The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star blogs about her Dancing v the Stars experience specifically for

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Real Housewives that Beverly Hills star Erika Girardi (a.k.a. Society diva Erika Jayne) is competing on season 24 of Dancing v the Stars — and also blogging around her experience solely for Monitor Girardi, 45, and also her pro dancer partner Gleb Savchenko, 33, top top Twitter!

I’m no going to lie, i didn’t walk far feeling an excellent after our Jive critical week — and neither go the judges. I dislike being towards the bottom the the leader board, but I agreed with the feedback we got. Ns just need to look at this week as a brand-new week and also hope because that the best.

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For tonight’s show, Gleb and I are dancing a cha cha come Madonna‘s “Express Yourself.”

I’ve garnered a lot of motivation from Madonna transparent my an imaginative life. I’ve always been a fan and also have seen her so plenty of times, for this reason it’s really funny to obtain to channel she a bit in our routine. And what better person to aid inspire a cha cha, which is hips, hips, hips! Sexy sexy! hot hot hot! It’s a many fun. It’s fast-paced, sexy and also sensual, so you wanna take it that and put it all in the dance.

But to obtain it right, Gleb and I have had to invest a lot of time in the rehearsal room. I’ve been spending an ext time with Gleb than v my family!



When friend dance through someone and also you end up being partners, you acquire to understand one one more on a different level than you execute in any other functioning relationship, since you’re in physical contact with every other. We space in each other’s deals with for six hrs a day and also on top of each various other dancing and also sweating. We’ve emerged a real friendship. It’s nice. I favor Gleb. I choose dancing through him. Girlfriend can’t complain around somebody who wants you to do well — and also he desires me to execute well. That’s a good partner to have.

This is many Memorable Year Week, for this reason we room all showcasing a year that was particularly impactful in our lives.

I’m 45 years old and also have lived a really rich life. I could have chosen so numerous different moments. I could have chosen marriage, baby, divorce, 2nd marriage, every that sort of stuff. Yet I made decision instead to do 1989, i m sorry is the year i left Atlanta and also moved to new York.

That to be a large change for me. There to be the an initial 18 year of mine life, and also then the rest of my life. Relocating to new York opened my eyes and also I learned so numerous things in those very first years of being an adult. It was the birth of my performance career and challenging myself — and also that’s what ns hope to show in tonight’s performance.

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I think that every endure builds ~ above the next. Mine life has adjusted since then, but I’ve remained, in ~ my core, the same human being being ns was in ~ 18 — still dreaming, still complete of wonder, still pushing and also still wanting things. There are life lessons and also ups and downs, but I’m still the 18-year-old son that want to execute something with her life.

I think we need to all stay hungry and also fight for more both professionally and also personally. Ns constantly look for to an obstacle myself, my dreams and my goals and that’s what I’m trying to carry out on Dancing with the Stars. Ns hope I gain the opportunity to keep doing it because that a lengthy time come come!

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