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Kelly Monaco got the perfect score through a freestyle routine. alphabet The season"s ultimate winner Kelly Monaco, and also her companion Alec Mazo, finally caught that elusive perfect score during their finale freestyle to J Lo"s "Let"s acquire Loud."


Stacy Keibler and Tony Dovolani walk a high-scoring samba. Getty/Alberto E. Rodriguez

Week five was very good to former wrestler Stacy Keibler and also her pro partner Tony Dovolani ~ they delivered a perfect samba.

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However, it to be not sufficient to topple drew Lachey who went on come win with Cheryl Burke.


Karina Smirnoff and also Mario Lopez ~ above season 3 of "Dancing through the Stars." alphabet

"Saved through the Bell" star and also "Extra" host Mario Lopez broke through with the very first perfect score the season 3 after a scintillating tango through his partner,Karina Smirnoff.


The pair finished up winning the competition. Getty/Katy win

Olympic champion rate skater Apolo Anton Ohno paired through then-new agree Julianne Hough to earn the very first perfect score of season four.

The pair would end up winning themirrorball trophy that season.

mark Ballas and also Sabrina Bryan perform a Paso Doble. Alberto E. Rodriguez/GettyImages

"The Cheetah Girls" star Sabrina Bryan"s shocking elimination to be made every the much more stunning by the truth that she"d just performed a perfect Paso Doble with partner mark Ballas.

Kristi Yamaguchi and also Mark Ballas got a perfect score for their jive. alphabet

After obtaining high scores transparent the season, Olympic figure skating champion Kristi Yamaguchi and pro Ballas finally received a perfect score for your high octane jive.

Brooke Burke and Derek Hough winner season seven. MCNEAL/ABC

Actress and former "DWTS" organize Brooke Burke and also pro partner Derek Hough"s pristine foxtrot was just the an initial step towards their season-seven victory.

Cheryl Burke and also Gilles Marini impressed judges v their Argentine tango. Getty/Kevin Winter

The "Sex and the City" and "Switched at Birth" actor Gilles Marini had a fairly successful foray right into the civilization of ballroom.

His perfect Argentine tango through Burke was simply one the his many memorable moment on the show.

Dmitry Chaplin and Myra didn't win the season. Getty/Henry S. Dziekan III

Singer Mya and also her companion Dmitry Chaplin seemed poised because that a season nine success after a sizzling 1970s samba come Donna Summer"s "Bad Girls."

But the trophy would eventually go to one more well-known vocalist, Donnie Osmond.

Anna Trebunskaya and also Evan Lysacek impression judges v an Argentine tango. Getty/ Alberto E. Rodriguez

After a rocky samba in the ahead week, Olympic yellow medalist number skater Evan Lysacek was looking to redeem self in the eyes of the voters and partner Anna Trebunskaya.

He did simply that, earning a perfect score for anArgentine tango.

throughout the season, they continued to score well v the judges. alphabet / Adam Larkey

"Dirty Dancing" alum Jennifer Grey and also pro partner Derek Hough to win gold v their sensual rumba come Foreigner"s "Waiting for a Girl like You." They remained at the peak for the rest of the season and made their method to the winners" circle.

The judges gave them a perfect score for your Argentine tango. AP pictures

Super key champion Hines Ward and also his partner, Kym Johnson, to be looking to do a comeback after a scary fall in exercise which left Johnson"s neck injured.

They score a touchdown v their Argentine tango.

Karina Smirnoff and J.R. Martinez ended up winning. Getty/Stephen Lovekin

Former army vet turned actor J.R. Martinez and also his companion Smirnoff doubled up ~ above perfection in mainly eight — first for your waltz and also then for an immediate dance.

His good fortune ongoing to the end of the season once he winner the mirrorball trophy.

Maria Menounos and Derek Hough impressed judges through their Paso Doble. Getty/Jason Meritt

Former "E! News" organize Maria Menounos and also partner Derek Hough ceded a knockout punch in week 7 with a jaw-dropping Paso Doble.

Sabrina Bryan to be sent residence shortly after. Getty/Valerie Macon

Sabrina Bryan obtained a 2nd shot at "DWTS" glory during the all-star season. This time she to be partnered through Louis van Amstel and they earn rave evaluate for their rumba.

But Bryan was when again ousted in a shocking elimination precisely five years to the day of she last dismissal from the ballroom.

Val Chmerkovskiy and Zendaya scored the first perfect score of the season. Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty images

Disney actress Zendaya and partner Val Chmerkovskiy teamed increase with another pro, Gleb Savchenko, for an remarkable salsa which carried in the first perfect score of season 16.

Elizabeth Berkley and Val Chmerkovskiy impressed through their cha-cha. Getty/Mike Coppola

Another "Saved through the Bell" alum followed in the footsteps the Lopez"s perfection. Elizabeth Berkley and also Chmerkovskiy reached the milestone in week 6 with their cha-cha.

James Maslow Peta Murgatroyd and also got a perfect score for their performance come "Let that Go." Getty/Frazer Harrison

Actor and singer James Maslow, together with partner Peta Murgatroyd, wowed the judges with a contemporary masterpiece collection to Disney"s "Frozen" track "Let that Go."

Janel Parrish and Val Chmerkovskiy learned their program in 2 days. Getty/Alberto E. Rodriguez

"Pretty little Liars" star Janel Parrish and her partner, Chmerkovskiy, take it a vast risk v their jazz routine, which had to be learned in two days after their initial idea to be scrapped by producers.

It payment off— they earned the very first perfect score that the season.

Rumer Willis and also Val Chmerkovskiy earned a perfect score on your rumba. abc

Rumer Willis and also Chmerkovskiy cure the audience come a classic rumba. It impressed the judge and resulted in the first perfect score the the season.

Alexa PenaVega acquired a perfect score through a various dance partner. Getty/Rodin Eckenroth

During switch-up week, actress Alexa PenaVega took a rest from her initial partner, Ballas, to team up v Derek Hough because that a tango.

The brand-new pair earned the very first perfect score of the season.

Val Chmerkovskiy and Ginger Zee earned a perfect score on symbols Night. Getty/Jesse approve

The very first perfect score of season 22 come on icons Night as meteorologist Ginger Zee and also her pro partner Chmerkovskiy danced a to win waltz come "I have actually Nothing."

Laurie Hernandez and Val Chmerkovskiy ended up win the season. Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty photos

Olympic champion gymnast Laurie Hernandez ended up being the youngest contestant in "DWTS" history to nab the an initial perfect score the the season.

It all went under in week four after she brilliant jazz regime with Chmerkovskiy.

pagan Morris to be sent home the same night. alphabet

"Glee" star heath Morris" rumba come TLC"s "Waterfalls" drew rave evaluate from the judges and also a perfect score.

Unfortunately, it was not enough to save Morris off the chopping block. She and partner Maksim Chmerkovskiy were got rid of that very same night.

Jordan Fisher and also Lindsay Arnold finished up winning their season. ABC/Adam rose

"Hamilton" actor and also singer Jordan Fisher teamed up with Lindsay Arnold to revolve in a mainly foxtrot to "You"re Welcome" native "Moana," earning castle the first perfect score that season.

Jenna Johnson and also Adam Rippon ended up winning this season. Dancing with the Stars/YouTube

Olympic number skater Adam Rippon"s jazz with companion Jenna Johnson pulled in a perfect score, which the capped off v a season-26 win.

Juan Pablo Di Pace and also Cheryl Burke. Getty/Robin Marchant

Actor Juan Pablo Di Pace and Burke go an emotional, fiery samba come "Ni Tu Ni Yo" through Jennifer Lopez and also the two obtained a perfect score — add to a was standing ovation from referee Len Goodman.

ally Brooke sang for part of the dance. YouTube/Dancing through The Stars

Although they didn"t win the competition, musician ally Brooke and her star partner, Sasha Farber, took home the an initial perfect score the season 28.

The two did a jaw-dropping Paso Doble to "Higher" by ally Brooke and Matoma.

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Nev Schulman and also Jenna Johnson during Villains' Night. Eric McCandless/ABC via Getty pictures

Star that MTV"s "Catfish" Nev Schulman and also his pro, Johnson, earned the an initial perfect score that the season throughout Villans" Night. They did a "Black Swan"-inspired routine.

JoJo Siwa and Jenna Johnson on season 30. Christopher Willard/ABC

Jojo Siwa and also Jenna Johnson got the very first perfect score the the season through a foxtrot to "Look at Me, I"m Sandra Dee (Reprise)."

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