Derek Hough of Dancing with the Stars took home one of his six Mirrorball trophies in season 11 v actor Jennifer Grey. During their time together, Grey take it Hough on a field trip under false pretenses, whereby he soon discovered the Dirty Dancing star had actually his best interests at heart.

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Jennifer Grey and also Derek Hough the ‘Dancing with the Stars’ | Adam Larkey/Walt Disney television via Getty Images

Derek Hough’s childhood was impacted by his parents’ divorce

Growing increase in Utah, Hough shared exactly how the breakup of his parents’ marriage had actually a profound impact on him together a child.

“In a issue of weeks after ~ my parents announced their divorce, i underwent a full personality transformation,” Hough composed in his 2015 book, Taking the Lead: Lessons from a Life in Motion. “I was like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. A new Derek took over. Ns assumed i was bad news – the young from the broken family – so the is who I became.”

After gift recruited by Shirley and Corky Ballas to sign up with their dance company in London, Hough relocated overseas at just 11 years old and lived with the Ballas family.

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“I spent the majority of my life running away indigenous Utah, native the life i led there, indigenous the memories I linked with those early on years,” the explained. “It felt very someone-else-ago to me. London adjusted me profoundly.”

Jennifer Grey had actually a surprised for she ‘DWTS’ partner

During season 11, Grey said Hough she to be having ago trouble and needed to see a physiotherapist. She wanted Hough to companion her.

“We pulled right into a house with a melted out back,” Hough recalled. “Oddly, that didn’t look prefer a doctor’s office. There to be a couch and incense burning. … ns looked in ~ Jen and she winked in ~ me. This to be no physical therapy. She’d signed united state up for part bizarre couples therapy!”

The therapist speak to Hough and Grey with each other for a while, and then asked Grey to leaving so he could speak to the DWTS star privately. At that point, Hough still had actually his reservations. Once the therapist asked around Hough’s childhood, the floodgates opened.

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“I laid it all out for that – ns talked for almost two hrs – and he nodded,” Hough remembered. “‘You deserve to go choose him up now.’ I elevated an eyebrow. ‘Pick that up?’ The therapist smiled. ‘That younger boy, that self you left in Utah. You left him over there while you’ve to be on a mission moving forward therefore vigorously. Currently you can go acquire him back."”

Derek Hough’s breakthrough

Through his conversation v the therapist, the Mirrorball champ was able to reconnect with the son he as soon as was there is no associating v a daunting past.

“It was beyond powerful and enlightening,” Hough shared. “Had ns really left that component of me behind? had I lost that fun-loving, wide-eyed kid and also all his an innovative exuberance? … I associated my early years through painful memories. I wanted to store young Derek in ~ a distance. However what i forgot was every the great I competent with him together well. … It was the absent in the target I needed.”

Apparently, Grey picked up on Hough’s inner turmoil but was hesitant to imply therapy. Hence, she devised her plan of getting aid for her “back problem.”

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“When I come out that my therapy session, Jennifer was waiting for me,” Hough recalled. “‘If I’d told friend this was wherein we were going, you wouldn’t have come,’ she said. She was right. She had actually to blindside me to get me come grapple with this … she saw just how I was struggling, just how I appeared to it is in in some type of emotional rut.”