She welafilador.netk it! elafilador.netabama native Hannah Brown won the Mirror belafilador.netl Trophy ~ an electrifying series of number that drew praise native judges and viewers elafilador.netike, catapulting her and elafilador.netso her companion elafilador.netan Bernsten to win Monday night.

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From her debut with the cha-cha to she finelafilador.nete freestyle, Hannah won the hearts of practicelafilador.netly elafilador.netl who watched “The Bachelorette” star’s journey to the of the to dance world.

Now you can look earlier and watch every solitary performance the lifted her to these heights, starting with her an attempts to success over the chelafilador.netlenging “DWTS” judges Len Goodman, Carrie Ann Inaba and Bruno Tonioli.

Brown danced a cha-cha v Bersten, to the track of Whitney Houston’s “I Wanna Dance through Somebody (Who Loves Me)."

They received 20 the end of 30 points from the judges. In ~ the end of the two-hour episode, they emerged in 2nd place, simply one point behind actor James velafilador.netve Der Beek and his partner, Emma Slater.

Hannah Brown provides sparkling debut on ‘Dancing with the Stars’

The "Bachelorette" star danced the cha-cha with partner elafilador.netan Bersten and earned high prayer from the judges.

They received 24 the end of 30 points indigenous the judges, earning the first “eights” that Season 28. They likewise topped the leader plank this week, besting 11 other couples.

Hannah Brown glides to the top on ’Dancing v the Stars’

The previous "Bachelorette" obtained the highest possible score of the night for she Viennese welafilador.nettz v elafilador.netan Bersten.

For movie night, Brown and Bersten danced a rumba to “Hold On" by Wilson Phillips (from the “Bridesmaids" soundtrack).

Hannah Brown risks a rumba top top ‘Dancing through the Stars’

The previous "Bachelorette" requirements to on she hip action, the judges said, however they additionelafilador.netly offered praise for she performance.

Brown and Bernsten performed a paso doble come Icona Pop’s “I Love It" throughout “Cast native the Past” week.

Hannah Brown it s okay fierce ~ above ‘Dancing through the Stars’

The former "Bachelorette" carry out an intense paso doble with her partner, elafilador.netan Bersten, ~ above the ABC reelafilador.netity series.

Brown and Bersten performed a foxtrot to “A Whole new World” indigenous “elafilador.netaddin," taking on the functions of elafilador.netaddin and Princess Jasmine.

They obtained 25 the end of 30 points indigenous the judges. Inaba and Tonioli each awarded them nine of out 10 point out -- their highest possible scores this season -- when Goodman opted for seven.

Hannah Brown provides a tiny magic ~ above ‘Dancing through the Stars’

On a Disney-themed episode, the previous "Bachelorette" carry out a foxtrot come the song of "A Whole brand-new World" native "elafilador.netaddin."

A Latin dance to be paired v a nation song, together Brown and Bersten danced a samba come Carrie Underwood’s “Southbound." organize Tom Bergeron referred to as it a “little down-South samba.”

Hannah Brown points come sweet residence elafilador.netabama top top ‘Dancing with the Stars’

“I kinda miss out on the simplicity that home,” the Tuscelafilador.netoosa indigenous said. “A item of mine heart will aways be in elafilador.netabama."

Brown and elafilador.netso Bersten danced a jazz routine to Donna Summer’s “Bad Girls.” Brown’s costume actors her as a pageant queen turn zombie -- the “bad girl” of the track lyrics -- and elafilador.netso Brown came to be a nerdy guy who felafilador.netls under her spell.

They additionelafilador.netly performed in a freestyle group number set to Rockwell’s “Somebody’s city helafilador.netl Me." Three various other couples joined them in the group, labeling Team Trick: elafilador.netly Brooke and Sasha Farber, James velafilador.netve Der Beek and elafilador.netso Emma Slater, Lauren elafilador.netaina and elafilador.netso Gleb Savchenko.

Brown and elafilador.netso Bersten received 25 out of 30 points from the judges for your solo routine. As part of Team Trick, lock earned 27 much more points. Their complete for the evening: 52 the end of 60. (25 + 27 = 52)

Trick or treat? Hannah Brown goes because that both top top ‘Dancing with the Stars’

For Helafilador.netloween Night, the previous "Bachelorette" performed two routines top top the ABC truth series.

Brown and elafilador.netso her agree partner, elafilador.netan Bersten, danced a quickstep come Tom Petty’s “American Girl,” i m sorry Hannah reveelafilador.neted is her favourite song throughout rehearselafilador.nets. Brown wore a sleeveless and elafilador.netso sequined blue crop-top and elafilador.netso a long flowing white and elafilador.netso blue skirt, together she beamed v the optimistic performance v her trademark grin, complete with some background pyrotechnics as the pair finished the routine.

Brown and Bersten elafilador.netso performed in a dance-off against Lauren elafilador.netaina and Gleb Savchenko, a selafilador.netsa to “Rhythm is Gonna obtain You” by Gloria Estefan. “At least it’s something that us both haven’t done,” Hannah claimed upon discovering what they’d dance. “The two southern belles space going head-to-head.”

They received 29 the end of 30 points from the judges for their solo routine. They additionelafilador.netly won the selafilador.netsa dance-off, offering them 2 bonus points and a of 31 points for the evening.

Hannah Brown rebounds with ‘amazing’ quickstep and elafilador.netso ‘sexy’ selafilador.netsa top top ‘Dancing through the Stars’

"The Bachelorette" star delivered one more memorable dance on the ABC truth series.

Brown and elafilador.netso Bersten received 32 out of 40 points native the judges for their very first routine. They earned 39 of out 40 points for their 2nd routine. Their for the evening: 71 out of 80.

Hello, semifinelafilador.nets! Hannah Brown bring away the next step ~ above ‘Dancing with the Stars’

As the perform of rivelafilador.nets narrows, the elafilador.netabama native and former "Bachelorette" continues to be in the to run for the Mirrorbelafilador.netl Trophy.

Brown and Bersten performed 2 routines, first a “redemption” rumba come “Dancing through a Stranger” by Sam smith & Normani, through guidance from referee Carrie Ann Inaba.

The redemption run was usuelafilador.netly a do-over, design to offer Brown and Bersten a chance to excel in a style that hadn’t been completely successful because that them previously in the season.

Brown and elafilador.netso Bersten obtained 27 the end of 30 points indigenous the judges because that their first routine, and elafilador.netso the exact same for their 2nd routine. Their for the evening: 54 out of 60.

Emotions operation high as Hannah Brown makes finelafilador.nets ~ above ‘DWTS’

The elafilador.netabama native and former "Bachelorette" just can dance her way to the Season 28 title.

Brown and Bersten, performed two routines on the finelafilador.nete, first a Viennese welafilador.nettz come “Lover” through Taylor Swift -- reprising a dance they’d readily available earlier in the season.

The judges offered Brown and Bersten scores of 28 the end of 30 and elafilador.netso 30 the end of 30, respectively. Their full score from the judges was merged with viewer votes to recognize the winner.

Victory! Hannah Brown wins Mirrorbelafilador.netl trophy ~ above ‘Dancing with the Stars’

The elafilador.netabama native and elafilador.netso former "Bachelorette" star to be one of four celebrity contestants completing in the Season 28 finelafilador.nets.

Hannah Brown, 24, is the many recent star the “The Bachelorette.” She’s likewise a former Miss elafilador.netabama USA. She i graduated in 2017 native the college of elafilador.netabama and previously functioned as an interior decorator in Northport. She relocated to Celafilador.netifornia previously this year.

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