Gleb Savchenko is speaking out after his wife, Elena Samodanova, accused him of "ongoing infidelity."

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On Friday, the couple announced the they were separating ~ 14 year of marriage. Now, Samodanova cases that the Dancing through the Stars pro has been unfaithful and also had "multiple affairs."

"After 14 years of marriage, and also multiple affairs, I"ve made decision enough is enough. Gleb and also I have produced a family and also multiple businesses together. Yet apparently, it just wasn"t sufficient to store our marriage strong," Samodanova claimed in a statement given to ET top top Saturday. "Gleb"s ongoing infidelity and a recent inappropriate relationship has created turmoil in our marriage and also absolutely torn our household apart."

"No mam should ever before stand by and also watch while another woman presents her husband high-quality presents, lures him the end to dinners and also seduces him in ~ every turn," she continued. "Last night to be the final straw, and I have the right to no much longer turn my head the other way. My trust in Gleb is irrevocably broken and also it is time that ns walk away and begin to cure so I deserve to be the best version of myself for my girls."

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Savchenko, meanwhile, has actually denied allegations made versus him by his wife and mother the their two children. He also touched ~ above the ongoing rumors the he and also his DWTS partner Chrishell Stause to be romantically involved.

"While i will proceed to respect the privacy of mine family, I will certainly not was standing by and allow false accusations and also internet rumors go unaddressed," Savchenko called ET. "My relationship with Chrishell was and remains strictly platonic. Our friendship throughout our season ~ above DWTS was no the reason for our split. Elena and also I have had actually longstanding concerns in our marriage. This has been an continuous situation between Elena and I paired with poor timing."

"It was my deepest hope to keep our private life just that: Private. I am saddened and also disappointed to watch that Elena has chosen not to carry out the same," the concluded.Additionally ~ above Friday night, Stause also addressed the rumors about her and the dancer, composing on she Instagram Story, "I to be so saddened about the news of Gleb and Elena"s split. It is unfortunate that this has caused rumors to swirl around my personal life. Having gone with a public break-up myself, I would not great this top top anyone."

"As you can imagine, the plenty of hours that training, and dance rehearsals has created a strong supportive friendship, however nothing more," she stated. "I wish nothing but the best for both Gleb and also Elena during this unfortunately time."

Stause and Savchenko were voted off this week"s illustration of DWTS. In her final guest blog because that ET, the truth star touch on she friendship v her partner.

"As for Gleb, I"ve gained a lifelong girlfriend in him.You really end up being so bonded with this process. I’ve already introduced him to mine Selling Sunset friends due to the fact that I knew they would certainly all love every other," she wrote. "I would certainly love to arrangement a huge group dinner as shortly as we can do so safely."

In an exclude, statement about his marriage ending, Savchenko told ET ~ above Friday, "It is v a heavy heart that i tell you mine wife and I space parting means after 14 years of marriage. Us still intend to co-parent our wonderful children together who we love so dearly, and also we will strive to proceed to it is in the ideal parents the we have the right to to them. Us ask the you respect ours family’s require for privacy and also healing throughout this time."

Samodanova -- that is also a expert dancer and also choreographer -- an initial broke the news on she Instagram Story, saying, "After 14 years of marriage, with my deepest sadness, our road is comes to one end." She later on shared another pointed Instagram post, i m sorry read, "I don"t hate you. I"m simply disappointed girlfriend turned into every little thing you stated you"d never ever be."