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Dancing through The Stars will attribute a unique formula Monday night. Every celebrity and their expert partner will certainly dance double for a chance to score 2 extra points. One couple, however, will certainly be immune from the dance-off, and also they"ve currently been chosen.

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The reality present announced on Instagram that James van Der Beek and also his partner, Emma Slate, will certainly be immune native the dance-off. This is because the couple"s scores room the highest possible for the whole season. Valve Der Beek has actually been sweeping the competition v high scores, so the choice likely won"t be surprising because that viewers.

Although castle won"t it is in dancing in the dance-off, they"ll still do their key number ~ above the episode, and will be instantly given the two points they can have winner from the dance-off, follow to yellow Derby.


Ally Brooke performs on "Dancing with The Stars"" Disney Night.Eric McCandless/ABCVan Derk Beek and Slate authorize a video message top top the Dancing through The Stars Instagram story Sunday. In it, castle asked viewers to proceed to poll for them. Castle revealed despite they won"t be participating in the dance-off, they have the right to still be voted turn off the show. In stimulate to keep Van Der Beek in the competition, fans must vote because that his safety similar to they go in the past.

This season has seen a variety of unpredictable eliminations. The very first shock was sailor Brinkley-Cook"s send-off. She to be tied for first place that the night, yet ultimately went residence over ally Brooke. Fans were upset by Brinkley-Cook"s elimination and also questioned why Sean Spicer wasn"t sent out home. The previous White residence Press Secretary has been a controversial topic on the show all season. Despite his scores skate close to the bottom that the pack, he has yet to be in the bottom two.

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The bottom 2 are favored by viewers every week. After ~ voting transparent the show, those v the shortest votes the the evening space then sent to the judges, who have actually the final say on i beg your pardon celebrity stays in the competition.

This formula has been nerve-wracking because that viewers, who desire to watch their favorites succeed, and for the celebrities. Brooke, a former member of 5th Harmony, explained how unpredictable this season has been in a conversation through Us Weekly. "You just really can"t guess what"s going to happen. I think it definitely is shocking," she said. "It has been shocking and also all you can do is simply literally—just if I recognize that i did the finest dance that ns could and also worked as tough as i could, and that"s all the I have the right to take away from it and also then hope the America loves it. Ns think the more and much more I show who I am, i hope the it helps."