Julianne Hough and also Derek Hough join the actors of Dancing through the Stars in seasons 4 and 5, respectively. ~ making their note on ABC’s run competition collection — Julianne won 2 Mirror round trophies and also Derek won six! — they every left to embark on new an innovative opportunities.

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The triple hazards have due to the fact that performed top top Broadway, in live tv musicals (Derek play Corny Collins in Hairspray Live! and Julianne starred as Sandy in Grease Live!), and also sat in ~ the judges tables top top NBC talent competition reflects World of Dance (Derek) and also America’s gained Talent (Julianne).

The Emmy-winning brothers were recently honored in ~ the Paley Media center in Beverly Hills at “An Evening with Derek Hough and Julianne Hough,” wherein they talked about their show biz origins, job highlights, and NBC’s December 16 special, Holidays through the Houghs.

TV Insider was on the red carpet prior to the show and also chatted with the pair about their vacation special, plans for the future, and if they’d game a return to Dancing with the Stars. Check out on because that the scoop!


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I’ve to be saying due to the fact that Dancing through the Stars Season 5 you two should have actually your own selection show a la Donny & Marie. What took so long!

Derek Hough: ns don’t know. It was a time thing. Eventually, the stars aligned. We’re on a network the championed the idea. It was all a perfect storm.

Were you acquainted with the old Donny & Marie selection show?

Julianne Hough: Yes, definitely. We’re native Utah, together they are. Farming up, us were well-known as the “blond Osmonds.”

Derek: i’m going to be straight up — i haven’t seen an episode, but I’m fully aware the it.

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Julianne: i am acquainted with the by doing research. I think we were also young to have actually seen it.

They’d beat up your sibling dynamic. The wasn’t uncommon for Donny to execute or to speak something silly, then, Marie would certainly rib him, and also he’d speak “Cute, Marie.”

Derek: our careers have actually been parallel by accident so, it’s fun to pat on that. It can seem choose a rivalry however in reality…

Julianne: We’re just so excited because that each other.

Derek: we play right into it, for sure. The a most fun.


Trae Patton/NBC

Derek, girlfriend shot Holidays through the Houghs before your emergency appendectomy. Exactly how are you feeling now?

Derek: ns feel OK. I feel good.

Post-surgery, you were jumping roughly on stage on the NBC Christmas in Rockefeller Center special.

Derek: i wasn’t claimed to it is in doing that.

Julianne: I witnessed his rehearsal and also thought, “Wait, you not claimed to be dancing!”

Derek: I could have popped open up a couple of stitches, but I’m good!

Julianne: that did not. He’s joking!

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Can friend preview Holiday v the Houghs?

Derek: Yes. Once we looked in ~ the whole display as a entirety or if we’re act a tour, it’s around the dynamics and different colors in every performance. I think we capture those. Julianne roller skates. Ns jokingly said to her, “Jules, girlfriend should shot this move,” which to be super-dangerous and also looks crazy, never thinking she’d actually perform it. So, the course, ns came into rehearsal the following day and she’s doing it!

Julianne: it’s pretty crazy. All the blood rushed as much as my head. I burst a most capillaries in my forehead, let’s put it the way. I was feeling favor my mind felt favor scrambled eggs.

Derek: She came approximately me and said, “Derek, ns don’t feeling right. Don’t tell anybody. I’ll get in trouble.”

Julianne: No. Ns was like, “Don’t phone call anybody due to the fact that they won’t let me to it,” and also I wanted to execute it.


Trae Patton/NBC

Could you see this transforming into a weekly range show? They were a staple of TV in the 1970s – The Carol Burnett Show, Sonny and also Cher, The Brady Bunch selection Hour.

Derek: Yeah! Absolutely, given the best circumstances. It is what’s kind of an excellent about what we created. It doesn’t necessarily have to be particular to the holidays. We might create it throughout the year or every week.

Julianne: the time right currently is an interesting one due to the fact that we haven’t seen for a long time. So, that knows — possibly a lot of things will generate out of this?

What guest stars execute you have on Holiday with the Houghs?

Derek: We have Ciara and Ne-Yo.

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Anyone through a critical name?

Derek: <Laughs> Yeah, ns know, right?

Julianne: We have Alexander Jean – however that’s tho two very first names!

Derek: They do a beautiful, beautiful rendition of “O divine Night,” which honestly brought me to tears and was at sight special. We have some impressive choreography indigenous Tessandra Chavez.

What’s coming up following year top top World that Dance?

Derek: i was talk to the producers around some format alters when ns was in new York. Us were talking about different style changes. I’m really excited around the following season.

Do you still desire to have actually the decision as to who gets the optimal prize it is in in the hand of the judges or would certainly you favor the audience to it is in involved?

Derek: Oh, boy, i hope they carry out that . It’s a the majority of pressure. A million dollars!

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You’re both quite busy. However is there any type of chance we might see one of two people or both of you return to DWTS because that either a guest stint at the judges’ table or as agree dancer?

Derek: Honestly, mine answer is, “Never to speak never.” in ~ the moment, i don’t see that ideal now, yet things change. You never ever know.

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Julianne: exact same answer. You never ever know. There are a many of exciting things that room happening because that me next year. Ns going top top tour through Oprah next year KINRGY, a new company that i am launching in 2020. It’s about connecting to your body with movement, dance, and also breath-work and meditation. I’m focusing on that and also my manufacturing company, Canary House, and likewise getting earlier to mine music. If there’s a slot in there, I’d love come come DWTS> and also say, “Hi.” It’s family there.