When Corbin Bleu discovered out he'd it is in waltzing come the "Game the Thrones" design template tune, that couldn't have been more excited around the chance to bring his favorite Dothraki come "Dancing with the Stars." "'Game the Thrones' is mine all-time favorite show on television!" he said with appropriate fan-boy glee — prior to getting a tad inappropriate. "This waltz will certainly be the stallion that mounts the world!"Actually,


Khal Drogo wouldn't have been practically as gracious in the challenge of criticism together Corbin smoke was on Monday night's "Dancing v the Stars.elafilador.net
When Corbin smoke found out he"d be waltzing come the "Game that Thrones" design template tune, the couldn"t have actually been more excited about the possibility to carry his favorite Dothraki to "Dancing v the Stars."

""Game the Thrones" is mine all-time favorite display on television!" he claimed with proper fan-boy glee — before getting a tad inappropriate. "This waltz will be the stallion the mounts the world!"

Actually, that last part was simply Corbin acquiring into character together Khal Drogo, the so late eyeliner-loving nomad warlord that Corbin resurrected on phase with pro companion Karina Smirnoff (in the duty of Khal"s Khalessi, of course).

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But by the time the unusually extreme Viennese waltz to be over and the negative CGI dragons were gone, Corbin appeared a little less excited about it all. Who might blame the after the judges had actually their say?

While Bruno Tonioli preferred the "epic melodrama" the the moves, he didn"t favor Corbin"s "Conan the Barbarian" posture. Carrie Ann Inaba to be happier through the performance, yet couldn"t aid but notice a few rule-breaking elevator in the routine.

And Len Goodman? that "didn"t really feel it to be a Viennese waltz" in ~ all, which might just describe why he offered last week"s leaderboard topper a paltry 7 point out to add to the pair of 8s the others handed down.

Corbin looked sad however resigned to his ballroom fate.

Of course, the genuine Khal Drogo wouldn"t have been almost as gracious in the challenge of such criticism. (Important come note: The real Khal Drogo wouldn"t have gone into a ballroom in the first place.) (Also essential to note: The actual Khal Drogo isn"t real.)

In fact, Len need to just take into consideration himself lucky that Khal Corbin didn"t melt under the trophy and also give the head referee a mirror-ball crown.

But follow to Tom Bergeron, it could have unable to do worse for everyone.

"I’m just glad you didn"t go with the Red Wedding tango," the deadpanned.

Good point.

Despite obtaining the lowest score that the night for the Dothraki dance, Corbin didn"t end the display at the bottom of the leaderboard. One improvised switch-up routine closed out the elimination-free evening, and left Corbin with a couple of extra points come round the end his ranking.

Here"s just how he stacked up against the competition:

Elizabeth Berkley ended the night through 32 points, and also the an initial perfect 30 the the season.Amber Riley matched the height score of 32 thanks to a couple of improv points.Brant Daugherty scored a full of 31.Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi scored 30. Leah Remini score 28.

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Jack Osbourne score 27.Corbin simply edged out of the bottom spot with 27 too.And Bill Engvall landed in the earlier of the pack with 24.