"It had actually all those points I had actually hoped and also dreamed about," Johnson states of the Tarzana, Calif., 5 bedroom they moved into and also decorated throughout quarantine

Shortly ~ celebrating your one-year wedding anniversary in April 2020, Val Chmerkovskiy and Jenna Johnson chose they were all set to make their next big move — right into their very first house together.

In this week's issue of elafilador.net, the Dancing through the Stars duo open up about purchasing their "cozy" L.A. House amid the COVID-19 pandemic, how they controlled to negotiate ~ above decor, and why lock think it's the perfect place to start a family.

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The couple, who met top top on the alphabet competition show and also began date in 2017, purchase a charming 2,977-sq.-ft. Pad tucked away in a quiet ar of Tarzana, CA, through plenty of herbal light, a spacious backyard and also what Chmerkovskiy called "good vibes" every around.

"I absolutely fell in love," Johnson, 27, says. "It had all of those little things that ns hoped and also dreamed about."

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But once it concerned the decorating process, the pair confronted some unique challenges and turned to Havenly designer pagan Goerzen to assist them pick pieces the fit both the their style ethos.

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The pair framed nine of their favorite photos that celebrate your love. "We speak to it the 'Val and also Jenna Shrine' to present how humble we are," joke Chmerkovskiy.

Quarantine likewise gave the newlyweds something they'd never ever expereinced before: a normal residential life.

"COVID allowed us time to it is in humans, not simply artists, no performers, not working all the time," claims Chmerkovskiy. "We've spent the last six years ~ above the road. This happened exactly when it required to happen. Every little thing we've done in this home, we've done."