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ET caught up through the 40-year-old pro dancer top top Monday at the television Academy"s Performers Peer team Celebration in Los Angeles along with her new husband, Shark Tank star Robert Herjavec, where she stated she isn"t return to the hit abc show.

"I love the show and also I love to still be part of the but, girlfriend know, ns still desire to hang up my run shoes and also what a method to end," Johnson said ET as soon as asked if she"s showing up on the brand-new season. "It"s like, "thank you, Dancing v the Stars.""

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However, the fan favorite – who’s likewise a judge on the Australian variation of the display -- stated she still might be appearing on the DWTS: All accessibility online show. Johnson started appearing on the DWTS in 2006, and has won the coveted mirror sphere trophy double -- in season 9 with Donny Osmond, and also season 12 v NFL pro Hines Ward. She sat the end season 10 and took a break after season 16, make a return four seasons later, once she to be partnered with Herjavec.

Hilariously, it"s in reality 53-year-old Herjavec who"s eager to get earlier into the ballroom. The businessman to be paired through Johnson for season 20 -- once sparks clear flew in between the two. They ended up finishing in sixth place.

"I am going to go ago and dance with somebody else so I have the right to win the mirror ball this time," the joked around being "distracted." "I blame you Kym. Yeah, if friend weren"t there I would certainly of won."

Johnson and Herjavec tied the node last month, and are obviously quiet sporting the newlywed glow. The cute pair enjoyed an remarkable honeymoon in Bora Bora, and Johnson is still obtaining used come her brand-new title as "Mrs."

Last job in paradise through my hubby