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Dancing with the Starsreturns Monday night because that the 2nd week of Season 30! with a cast of excited celebs ready to dance their hearts out,ET is following along throughoutthetwo-hour spectacularto malfunction all the finest dances andthe many surprising moments.

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As the contestants duke it the end on the run floor, judgesCarrie Ann Inaba, Len Goodman, Bruno Tonioli and Derek Hough will provide feedback and also dole the end their scores -- all prior to the an initial elimination of the season.

Ahead that Monday"s show, there was a bit of a cast shakeup once pro Cheryl Burke revealed the she"d tested confident for COVID-19. She star partner, Cody Rigsby, announced he"d still be dancing in the show with a new partner, and also fans will need to wait and see who he"s teamed up with for his performance.

The battle forthe mirrorball trophycontinues top top Monday in ~ 8 p.m. ET/PT top top ABC, and also ET is extending all the highlights in real time.

Who's Safe and also Who's going Home?

6:59 PM:

It's time because that the very first elimination the the season -- which is constantly a challenge.

Tyra quickly reads off every the couples who room safe from elimination -- and also the just two bag left are Martin Kove & Britt Stewart and Christine Chiu & Pasha Pashkov.

Technically, the goes to the judges to poll on the last two, and also unsurprisingly the judges poll to conserve the higher-scoring pair --Christine & Pasha.

Martin says the experience of gift on DWTS has actually been "beyond belief."

Suni Lee and Sasha Farber provide Likable Cha-Cha

6:53 PM:

Suni Lee is in this to victory it, and with Sasha Farber, she really has a chance.

Together -- in the final dance of the night -- the pair ceded a fun Cha-cha collection to "I like It"—Cardi B, bad Bunny & J Balvin.

The judges have a selection of various suggestions, through Derek saying she needs to job her positivity, if Carrie Ann says she's embracing her real self.

Ultimately, every little thing she's doing, it's working. The pair earn four 7s across the board for a full of 28 the end of 40

Mel C and Gleb Savchenko dance a sunny Foxtrot

6:43 PM:

For their 2nd dance the the season Spice girl star Mel C and Gleb Savchenko pull out all the stops for a Foxtrot collection to"Here come the Sun" through The Beatles.

It's a sweet, romantic and also life-affirming program that it s okay them a many love.

"Melanie, you room a gorgeous dancer," Derek marvels. "So clean, for this reason effortless."

Bruno says Mel C has never looked more lovely, while Carrie Ann claims she loves "seeing this side of you."

Len, meanwhile, showers lock with referrals to various other Beatles songs.

All the feedback pales in comparison come a surprised pre-recorded blog post from Ringo Starr, that tells her, "I simply wanted to say ideal of happy tonight... I send girlfriend peace and love and all the best!"

She's overwhelmed with the message, and then they are rewarded with two 7s and also two 8s for full of 30 out of 40.

Cody Rigsby and Cheryl deal with COVID-19 Development

6:34 PM:

With Cheryl Burke testing positive because that COVID-19, the display has to figure out how to proceed.

The worry is both Burkeneeding to quarantine, and also Cody needing to it is in distanced because he was in close contact with her.

Since castle can't dance live, and Cody can't be in the studio, they room playing footage from rehearsal i beg your pardon was recorded last mainly in the rehearsal studio -- providing it a real various vibe. Lock danced a Salsa collection to"Don't go Yet" by Camila Cabello.

"It to be crafted well and it was danced well," Len speak Cody and Cheryl, who joined the present virtually.

"We really miss out on you in the ballroom," Bruno says, prior to telling Cody he might have rounded his hips more.

"Lots that content yet not fantastic," Carrie Ann says, before including that she understands that's greatly the nature of rehearsal footage.

Cheryl states she's "feeling OK" and also that she's "just thankful that she got vaccinated" and she wishes to be earlier in the ballroom soon.

"I'm feeling good,"Cody shares."The people throws you things and also you just need to ride the wave, and that's what we did."

The pair get four 6s across the plank for a still-respectable 24 out of 40.

Melora Hardin and also Artem Chigvintsev obtain Colorful

6:25 PM:

Melora Hardin and also Artem Chigvintsev are a nice great pair in this competition, and also tonight they room dancing a Rumba collection to"All by Myself" by Celine Dion -- a an option inspired by Melora's daughter leaving house to go to college.

They provide a beautiful, stunning program basked in color and also light the proves to it is in a real, satisfied delight.

"What ns loved around that performance is the it was so well balanced," Carrie Ann shares.

Len states it to be "easy favor Sunday morning," however needed much more content.

"You room so funny to watch and so simple to watch," Derek shares, before both he and also Bruno speak to the number "beautiful."

They walk away with 3 7s and another 6 native Len for a total of 27 out of 40.

Martin Kove and Britt Stewart 'Twist' and also Shout, sort Of

6:18 PM:

Sometimes, ~ above DWTS, they cast people who... Aren't exactly an excellent at dancing, or also moving really.

For martin Kove, there's not lot to his cha-cha set to"Twist and also Shout" but Britt Stewart definitely put she all right into it.

The feedback is... About what you'd mean -- back it's technically far better than last week when Kove spent the majority of his time just yelling while standing still.

He earns three 4s and a 3 native Len for a complete of 15 the end of 30 -- i m sorry is technically a 2-point improvement, therefore that's something.

Iman Shumpert and also Daniella Karagach Rumba through Passion

6:11 PM:

Iman Shumpert is feather to gain back ground after his premiere performance, i beg your pardon earned wildly varying feedback indigenous the judges.

This week, the NBA star and also proDaniella Karagach fight the stage to do a Rumba collection to"U recognize What's Up" through Donell Jones, and it's filled with passion, connection and determination.

"What ns love about you is friend look choose you're enjoying this, and that makes me gain it," Derek shares.

Bruno praises Iman because that doing more and trying to push himself to go further.

Len, that disliked his work-related last week, claims he "liked it" and also that it's "a good improvement on last week."

Carrie Ann, however, is effusive in she praise. She offers them a 7, when the rather award 6s because that a full of 25 the end of 40 -- a full 4-point advancement over last week!

JoJo Siwa and Jenna Johnson Rain under on the Competition

6:04 PM:

JoJo Siwa and Jenna Johnson continue to impress!

Tonight, the pair hit the run floor for a cha-cha set to"Rain on Me" through Lady Gaga andAriana Grande, and they bring the energy and also excitement that JoJo is recognized for.

After the dance, the judges love the number, yet Derek alerts them that, given JoJo's comprehensive dance background, they aren't going to reduced them as much slack as few of the various other contestants.

Len praises the number as his favorite Latin run of the season therefore far."Full of vitality and also zest," and he addedthat the dance was "absolutely brilliant."

"You room awesome and you men are so great together," Carrie Ann marvels.

In the end, the pair earn three 8s, as well as a 7 indigenous Derek, because that a complete of 31 out of 40.

Amanda Kloots and Alan Bersten gain Go Retro for fun Foxtrot

5:57 PM:

Amanda Kloots dances tonight to a specifically meaningful song, "It had actually to be You," which occurred to be her wedding song from once she exchaged vows v late husband Nick Cordero.

While the song has an emotionally background for her, her performance with Alan Bersten is nothing however pure joy, and also is a highlight of the night therefore far.

"So lot of your journey has had to carry out with Nick, but this was all about you," Carrie Ann shares.

"I love the track, so the helps," Len says. "I preferred it for this reason much, I want it to go on a little bit longer. It to be so smooth, it was choose butter on a warm muffin."

Derek says he doesn't understand what come say, call the run "so exciting to watch," and Bruno calls Amanda "absolutely radiant."

The pair earn the greatest score that the night for this reason farwith 4 8s because that a total of 32 the end of 40.

Jimmie Allen and also Emma Slater get Emotional before Touching Rumba

5:51 PM:

Jimmie Allen is winning over hearts this week, emotionally mirroring on his childhood and also praising his mother's strength, and how it influenced his life.

The pre-taped package has a many tears and he hits the run floor v Emma Slater because that a Rumba collection to Jimmie's tune"Make Me desire To."

"How you used your arms and your line, well done!" Bruno shares.

"That was amazing," Carrie Ann says. "I could not take my eyes off of you. You have so much respect for the art form with the means you go every movement."

"Your upper body was yes, really great, and also the mystery to this show is to do far better than girlfriend did the week before, and also you did," Len praises, and Derek adds the it was "beautiful."

The pair earn 3 7s and then a 6 from Len because that a full of 27 out of 40.

Christine Chiu & Pasha Pashkov warmth Things Up through a Salsa.

5:44 PM:

For Bling Empire star Christine Chiu, acquiring to it is in on DWTS is something of a dream -- and she's bringing the excitement with her to the stage.

As she and partner Pasha deliver a fun, high-energy salsa set to"Despacito," she shows off every her charm and magnetic charisma, but at the expense of she consistency. However the judges are relatively impressed nonetheless.

"Really, really great job," Derek shares.

Bruno says the run "really obtained me," but warned that she needs to be "consistent."

"Your enthusiasm is amazing and it brings us all in," Carrie Ann says.

Len's praise is measured, telling Christine that he doesn't think she'll it is in going house tonight.

The pair get 4 6s for a complete of 24 the end of 40.

Brian Austin Green and also Sharna burgess Bring date Night come the dance Floor

5:39 PM:

For your number tonight, the pair took inspiration from a beautiful date they went on to the interaction Van Gogh exhibit in Los Angeles.

The pair hit the run floor surrounded by projected representations of valve Gogh's renowned works and also deliver and also emotional and heartfelt Rumba set to"Say you Won't permit Go" through James Arthur.

It's a sweet, romantic number that ends in a heartfelt take on and wide smiles.

"On a hopeful note, it had a little bit of romance around it. Apart from that, there was very little I liked," Len shares.

Derek says, "Sometimes you perform a run on the show that's simply for you."

Bruno calls it an "honest dance," but is closer to a modern dance 보다 a Rumba. Carrie Ann claims they must "build top top the chemistry" lock have.

The pair obtain three 6s and also 5 from Len (shocking!) for a full of 23 out of 40.

The Miz and also Witney Carson have a an excellent Time

5:31 PM:

The Miz is do the efforts his ideal to it is in a an excellent student -- and also it's payment off.

The WWE pro and his partner, Witney, struggle the phase for a Tango set to"Nothin' but a good Time" by Poison, and also the location pretty perfectly synthetic up their pyrotechnic-backed performance.

"That's what I'm talk about! the was amazing, you to be so distinguished!" Carrie Ann marvels.

Len says the dance had "plenty the attack and also very tiny finesse."

Bruno and Derek, however, are far more impressed, and also praise the "aggression and bravo" and Bruno calls their dance a "power tango."

The pair finish up with three 7s and also a 5 native Len (What!?) because that a total of 26 out of 40.

Kenya Moore and also Brandon Armstrong 'Hot' Cha-cha

5:22 PM:

Kenya Moore bowl on she divorce during the pre-taped package front of the number, and explains just how it provides the song they're dancing also -- "Hot Stuff" byKygo & Donna Summer -- all the much more personal.

Sure, it's a fun, funky tune, yet Kenya and Brandon space still able to dish out a fun, wild cha-cha that verified off her charisma flawlessly.

Bruno states that, regardless of some missteps, she's "irresistible," and Carrie Ann praises she for reflecting what a 50-year-old mrs is qualified of.

Len claims she's gained "plenty of gear in the rear," and praises her ability to use her hips.

The pair end up earning four 6s across the board for a complete of 24 the end of 40.

Olivia Jade and Val deliver a Gorgeous Waltz.

5:16 PM:

Olivia Jade supplies her make-up an abilities on Val in the pre-taped package, yet it yes, really doesn't melted much irradiate on your rehearsals.

That being said, they must have spent rather a bit of time rehearsing considering how elegant lock are when they hit the stage for theirViennese waltz collection to "Better Days" by Ant Clemons andJustin Timberlake.

"There is a purity to her performance," Derek shares. "I'm really impressed v your performance."

Bruno says that, "For a beginner," she really did a "great job."

The pleasant praise is echoed through Carrie Ann and also Len, that express the they "did a good job."

The finish up earning 3 7s and also then one 6 from Len for a full of 27 the end of 40.

Matt James & Lindsay Arnold are Levitating end the Competition

5:09 PM:

Matt knows how to make reality TV work-related for that -- and also tonight it's by getting shirtless nearly instantly.

Matt and also Lindsay fight the stage for a samba collection to Dua Lipa's "Levitating" and also it was a fun, shiny number that gets a according to round the applause.

That being said, Len isn't impressed, phone call the shirt removal "unnecessary" and then speak he should have just worked on his hip movement.

Carrie Ann calls it "a small awkward" and says he requirements to keep up his bravado and charm.

The reviews seem mixed and the scores reflect with that two 5s native Carrie Ann and also Len and also two 6s from Bruno and also Derek, for a total of 22 out of 40.

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Here we Go!

5:03 PM:

Week two, and also things are already getting a tiny chaotic!

Tonight we've acquired the very first elimination -- and there's really just a few people who space in the running to be out of the to run -- and we've also got the first pro out, what through Cheryl Burke taking care of COVID-19.

Tyra is rocking a shining red ensemble and says points want to warm it up. Let's see how hot tonight can get!

Check the end the video clip to hear more about some of thebig surprisesfromthis upcoming season ofDancing with the Stars!


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