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Professional dancer Julianne Hough leftDancing v the Starsin 2017, leaving fans wondering even if it is she would ever before return come the display or not. Hough’s brother, Derek Hough sat on the judging dashboard in 2020 and also will probably return in 2021. So, will Julianne Hough ever before return to the show?

Hough’s decision to leave the display in 2017 was because of other projects, according to ET Online. She wanted to focus on her acting career rather thanDancing v the Stars,the website reported at the time.

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The decision to leave didn’t have anything to perform with her then-husband Brooks Laich, a resource told the outlet.

“It has actually nothing to perform with her husband’s schedule,” the source said. “She would never sacrifice she career for she husband.”

Julianne Hough could Return come ‘Dancing through the Stars’

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There are a number of ways the Julianne Hough might return toDancing v the Stars,whether she would be a agree on the show, once again sit top top the judging panel, or also eventually hold the show.

DWTS is a continuous gig with a steady paycheck. Often these dancers try to move on come what they hope are greener pastures only to realize that’s not the case,” the source told ET online at the time. “For Julianne, she is still on very an excellent terms v everyone end at DWTSand no bridges to be burned. Possibly she’ll be back in the future.”

She hasn’t returned because then, but a return is absolutely not ruled out together the present goes through alters ahead of season 30.

Fans want Julianne Hough ago on ‘Dancing through the Stars’

Kick Carrie ann off the judges dashboard and include Julianne hough so we can have 2 gorgeous and also fair judges #DWTS

— erin (
erinkennnedy) November 3, 2020

Fans have actually mixed views on who they would like to sit top top the judging panel because that season 30, especially when it comes to Julianne Hough’s brother.

In a recent Facebook poll, fans responded the they would certainly overwhelmingly want Derek Hough to return as a judge. Many human being who vote in the poll comment in the comments to say the they would certainly love to check out Hough top top the display as either a judge or together a dancer as soon as again.

Other fans think that Goodman is a better judge than Hough and also would favor for him come return instead.

One human tweeted,“Derek Hough is a horrible addition toDancing v the Stars.Bring back Len Goodman.”

One pan tweeted that they’d prefer Hough to replace Carrie Ann Inaba, writing, “Kick Carrie ann off the judges dashboard and add Julianne Hough so we can have two gorgeous and fair judges.”

Other fans think she would be a fun addition as a hold of the display amid backlash surrounding brand-new host Tyra Banks’s power on the show.

Anything is feasible when it involves theDancing v the Starsseason 30 cast, as the show has not yet been officially renewed and also pro dancers have actually said lock don’t expect to recognize if they’ll be earlier for a new season until at some time in respectable 2021.

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Dancing through the Starswill most likely return for season 30 in 2021.

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