DWTS: Jenna Johnson reveals How household Reacted To her Same-Sex Pairing Dancing with The Star pro-dancer Jenna Johnson reveals her family"s reaction to she same-sex pairing with JoJo Siwa in season 30 of the show.

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Jenna Johnson Chmerkovskiy Dancing through the Stars
Dancing through The Stars pro-dancer Jenna Johnson revealed she family"s reaction to her same-sex pairing through JoJo Siwa in this season of the show, saying she was shocked by exactly how supportive she parents have been. JoJo come out together pansexual earlier this year and also requested a female run partner, a an initial for the show. Jenna to be excited to take on the role. She husband and also fellow Dancing with The Stars pro-dancer, Valentin Chmerkovskiy, has been just one of her best cheerleaders as well.

Jenna and also JoJo have actually been frontrunners on the display for most of the season. They have actually earned consistent praise indigenous the judges transparent the show, earning top scores and dominating the leaderboard. During Grease Week, castle earned the first perfect score the the season. Jenna, who grew up in Provo, Utah, began she career as a contestant on So you Think You have the right to Dance. She later on joined Dancing v The Stars and has actually participated in 12 the end of the last 13 seasons. In 2018, she won the competition with partner Adam Rippon, and she placed 2nd with Nev Schulman in 2020. Return Jenna has actually shared the run floor through gay males on the display in the past as soon as she danced through Adam and also Karamo Brown, this is her first time dancing through a woman that is component of the LGBTQ+ community.

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In an interview with the Salt Lake Tribune, Jenna spoke about her family"s reaction to her pairing with JoJo. She said that her parents" reaction "completely shocked" her and also that lock said, ""What an honor that Dancing v The Stars would trust you v this situation."" She common that their support inspires she every work if she inquiries her choices, stating, "When there room times that ns do acquire nervous about it or I do hesitate or question, I simply keep reasoning what an honor it is that I acquire to be doing that." She credits she parents for encouraging her dance career from a young age. She said, "Them sending me off to Los Angeles once I to be 18 year old to be a very scary move, but I i will not ~ have come to be who ns am or excellent what ns did if that wasn’t because that them and also their encouragement." Jenna admitted that she would certainly not have thought that this pairing v JoJo was feasible just a short time ago, confessing the she "probably would have laughed" if someone had actually told her a couple of years earlier that she would certainly be completing with a female contestant, adding, "This is groundbreaking, and this does need to happen. And also I"m so proud to it is in the face of this."

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Jenna"s husband, Val, who is a contender this season through his partner, Olivia Jade, has additionally been rooting for she throughout the season. As soon as Jenna expressed issue that her suffer with JoJo has actually been so lot fun and doesn"t also feel favor work, Val assured her that this is the method it"s claimed to be. She stated that that told her, ""Jenna, yes, you should be having this much fun in her work. It’s just going to make your dances and also your rehearsals also better."" Jenna and also JoJo"s pairing has been even more financially rewarding for Jenna because of she family"s acceptance, support and also encouragement.

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Jenna"s an option to be part of the very first same-sex pairing on Dancing with The Stars has adjusted the present forever in a positive way. Even if it is they success the Mirrorball Trophy or not, Jenna and JoJo have won the acceptance and also respect of fans everywhere. Jenna"s family"s support has actually inspired her to do some of the an extremely best job-related of she career, and for the she will constantly be remembered.