Derek Hough do a return to the show that made that famous, but not anyone is happy about his decision to sign up with Dancing through the Stars. Follow to OK! magazine, Jennifer Lopez is supposedly furious the Hough has actually apparently finished his run as a referee on her show, World of Dance.

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"Jennifer go out a gasket as soon as she discovered out around this," the source said.

That"s no the only thing that reportedly acquired Lopez riled up.

"She is not only mad at Derek but likewise livid v Dancing through the Stars brand-new host Tyra Banks. How dare Derek betray Jennifer and also World the Dance by doing this!" the resource added.

"Also, what is Tyra act poaching Derek away from Jennifer?"

According to the outlet, Lopez is so upset she has even associated her legitimate team.

"Jennifer can"t think that Derek"s contract through NBC had a non-compete in it and is screaming in ~ the lawyers. If Tyra wants to pat dirty ~ above the dance floor, lug it on," the insider said.

NBC released a statement saying Hough"s decision to join the DWTS team doesn"t have any affect on his duty on World that Dance. However that doesn"t mean his function in the fifth season the the competition is assured.

"Jennifer has a long memory and once you go behind her back, she will never ever trust girlfriend again," the insider said.


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One resource added banks is trying come imitate Lopez"s success by trying to take whatever the Hustlers producer has, i beg your pardon is why she allegedly wanted Derek over his sister Julianne Hough, that was a judge on the franchise for seasons 19 v 21.

Hough is acquisition over the function formerly played by Len Goodman, that was apparently slated come return yet couldn"t because of the novel coronavirus pandemic travel restrictions.

For his part, Hough has actually expressed excitement about being a judge on DWTS. that likened the to comes home and was excited come relive the memories and also experiences that he had actually on the collection the first time around.

The first episode that the competition featuring Hough aired this mainly to combined reviews. As The formerly reported, pan showed financial institutions plenty the love after she completely revamped the collection for that is 29th season. Rather were much less enthusiastic about the brand-new line-up.

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Previously, the skilled dancer make his an initial appearance on DWTS in season four as a guest instructor. He later joined full-time for the fifth installment of the franchise, whereby he was paired up through Jennie Garth.