For 18 seasons, note Ballas to be arguably one of the most innovative dancers and choreographers top top ABC’s “Dancing v the Stars.” The two-time champion and nine-time finalist on the competition series even earned an Emmy nomination because that his job-related in 2011.

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But now Ballas, a graduate the the Italia Conti Academy the Theatre art in London, is concentrating top top a life in the theater. He to be the last Frankie Valli in the Broadway run of “Jersey Boys,” the Tony Award-winning musical about the four Seasons, which closed in January after more than 4,000 performances. Ballas is reprising the duty in the nationwide tour, running v June 24 at the Ahmanson Theatre.

The actor, 31, is also fifty percent of the musical duo Alexander Jean through his wife, BC Jean. Their debut EP, “Head High,” struggle No. 1 ~ above iTunes singer-songwriter chart critical year. Ballas recently spoke v The Times because that this edited conversation around music, theater and yes, those tattoos.

Had you watched “Jersey Boys” prior to you ended up being the last Frankie Valli on Broadway?

I wanted to it is in in the show since it came out. I got tickets to check out it in the West end in London the week it opened. I had seen the show 12 times once I auditioned.

Why to be “Jersey Boys” music to your ears?

I prospered up singing the music. My grandfather and my father love the four Seasons. And the story heat is such a gangster. These men are men. They space from the ’hood. They came from nothing. I can relate to that. My mommy came from a yes, really rough community in Liverpool and also became the best dance coach in the world.

You had seen so plenty of actors play Valli. To be it daunting to bring your very own touches come the role?

I certainly wanted to do my own thing. I would certainly watch interviews with the real Frankie. I would certainly watch videos of that in performance. He’s quite a quiet person, yet he also has those explosive moments in the show. He is a difficult guy.

What to be it like when you lastly met Valli in ~ the last performance on Broadway?

Peter Gregus, that played Bob Crewe and also was with the show for 11 years, said at intermission, “Don’t be upset if he doesn’t say lot to girlfriend after the show.” after the show, Frankie comes up to me and also gives me a large hug, kisses me top top the cheek and also shakes mine hand and says, “Kid, you were awesome.” Peter said, “That’s the finest review you can have gotten.”

Any to plan to go back to “Dancing through the Stars”?

Right now, i don’t know. I saw musical theatre college and also graduated through honors and also it’s quite to placed that to usage now. The dancing point I always did top top the side. It to be something ns loved.

Do girlfriend have any type of other musical functions on her bucket list?

My dream is to do Judas in “Jesus Christ Superstar” top top Broadway or top top a large stage.

I have to ask: have actually you gained any new tattoos recently?

The most recent one is on mine left within arm. I have a female lioness v my wife’s initials buried in the chest.


Mark Ballas front and center with, native left, Cory Jeacoma, Matthew Dailey and also Keith Hines in the nationwide tour that “Jersey Boys.”
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