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Kim fields has proven herself as a singer, actress reality star – and now she’s prepared to tackle the to dance world.

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The The genuine Housewives that Atlanta star is contending in season 22 of Dancing with the Stars, partnered through Sasha Farber.

In case you aren’t acquainted with areas from her The truth of Life work or RHOA, below are 5 things to help you acquire to recognize Fields, 46.

1. The star obtained her big break many thanks to … Sesame Street!Fans mental her together the beloved Tootie Ramsey top top Diff’rent Strokes and later on The facts of Life. However they might not realize her very first credit come in Sesame Street once she was just 5. That need to be sufficient to make anyone to speak “aww.”

2. She’s acquired show organization in her blood. Fields, 46, is the daughter that actress and also singer Chip Fields, who delighted in roles top top Days of our Lives, Good Times and The amazing Spider-Mantv sgiw and appeared opposite her daughter on several episodes of The truth of Life. Fields’ sisters Alexis areas acted in 90s TV classics such together Sister, Sister, Kenan and Kel and Moesha.

3. She’s likewise got directing experience.Fields has stepped behind the camera for 27 illustration of Kenan & Kel and 32 illustration of Meet the Browns, amongst other reflects that she’s lent she magic touch to. She’s also worked together a producer on number of series, many recently on the bet competition collection Lens on Talent in 2010.

4. Areas has a music side.In enhancement to her plenty of ventures, the star released two singles when she to be shooting The truth of Life, including a sheathe of Michael Jackson‘s “Dear Michael.” maybe those musical skills came in handy once she starred the contrary Queen Latifah ~ above Living Single from 1993–1998.

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5. She sees run as component of her heritage.The star freshly told that because that her, dance is around “tapping into some of the background in my life and my culture, from Harlem to my maternal grandmother, who was a dancer.”

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