Actor, singer, comedian and also alum Kate Flannery BFA ’87 (Acting) joined the autumn 2019 actors of Dancing with the Stars top top ABC, where she advanced to the height 10 and also placed saturday in the competition before a controversial removed on Nov. 4. 

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Flannery and also Pashkov dance the cha-cha

Flannery is ideal known for her role as Meredith top top NBC’s hit series The Office and also has newly made appearances top top Young Sheldon (CBS), voiced personalities on yes sir K.O.! (Cartoon Network) and Brooklyn Nine-Nine (FOX). Flannery has been singing and also touring with Jane Lynch because that the past four years together a component of your anti-cabaret act, Two lost Souls, in ~ venues favor the Kennedy Center, Joe’s Pub and also the Carlyle Hotel in brand-new York City. honored Flannery through an Alumni silver Star compensation in 2013. 

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On she debut episode of Dancing v the Stars, Flannery admitted, “I danced in university 25-plus years ago but I’ve had actually no ballroom experience. Therefore this is brand-new to me.” due to the fact that that very first performance, she quickly ended up being a pan favorite, emerging vibrant performances i beg your pardon highlighted she comedic chops and also even consisted of some singing. During her eight-week insignificant on the show, Flannery’s entertaining character piece ranged from tiny Red speak Hood to mar Poppins, and took on category from Argentine tango come rumba come jazz. She deserve her highest score of 27 point out in week six for her Viennese waltz to Whitney Houston’s “I have Nothing.”In an interview v Woman’s Day, Flannery stresses the prestige of acquisition risks. "Whatever you deserve to do to put yourself earlier in the game, everything that game is, just do it. You’re precious it; everyone’s worth it. Over there so plenty of gifts that come with difficult yourself." 

In a dance-off ring on Nov. 4, Flannery and also professional dance partner Pasha Pashkov challenged Sean Spicer and Jenna Johnson. Return the judges forgive Flannery and also Pashkov two extra point out for your cha-cha, she was sent home in one upset. ET interviewed Flannery after ~ the surprise elimination and Flannery shows on she experience, saying “The thing around this present is, I acquired to be a student again. I acquired to it is in an artist again. I had the ideal teacher; masterclass every day. And also if you’re not open to it, climate it’s no going to happen. So hang in there. Display up. Keep reflecting up.”