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While most Dancing through the Stars contestants and their professional dance partners room readying their skills and most glitzy outfits for the shows following Monday and also Tuesdays, one not-so-fortunate duo had actually to put their dancing shoes away because that good.

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The long-running reality series kicked off to a solid start because that most, as Season 27 participants had to find out two dances for the two-night premiere. Celebrities and also their partners one of two people performed a jive, foxtrot, quickstep or salsa. Spoiler ahead, check out who failure to make the cut.

Dancing with the Stars airs Mondays at 8 p.m. EDT ~ above ABC.

Who was removed on Tuesday?


"Dancing with the Stars" Season 27 attendees (L-R) Alexis Ren, Alan Bersten, Danelle Umstead. Artem Chigvintsev, mar Lou Retton, Sasha Farber, Nancy McKeon, Val Chermerkovskiy, Nikki Glaser, Gleb Savchenko room pictured together a part of the bottom five pairs on September 25, 2018. ABC/Eric McCandlessWith two performances for the judges and voters come evaluate, there to be a lot in ~ stake throughout Tuesday"s elimination. Comedian Nikki Glaser and her companion Gleb Savchenko to be sent home after receiving the lowest merged score from both judges and also fans, but here"s who survived for another week in Season 27"s competition:

Alexis Ren and also Alan BerstenBobby Bones and Sharna BurgessDanelle Umstead and Artem ChigvintsevDeMarcus Ware and also Lindsay ArnoldEvanna Lynch and also Keo MotsepeJoe "Grocery store Joe" Amabile and Jenna JohnsonJohn Schneider and also Emma SlaterJuan Pablo Di Pace and also Cheryl BurkeMary Lou Retton and also Sasha FarberMilo Manheim and Witney CarsonNancy McKeon and Val ChmerkovskiyTinashe and Brandon Armstrong

The remaining couples will certainly dance next Monday and also Tuesday in a two-part stint.

talks Time ~ above Show prior to Elimination


"Dancing with the Stars" host Tom Bergeron (L-R) is pictured with former show contestant Nikki Glaser and her companion Gleb Savchenko on September 25, 2018. The pair to be the first couple to it is in eliminated. ABC/Eric McCandlessGlaser and Savchenko were one of 5 couples up because that elimination Tuesday. When Glaser and also Savchenko"s trip on the show was brief, the pair vastly improved after Monday"s premiere episode.

After being got rid of Tuesday, Glaser revealed how she suffered an injury beforehand in she training because that the competition.

"I couldn"t also put top top a sports bra without crying in agony," Glaser, 34, stated Wednesday on Good Morning America. "I believed I to be going to need to drop out and also then I simply willed it to feel much better and I had the ability to dance on Monday and Tuesday. Currently the ache is, like, kicking earlier in. It was pure adrenaline, but we danced."

Who is the guess Winner?


"Dancing with the Stars" host Tom Bergeron (L-R) is pictured through Tinashe and partner Brandon Armstrong ~ above September 25, 2018.ABC/Eric McCandlessWhile the compete is tho in its at an early stage stages, oddsmakers have actually pegged their predicted winner for Season 27. Follow to and also Gold Derby, Tinahse and also Armstrong space the likely contestants to obtain the desire Mirrorball Trophy.

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Contestant Milo Manheim proved off his run abilities before in the Disney Channel initial Movie Zombies, but Tinashe remains the just celebrity participant with comprehensive dance training. Back she was partnered v a first-year Dancing with the Stars professional, the "No Fraud" singer also holds much more star strength than many of her fellow contestants.

"Vegas sportsbooks are resting on Demarcus Ware: football players have actually a history of success top top DWTS; his partner, Lindsay Arnold, won Season 25 and was second in Season 24; males have additionally won 3 straight," odds writer Sascha Paruk said in a explain issued to "The just contestant with far-reaching dance training is paired with a neophyte pro ."