Dancing through the Stars would favor us to come along and also sing the song and also join the jamboree… not once, buttwice this week.

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You guessed it: Disney Week has actually taken over the abc competition series once more, with Monday’s episode celebrating Disney heroes, if Tuesday’s distinct installment will function dances inspired by Disney villains. And in true assimilated fashion, Monday’s broadcast delivered a happily-ever-after moment whenno couples were eliminated from Season 30.

Still, the continuing to be 13 couples to be tasked with finding out two performances this week, and all of Monday’s routines had to combine the Mickey dance Challenge, a short piece that choreography — courtesy the Mickey computer mouse himself — that had actually to pop up what in each couple’s performance, nevertheless of their assigned style. In ~ the finish of the show, the judges doled out 2 bonus points to the duo that ideal executed Mickey’s challenge.

Let’s breakdown the evening’s routines:

JoJo Siwa and also pro Jenna Johnson (Viennese Waltz come Cinderella‘s “A Dream Is a Wish your Heart Makes”): actual talk: about halfway v this performance, i noticed I had actually stopped inputting in donate of beaming in ~ the scree, full Dopey-in-Snow-White style. Also when male contestants have actually attempted this layout on the show, their footwork deserve to look sloppy and haphazard as they twirl their female partners around, however JoJo was beautifully grounded and also sure of herself throughout the number. Plus, she and Jenna had an easy, serene chemistry, there is no losing any kind of of the standard Cinderella romance.

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Judges’ Score: 35/40

Mel C and also pro Gleb Savchenko (Jazz to mar Poppins‘ “Step in Time,” pictured): maybe it was since Mel and Gleb’s regimen kicked off v the high-stakes Mickey Dance challenge — who knew Mickey Mouse might be together a source of stress? — however Mel seemed more in her head during this jazz 보다 she’s to be in any type of other performance, visibly anticipating (and maybe worrying about) the following combination. The said, the number to be dizzyingly fast and stuffed with content, and not countless contestants might have handled that together skillfully as Mel did. Judges’ Score: 31/40

Matt James and also pro Lindsay Arnold (Quickstep come The Incredibles‘ “The Incredits,” pictured): Man, the costume department did Matt dirty on this one, huh? If the quickstep weren’t already tough sufficient — especially for a contestant who ballroom an approach leaves something come be preferred — currently he has actually to contend with Frozone’s complete helmet and also visor? offer the man a chance, at least! Judges’ Score: 26/40

Jimmie Allen and also pro Emma Slater (Paso Doble to Mulan‘s “I’ll make a guy Out of You”): Jimmie’s adaptability from style to format is, because that me in ~ least, the season’s many pleasant surprise hence far: just last week, the country singer turned in a sassy salsa, but he appeared to effortlessly pivot come the strength and fire of the paso doble this time, totally committing to the style’s an effective movements without gaining herky-jerky about it. The lip-syncing, top top the other hand, has gotta go. Judges’ Score: 30/40

Amanda Kloots and also pro Alan Bersten (Rumba come Tarzan‘s “You’ll it is in in mine Heart”): The i know well isolations! The i know well isolations! though Amanda go seem strangely scheduled at various points of this rumba, her an approach was sensational, with each activity flowing gorgeously into the next. Ns am starting to resent this Mickey Dance difficulty for eating up time invested in the contestants’ really style, but Amanda and also Alan did a decent job working the combo into the rumba, wherein it certainly didn’t belong. Judges’ Score: 32/40

Olivia Jade and also pro Val Chmerkovskiy (Samba come The Lion King‘s “I just Can’t Wait to it is in King”): Ah, a Lion King-themed number there is no a solitary velvet onesie or prosthetic sleep in sight. Blessings. But even ~ above its own, this samba was energetic and also entertaining, though Olivia’s confidence seemed to shower a little bit when she and also Val hit the remix in the middle. Also? Derek’s been sitting beside Brunoway as well long. That comment about Olivia’s “adorable” lion makeup offered meall the heebie-jeebies. Judges’ Score: 35/40

The Miz and also pro Witney Carson (Quickstep come Aladdin‘s “Friend choose Me,” pictured): Hmm, I view we’re draw close the “We love her energy, so here’s an eight!” component of the season through The Miz. There’s no denying his personality is infectious, yet the quickstep footwork right here was messy, and also their Mickey Dance challenge fell noticeably the end of sync toward the end. Plus, if there’s any type of routine whereby The Mizshouldn’t hold ago his energy, it’s as soon as he’s dancing come “Friend choose Me” together Aladdin‘s Genie. The guy is painted blue! We’re way past reining the in!Judges’ Score: 31/40

Kenya Moore and pro Brandon Armstrong (Contemporary come Moana‘s “How much I’ll Go”): ns would have actually loved to see Kenya totally give herself end to the run a tiny more, especially when the modern style allows for the openness. ~ above the other hand, contemporary can be an overwhelming with its comparatively abstract movements, and also Kenya walk a nice task grasping the choreography overall. Judges’ Score: 29/40

Brian Austin Green and also pro Sharna citizen (Waltz to eye White‘s “Someday mine Prince will Come”): Brian and Sharna’s obvious love because that each other usually transforms me into a human being heart-eyes emoji… however it is becoming a weird obstacle because that them, eh? The chemistry is unmatched, but the content is weirdly lacking every week, and every one of Brian and also Sharna’s performances thus much are beginning to blend together in a blur that cutesy affection. Judges’ Score: 25/40

Suni Lee and pro Sasha Farber (Salsa to Encanto‘s “Colombia, Mi Encanto”): Suni’s facial expressions were a bit an ext varied here, i m sorry was excellent to see. Yet here’s hope Sasha proceeds to work with she on each style’s correct an approach instead that relying ~ above those gymnastics tricks for this reason much; in that final side-by-side section, Suni’s elbows were pinned so very closely to her sides, and I expect she it s okay the opportunity to work out those tiny kinks come perfection. Judges’ Score: 33/40

Melora Hardin and pro Artem Chigvintsev (Quickstep to The jungle Book‘s “I Wan’na Be favor You”): Melora Hardin is not here to gain lost in the shuffle, folks! also when she’s tasked with illustrating a cartoon bear, theOffice actress brings such likability to every performance: It’s practically like she can’t quite think she’s dancing therefore brilliantly, but her activities still own confidence and also certainty. Judges’ Score: 36/40

Cody Rigsby and also pro Cheryl Burke (Jive come A Goofy Movie‘s “Stand Out,” pictured): It speaks to Cody’s proficiency with choreography the he might handle that whole opening section by himself without appearing shaky or nervous. What’s a little more puzzling space his constant struggles remaining in sync through Cheryl, which were a bit much more glaring v those lightning-fast jive steps. (A six, though, Len? A six? C’mon.) Judges’ Score: 27/40

Iman Shumpert and pro Daniella Karagach (Foxtrot come Frozen‘s “Let the Go”): Those low-ish scores for Cody and also Cheryl room extra-confusing after absorbing Iman and Daniella’s foxtrot, which succumbed three eights (?!) regardless of an completely so-so showing from Iman. I appreciate the tenderness he lugged to this style, yet his challenge lacked any kind of real expression until the Mickey Dance challenge hit, and I thought some road Runner dust clouds might kind around his feet top top those final spins. Judges’ Score: 30/40

Before the contestants received the an excellent news that no one would gain booted top top Monday, the judges awardedJimmie and Emma those coveted two bonus points from the Mickey dance Challenge, raising their complete score for the night indigenous 30 to 32 out of 40.

OK, her turn! just how did friend feel around those Disney Heroes performances, and also who ought to be removed on Tuesday night? Tell united state in a comment below!