfect showcaseof dancing talent.

Each that the judges marveled over Evanna's "transformation" right into a ballroom dance queen, and also they donate up those compliments with three '10's for a perfect score of 30 the end of 30!

The superb score elicited an ext than just a cheer native Keo! The longtime DWTS agree actually ran over and kissed the Len, famously the grumpiest judge, appropriate on the cheek come celebrate the honor.

John and also Emma lug Jazz down to the South

5:09 PM:

During John's emotionally pre-taped package, the actor obtained tearful opening up about his daunting divorce, and also credited DWTS for helping him keep his head over water during this difficult time in his life.

It was a heartfelt and powerful bit of mankind that made united state appreciate his initiatives on the dance floor also more.

John and also Emma performed a jazz routine, set to "Thank God I'm a country Boy" by john Denver, and also even despite it seems prefer jazz dance and country music can be an overwhelming to combine, the Dukes the Hazzard star pulled turn off an incredible feat.

The number, which was set in a cornfield, showcased John's certain talents and also was met v unanimous love indigenous the judges, that awarded the couple a 25 the end of 30, make it your best-scored dance of the season therefore far.

The twin Elimination Is Coming!

5:04 PM:

Tom Bergeron announced that right before John Schneider's pre-taped package, butthat long-feared dual elimination is comes tonight.

This means we're walking to it is in cutting down the field of contestants through a complete 25 percent!

Kicking things Off ~ above the right Foot

5:02 PM:

Daisy dukes? Check.

Flannel? Check.

Cowboy boots? Check.

Diamond-encrusted bikini tops? Sure, why not.

Yup, this nation Night kicked off with the perfect opened number to obtain us fired up because that a fun, bombastic night of country-themed performances.

An Elimination trend Emerges

4:59 PM:

It's worth stating that mary Lou's elimination point out the fifth straight woman in a rowto obtain kicked off the show. In fact, it's just been women who have actually gotten eliminated thus far. In a remaining ar of eight hopefuls, over there are six guys and two ladies.

Could this it is in the an initial time in numerous years that DWTS has an all-male finals? We'll need to wait and see i beg your pardon star goes home tonight, but the odds space leaning that way.

Where we Stand After critical Week…

4:57 PM:

After a fun Halloween Night complete of spooky, goofy, and also generally well-received performances, the two stars who uncovered themselves ~ above the chopping block were mary Lou Retton and also partner Sasha Farber, and also Alexis Ren and also her agree partner, Alan Bersten -- regardless of the reality that neither couple in jeopardy to be at the bottom that the leaderboard.

Ultimately, it to be the previous Olympian who gained the axe, leave Alexis and Alan to continue to explore their burgeoning showmance because that at least another week in the competition.

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Also, with the show's semi-finals fast approaching, there's a very an excellent chance we're finally going to obtain a dual elimination this week, therefore that's gained to it is in nerve-racking for all the couples this week.

Dancing with the Stars airs Mondaysat 8 p.m. ET/PTon ABC

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