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Dancing through the Starsreturns Monday because that the 5th week of season 30, and also the display is paying tribute to an iconic musical! v a slew that excited celebs prepared to present off your moves,ET is complying with along throughoutthetwo-hour spectacularto failure all the finest dances andthe most surprising moment from DWTS" celebration event of the 1978 classicGrease!

As the contestants fight it out it the end on the dance floor with their finest retro 1950s-inspired routines, judgesCarrie Ann Inaba, Len Goodman, Bruno Tonioli and Derek Hough will certainly be givingfeedback and also dolingout your scores -- every before another pair it s okay the boot.

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After last week"s brutal dual elimination, over there are only 11 couples left in competition, and they will certainly all be dancing their hearts outas they try to victory the votes that the viewers and the assistance of the judges.

The fight for the mirrorball trophy kicks turn off on Monday at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC, and also ET will be extending all the highlights in genuine time.

It's Time for the Elimination!

6:59 PM:

Two couples space going residence tonight, and Tyra substantially reads with the lengthy list the the groups that room safe, leaving only the bottom 2 on stage.

Despite gaining some that the greatest scores of the season, the last two in jeopardy room Mel C and Gleb and also Olivia Jade and Val.

This is a truly insane result. These space not the 2 couples who have to be in the bottom two.

Derek claims it finest when he asks, "America! What have you done?!"

All the judges lament just how bad and also hard this decision is. After ~ Carrie Ann and Derek vote to conserve Mel C, Bruno and also Len vote to save Olivia.

As head judge, Len's vote breaks the tie -- an interpretation Mel C and also Gleb room going home, and Olivia and also Val obtain to dance one more week.

Cody and also Cheryl Close the end 'Grease' Night through a Quickstep

6:50 PM:

Cody reveals, in his pre-taped package, the he actually performed in Grease in a high-school production. However, that admits that he's no a good singer, so he's excited to be a a part of the in a method that just affiliated dancing.

So, because that the final variety of the night, Cody and Cheryl struggle the phase for a quickstep collection to"We walk Together" the sees both of them rocking all-black, surprisingly tight ensembles and it's a fun, high-energy conclusion come a night of how amazing captivating routines!

"That had actually the sense of uplifting celebration event of whatever Grease!" Bruno shares

Carrie says she desires to see an ext chemistry indigenous them, but that they tho did a "great job."

"What I liked was the energy you produced," Len says. "You really came out and also gave it her all."

The pair earn four 8s for a total of 32 out of 40.

Mel C and Gleb room the persons That we Want

6:41 PM:

Mel C is embracing she inner Sandy to discover her confidence this week.

Believe that or not, Mel says during her pre-taped package the she's always struggled through her confidence, in spite of her fame, and also she's brought to tears trying come muster up her courage.

However, it's tough to imagine her not being confident as soon as she takes the stage for a quickstep collection to"You're the One That i Want," v Gleb, and also the pair just slay.

Derek states the dance to be fantastic, if Bruno adds the it "takes a most guts to do a quickstep in lycra."

Carrie Ann states she appreciates her vulnerability and that the adds a many to she numbers.

Len keeps the simple, informing Mel it was she "best dance" for this reason far.

The couple earn four 9s for a complete of 36 out of 40 -- placing them in a five-way tie for the height spot ~ above the leaderboard.

JoJo & Jenna room Perfect (Literally) in Pink

6:30 PM:

JoJo and Jenna room two that the ideal dancers that the season -- and a the majority of that is since of JoJo's considerable background in dance.

But that doesn't do it much less delightful to clock them dance, and the pair provide a stunning foxtrot collection to"Look in ~ Me, I'm Sandra Dee (Reprise)" and it left the judges stunned.

Len was standing to supply his feedback and also says, "You affected my brain with the top quality of the technique, you impact my heart with the artistry that you produced. It was superb."

I certain love this partnership," Derek marvels. "That to be a moment!"

Bruno claims he's"still shivering"and Carrie Ann adds, "You leave me nothing come say, various other than this was perfection."

As one might expect, this level of prayer was suitable by the seasons an initial perfect score -- 4 10s for a complete of 40 out of 40.

Kenya & Brandon lug the Emotions

6:24 PM:

Kenya shares a sweet story about being increased by her grandmother after her birth parents had her as soon as they to be teenagers. The truth star explains her she grandmother died four years ago, and is law the number this mainly in her honor.

Kenya is playing Rizzo for tonight's number, and she delivers a sultry rumba v Brandon, set to"There room Worse things I could Do."

Last week, Kenya found herself in the bottom 2 (yet again) and also was saved by Len. It's a genuine shame she keeps not getting the votes, due to the fact that she and also Brandon room doing a lot of difficult work to continue to be in the game.

"I am so happy you are still below in the competition so the you can do the dance right here for all of us," Carrie Ann shares.

"It was really, really spot on," Len states of the dance, as Derek claims the regime was "stunning."

"What was brilliant to be it to be so concentrated on translating emotion with motion," Bruno shares.

After the judges feedback, Kenya obtain choked up talking around her grandmother -- climate is carried to full tears through their epic scores.

The pair earn four 9s throughout the plank for a full of 36 out of 40 -- quickly their highest possible scores the the season hence far.

Jimmie and Emma dance (After Jimmie Welcomes His brand-new Baby Girl)

6:14 PM:

Jimmie is ago in the studio simply days after ~ he and also his wife welcomed their newborn infant girl!

The pre-taped package offers us a look in ~ his adorable child daughter, and also it's amazing he was able to think or focus on dancing at every this week!

That gift said, he's still giving it his all as he and also Emma slater struggle the dance floor because that a foxtrot collection to "Sandy."

It's a forlorn track in the movie, however Jimmie and also Emma bring a fun, joyful power to the tune. And, it transforms out Jimmie knows just how to look at awesome in a leather greaser jacket!

The judges are pretty excited because that Jimmie, and also Bruno shares his congrats.

Len says, that there's "a flair" around Jimmie's dancing, and also while it's no perfect it's really fun.

When it concerns the scores, the judges space divided, with two 8s and two 9s for a complete of 34 out of 40!

Suni and also Sasha present the Charleston

6:04 PM:

For their Grease-themed number, Suni and Sasha are dancing a charleston -- the an initial charleston the the season -- to the song "Born come Hand Jive."

You have to give them credit transaction for not just going because that a jive, favor the tune suggests. Also, Suni is playing a character called Cha-cha!

Derek jokes around all the different species of dances gift referenced, yet that it's quiet "fantastic."

Len says he "smiled the whole way through" return he appears a little disappointed in a basic sense. Return it's unclear why.

The pair earn four 9s across the plank (back come the judge's reasoning alike) for a total of 36 out of 40!

Amanda and also Alan obtain Some aid From Frankie Avalon

5:54 PM:

Amanda is playing Frenchie for Grease Night, and also got a possibility to talk v Didi Conn, that played Frenchie in the original film, if rehearsing.

Then, in a how amazing cameo, Frankie Avalon himself comes the end to sing"Beauty school Dropout," for Amanda and also Alan to run aViennese waltz!

Rocking pink hair, Amanda flawlessly looks the part, and also Alan rocks a white suit as he's playing a version of Avalon because that the number. It's a wonderfully surreal mix of meta-weirdness that provides it a delight.

"I assumed that was just fantastic," Len says. "And the icing top top the cake is among my teenage heroes, Frankie Avalon!"

Derek claims the regime was "fantastic" yet that that was absent that "moment" that made that perfect for him.

"I felt like you stepped out of a dream," Bruno declares, as Carrie Ann share equal amounts of love and praise.

As for your scores, the judges have actually finally readjusted things up a bit.

The pair acquire three 10s and also then one 9 -- native Derek, that all human being -- for a 39 the end of 40. It's conveniently the greatest score of the season.

The Miz and also Witney Dance choose Lightning!

5:42 PM:

For The Miz, getting to run to "Greased Lightnin" is around the best possible method to participate in a Grease night, because it's the song most human being think of when they think of the movie.

The Miz hits the floor through Witney and also they are both sitting in the car the track is about, and you deserve to feel exactly how iconic the totality moment is before their jive even truly begins.

It's likewise important come talk about how perfect The Miz is as Danny. That looks come the part to a man degree, and his dance chemistry with Witney is turn off the charts.

"Go Miz Lightnin!" Carrie Ann declares!

Len claims it to be a "high-octane, full-on jive" but that The Miz "rushed it a bit" the end of excitement.

Bruno and also Derek echo those sentiments, however there's still a lot of love.

The panel proceeds to it is in in close covenant yet again, with four 8s for a complete of 32 the end of 40.

Iman and also Daniella space Hopelessly specialized to Dancing

5:32 PM:

Iman and also Daniella have actually been providing it your all each week, and also this time about they're bringing aViennese waltz to the ballroom, in a routine set to "Hopelessly devoted to You."

Iman rocks a blue jacket through black jeans together Danny, while danielle looks gorgeous and also ethereal together Sandy, and the performance earned a standing ovation for the dance.

Bruno claims they yes, really did a an excellent job of send the feeling of the tune.

Carrie Ann states the dance isn't the finest suited because that Iman, however praised your chemistry.

"It had actually a gentleness the I liked so much," Len says. "You shot so tough that I find it complicated to slam you."

The pair earn four 7s from the judges for a complete of 28 out of 40.

Melora & Artem walk Retro v Viennese waltz

5:21 PM:

Melora is return a main after obtaining a 10 during Disney night, and also she's hitting the phase as Rizzo.

Appropriately, she's depicting the leader that the Pink ladies in a pink sleeping gown, and also kicks turn off the number in a recreation the a pink bedroom.

She comes out and also hits the stage with the always-magnetic Artem and also the pair supply a fun, captivatingViennese waltz set to "Look at Me, I'm Sandra Dee" -- not precisely the most basic song to dance too. Although you'd never recognize it from exactly how they very own the stage.

"You room the gift that keeps ~ above giving," Derek marvels.

"You've obtained the part! You're hired!" Bruno exclaims. "You play it so well."

"What ns think sets you apart... Is every time you carry out the dance, you do everyone want to dance with you," Carrie Ann says.

"I tell you what, it's similar to the film or the display -- i feel better for seeing that," Len praises.

The pair earn one more four 9s for a total of 36 the end of 40!

Oliva and also Val Kick points Off

5:11 PM:

Oh! Apparently, Olivia Newton-John is going to be sharing some understanding into each of the dances.

For the an initial number the the night, we've got Olivia Jade and also Val Chmerkovskiy together Sandy and also Danny, carrying a foxtrot set to"Summer Nights."

Val dressed up choose a '50s greaser simply looks right, and also Olivia looks exciting retro in a yellow poodle skirt and blonde wig. The whole thing feels more like Grease 보다 the entire live TV manufacturing a few years ago.

"I think if Sandy and Danny to be to run a foxtrot, it would certainly look similar to that," Len marvels.

Derek states Olivia is a "perfect Sandy" and also says it to be a "great means to open the show."

"You recorded the sweet innocence that Sandy," Bruno praises, as Carrie Ann "echoes everything" he colleagues shared.

That's a totality lot that love that is likewise reflected in their exceptional scores. 4 9s throughout the plank for a total of 36 the end of 40 -- noting their greatest score that the season!

Olivia Newton-John autumn By!

5:06 PM:

In respect of the night, Sandy herself, Olivia Newton-John, drops by in the type of a virtual post thanking everyone for your love that the film.

"I'm so thrilled and also honored the you're celebrating Grease tonight! I understand your couples have actually been working really hard and I can't wait to watch their performances!" she shared.

It's 'Grease' Night, and We're Going ago in Time

5:04 PM:

In solemn event of the 1978 movie music Grease, tonight's Dancing through the Stars is traveling ago in time come the 1950s for some wild, strange routines influenced by the movie.

We're gonna view a many retro fashions, leather jackets and also general Americana -- so that must be fun.

The opened number is a photo perfect institution spirit celebration, and Tyra is rocking a glowing red cheerleader outfit. So, we've set the tone.

Last week, after two back-to-back nights that Disney-themed dances, two couples ended up obtaining the boot -- Brian Austin Green and also girlfriend Sharna Burgess, as well as Matt James and Lindsay Arnold.

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Check out the video clip below to hear much more about how the eliminations and also judges" votes shook out.


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