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The season finale that Dancing with the Stars is here, and also you can aid decide i m sorry celebrity takes house the season 29 mirror sphere trophy.

Judges’ scores an unified with viewers’ vote will determine exactly how the final four competitors place, and also who is crowned the winner. The final four stars and also their pro dance partners are Nelly and also Daniella Karagach, Kaitlyn Bristowe and also Artem Chigvintsev, Nev Schulmann and Jenna Johnson, and Justina Machado and also Sasha Farber.

If you’re interested in voting throughout the DWTS finale, here’s what you need to know:

Vote for your Favorite while the Finale episode Airs Live

There room two poll methods accessible to viewers the town hall each episode live this season, and also both will certainly be open for the season 29 finale. You deserve to either vote online on v a precious account, or via SMS text messaging.

If you’re poll by text, here’s what you need to send and where you need to send it, for each of the staying contestants:

– message JUSTINA to 21523 to vote for Justina Machado– message KAITLYN to 21523 to vote for Kaitlyn Bristowe– message NELLY to 21523 to vote for Nelly– message NEV come 21523 to vote for Nev Schulman

You deserve to use each voting an approach a full of 10 times every contestant, which way you could vote for her favorite approximately 20 times if you vote online and by text. If you choose to vote by text, please be advised that messaging rates may apply.

The voting window opens in ~ the begin of the episode, and also concludes a couple of minutes prior to the results are read live on stage. Poll is only possible when the episode airs live, from 8pm come 10pm ET.

‘Dancing with the Stars’ Season 29 Finale Preview

Last week, each pair gave 2 performances for a merged judges’ score the end of a possible 60 points. Heading into the finale, here’s wherein the critical leaderboard stands:

Nev and Jenna – 60 out of 60Kaitlyn and Artem – 60 the end of 60Justina and also Sasha – 58 out of 60Nelly and Daniella – 56 the end of 60

For the finale, each finalist pair will perform 2 dances: a reimagining of your favorite dance of the season, and the highly-anticipated freestyle dance. Pan of the display know the for the freestyle round, anything goes, and the stars and their partner are known for advertise themselves through the choreography and also the power value. With manufacturing regulations due to COVID-19 in place, however, intend that there will be fewer moving collection pieces and no backup dance troupe — facets the freestyle ring is usually renowned for incorporating.

In addition to the finalists’ performances with their run partners, girl name is likewise slated to perform a medley of his best hits. While the performs, his partner Daniella will dance v her husband, DWTS dance agree Pasha Pashkov.

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Judge Derek Hough will also perform a solo regime to the track “Let’s loss in Love for the Night,” and eliminated stars and also their partners room expected to take it the ballroom phase throughout the finale.

The season 29 finale that Dancing v the Stars airs top top Monday, November 23 at 8/7c ~ above ABC.

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