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Fall will certainly be here prior to you understand it, i beg your pardon also means all your favorite shows are coming back (finally). To make the season also sweeter, abc is launching a brand-new spinoff series of Dancing with the Stars. For this show, rather of pairing skilled dancers with grown-up celebrities, DWTS is feather to get famous children grooving top top the floor for Dancing with the Stars: Juniors.

Exciting, right? Wait until you hear around all that"s in save for the upcoming series:

Dancing through the Stars: Juniors will premiere Sunday, October 7 at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

If you"re elated around the spinoff but also worried the this method you won"t get to watch the original style of Dancing through the Stars, remainder easy. Alphabet is not — we repeat, alphabet is not — acquiring rid that the long-running show (*wipes sweat turn off brow*). In fact, you have the right to watch the brand-new season the Dancing through the Stars beginning on Monday, September 24 in ~ 8 p.m. ET. In various other words, friend now have actually two ways to obtain your DWTS fix this fall.

Frankie Muniz and Jordan Fisher will organize the show.


The gibbs (and previous fan favorites of DWTS) will be the main emcees on the all-kids version. Jordan — well-known for his functions in The mystery Life of the American Teenager and Broadway"s Hamilton — won the Mirror ball trophy because that season 25. Frankie likewise competed in the exact same season as well, placing third with his partner Witney Carson. After the compete ended, both Frankie and also Jordan opted to sign up with the DWTSLive! irradiate Up the Night tour.

"I was so excited because I had actually such an remarkable time on Dancing v the Stars," the Malcolm in the Middle star revealed to ET. "So, to have the ability to stay in the family and also get to suffer it native a different perspective and also get to hold the new show, like, ns was thrilled."

Jordan, too, was thrilled about the opportunity and also promised that the brand-new program will be "Dancing v the Stars together you know it."

The DWTSJ judges will encompass Adam Rippon.


The Olympic figure skater (and most-recent winner the Dancing through the Stars Athletes) was so outstanding throughout his very own time top top the show, that he"s been asked by alphabet to it is in on the judging panel for the spinoff. The selection might it is in a bit surprising, considering Adam isn"t a skilled dancer and also his major sport is skating. Quiet though, there"s no denying the the reigning Mirror ball champion is a very talented performer. We"re certain he"ll offer top-notch advice to the young contestants.

Mandy Moore will likewise be involved.


No, not the Mandy Moore that plays Rebecca on your other favorite display returning this fall, This Is Us. We"re talking around the esteemed La La Land choreographer. Mandy boasts a an extremely impressive resume, including one Emmy Award and also six nominations for her occupational on So girlfriend Think You can Dance. For this reason in terms of helping out v the children with their technicalities, it"s much more than safe to to speak Mandy to know what she"s talk about.

Val Chmerkovskiy will round out the judges panel.


In addition to Adam and Mandy, the DWTS pro, who newly got engaged to fellow dancer Jenna Johnson, will be the third judge in ~ the table because that the brand-new show. Val has two Mirror round trophies to boast — one in season 20 through actress Rumer Willis and also the other in season 23 v Olympic gymnast Laurie Hernandez. Once asked by TMZ around what kids he"d love to watch on the brand-new series, Val conveniently named LeBron James Jr., the child of NBA superstar LeBron James. We"ll watch if his great comes true!

There will certainly be DWTS pros and also kid dancers.

Some of your favorite veteran DWTS dancers — Cheryl Burke, Sasha Farber, and Witney Carson — room helping mentor the team of young ballroom dancers and also their celebrity child partners throughout the show. Few of the junior advantages have currently competed on various other shows such together So girlfriend Think You can Dance, America"s acquired Talent, and World the Dance. Here"s the complete list of that will it is in paired through who:

Alan Bersten and also JT ChurchBrandon Armstrong and Artyon CelestineArtem Chigvinstev and Tristan IanieroJenna Johnson and also Hailey bills (her niece)Hayley Erbert and Kameron CouchEmma Slater and Elliana WalmsleyKeo Motsepe and Lev KhmelevGleb Savchenko and also Sage RosenSasha Farber and also Jake MonrealCheryl Burke and Brightyn BremsWitney Carson and Kamri PetersonLindsay Arnold and Rylee Arnold (her tiny sister)

The cast of celebrity kids is full of huge names.

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As announced ~ above the an initial week that Dancing with the Stars season 27, the Juniors version of the present will encompass famous encounters like "Honey Boo Boo" Alana Thompson, Miles Brown that Black-ish, Sophia Pippen (Scottie"s daughter), and Stuck in the Middle actress Ariana Greenblatt. Here"s a perform of the rest of the cast:

Akash VukotiSky BrownMandla MorrisHudson WestMackenzie ZieglerTripp PalinAddison Osta SmithJason Maybaum

Catch Dancing through the Stars: Juniors ~ above Sunday, October 7 on abc at 8 p.m. ET.

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