Season 30 that Dancing v the Stars is dwindling under to its last contestants, definition we’re gaining to the finish of the 2nd season there is no previous master Tom Bergeron and also Erin Andrews. Ever because the 2 departed native the series and Tyra banks took over, things have changed considerably. Andrews currently thinks it may have been because that the better.

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Erin andrews co-hosted DWTS with Tom Bergeron indigenous 2014-2019. It to be a shock as soon as ABC announced that both hosts would be departing native the celebrity run competition series. 2 years after her exit, andrews admitted come Us Weekly that gaining fired was actually the “best thing” because that her:

I offer my finest to them. Mine schedule has actually been therefore crazy v , the clothes line, the podcasts … trying to have a baby, that i think it to be the ideal thing for me. They want to walk a various direction, and also they’re doing that now. So, hopefully they’re happy.

Even though numerous fans have not favored the means Tyra banks has to be hosting the past two seasons, that looks like it to be for the best, at least for Erin Andrews. Now when it concerns her previous co-host Tom Bergeron, the two space still close, as has been proven many times on social media. And also that is one point that andrew will constantly have native the show:

Tom and also I will always be attached come the hip and super, super close together well. Ns love him so much. He’s among the best, very fun to have actually a pair of cocktails v — type of an afternoon situation.

It’s nice to know that regardless of the two of lock no longer being top top Dancing through the Stars, Erin Andrews and also Tom Bergeron are still “attached to the hip.” even though the wasn’t completely clear why ABC decided to let the co-hosts go, Andrews had actually nothing yet sweet points to say around her 6 years top top the series.

In 2017, news damaged that the sporting activities journalist was privately battling cervical cancer. She had declined to let she colleagues understand that she to be undergoing cancer treatments. Andrews appears to it is in in good health now and focusing on other things, both personal and professional. DWTS may be different now yet one thing that will never adjust is the memories that Andrews has actually from the series.

Hopefully Erin Andrews will come ago to Dancing with the Stars in the future in part way, shape, or form, also if it’s simply for a single episode. In the meantime, the Season 30 finale that Dancing v the Stars airs this Monday, November 22 ~ above ABC! It has been a history-making season v some surprises follow me the way, therefore be certain to track in come see how it ends.

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