“Dancing v the Stars” is a competition wherein arguably the finest dancer was just eliminated. Actress Heather Morris, best known for play cheerleader Brittany ~ above “Glee,” to be sent home last night in eighth place regardless of consistently solid scores. Meanwhile, contestants who have actually been uneven throughout the season now development to the peak seven. That’s since only half of the compete is established by the judges’ scores. The other fifty percent is decided by viewers voting indigenous home, so plainly her pan didn’t come v for her. Room you outraged, or did she have actually it coming? poll in our poll in ~ the bottom the this post.

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‘Dancing with the Stars’: heather Morris perform a ‘knockout’ rumba before getting knocked off the present

One can ask, walk Morris belong on the show in the very first place? That’s another big question her elimination raises. She has actually a conspicuous amount of dance experience for an amateur dance competition choose “DWTS.” Not just was she a star ~ above the musical comedy “Glee,” she likewise performed together a back-up dancer for Beyonce. She even completed on “So friend Think You can Dance,” i m sorry is an advanced contest whereby amateurs require not apply. Perhaps that’s why “DWTS” pan didn’t support her: despite her consistency, they wanted the contestants who really were brand brand-new to dancing.

‘Dancing v the Stars’ rankings: Who gave the ideal performance in ‘Boy Bands vs. Girl Groups’ week?

But if that’s why voter rejected Morris, why haven’t they additionally come after singer Normani Kordei, who has danced since childhood, or Simone Biles, who gymnastics training also gives her an advantage. And also past Mirror ball Trophy winners like number skater Meryl Davis (season 18) and also actor Alfonso Ribeiro (season 19) also came to the ballroom v lots of development training, for this reason why weren’t lock penalized?

Weigh in top top this dispute by vote below: to be Heather Morris robbed or walk she deserve to walk home? then make sure to predict that you think will certainly go home next.

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