Dancing with the Stars’champ Cheryl Burke lugged home the coveted Mirrorball trophy twice. One of those to win was achieved in season 3, once Burke to be paired with previous NFL star Emmitt Smith.

The chemistry in between the dance partners helped them score their win, though it seriously involved Smith’s wife, Pat.

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Emmitt Smith and also Cheryl Burke the ‘Dancing with the Stars’ | Adam Larkey/Walt Disney television via Getty Images

Cheryl Burke and Emmitt Smith had actually a ‘solid friendship’

Burke common her experiences on DWTS in her 2011 memoir Dancing Lessons. She revealed she is commonly questioned around romance top top the run floor.

“I’m asked all the time, ‘How perform you not fall in love with your dance partner?"” Burke shared. “For experienced dancers, physics closeness is just component of what we do. It’s a normal component of executing a believable performance. Once there’s dance-floor chemistry between two people, it’s an excellent to watch, and that’s what us dancers want to produce for the viewers.”

When partnered with the ex-Dallas Cowboys to run back, Burke to be impressed by Smith’s commitment to the competition, which made your performances stand out.

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“Emmitt and also I had actually a hard friendship,” the pro dancer wrote. “We also had one undeniable chemistry when we danced. Maybe that’s because Emmitt, who had become a master at relocating his body because that his job-related as an athlete all those years, had offered himself permission come dance.”

Pat Smith had a different view of the ‘DWTS’ partners

Along with numerous viewers, Smith’s wife, Pat, choose up ~ above the chemistry between her husband and also Burke. She became fearful of something much more than dancing going on in rehearsals.

“During that time, ns would have literal motion photo movies walk on in my head of and Emmitt in the dance room having actually this steamy affair,” she called Fox 5 Good Day brand-new York host Rosanna Scotto in 2016, follow to People. “I’m talking prefer Oscar-worthy movies going on. And also I literally sat at home thinking, ‘Okay, they’ve acquired this romance and also there’s this chemistry and also this thing’, and it to be killing me.”

Pat put down some ground rules through her husband, including no socializing with the DWTS pro outside of practice. Smith’s wife additionally included Burke in family events, do herself much more present in their partnership.

HAPPY date of birth TO mine HUBBY and also SON‼️I love the fact that girlfriend both share the same bday, name, sport, position & jersey #22!!! i love that you both re-publishing the very same love because that God and also family! however the best part is the I gain to knock out 2 date of birth Celebrations in one‼️‼️LOL pic.twitter.com/ARjwZ8zqYu

— Pat blacksmith (
PatSmithTY) may 17, 2020

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“I told Emmitt, ‘Listen, no going the end to lunch, or let’s go run and also get us Starbucks,"” pat explained. “‘I require you all to store this business.’ for this reason what that did was really incorporate me ~ above the team. Cheryl was a part of our family’s parties, ours kid’s parties.”

‘I went v a depression’

With her fears growing around Smith’s interactions through Burke, pat admitted she struggled substantially throughout the competition.

“I pretended,” Smith’s wife revealed. “I placed on a mask, i m sorry a lot of of civilization do every day, which is exhausting. And when it was over ns literally collapsed. I mean, ns went through a depression about it.”

Realizing she necessary a much more positive focus. In 2012, beat kicked off her non-profit company Treasure You, which aims to inspire and empower females to go after their passions even in the midst of obstacles. She additionally published she book Second Chances in 2016.

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“I was happy that he won, obviously, he is my husband,” she said. “But ~ that, that’s when I obtained my wake up up call, the it to be time because that me not to be so worried with what he is doing, yet what the is the I’m an alleged to be doing. And that’s really when Treasure You, my company for women, to be birthed.”

Pat and Emmitt smith announced your decision to separate in July 2020. “We will proceed to relocate forward v love and also compassion because that one another, as co-parents and friends,” they proclaimed on Instagram. No factor was given for the breakup.