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Dancing v the StarsreturnsMonday because that theseason 30 finale! ET is following along throughoutthetwo-hour spectacularto break down all the finest performances andthe most surprising moments.

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The competition has actually reached heat pitch withthe final four remaining couples acquiring ready to fight it out it out on the run floor in the race for the coveted mirrorball trophy.

As the couples dance their hearts out v their critical routines that the season,judgesCarrie Ann Inaba, Len Goodman, Bruno Tonioli and also guest judge Julianne Houghwill be givingfeedback and dolingout your scores -- all before a new DWTS champion is crowned.

The funny kicks turn off on Monday in ~ 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC, and also ET will be spanning all the highlights in actual time.

And the Season 30 Champion Is...

7:01 PM:

With all the votes counted, Tyra is revealing the results!

In fourth place, we've got: Amanda and also Alan.

In 3rd place: Cody and also Cheryl.

This method it all comes down to the 2 couples who, truly, worthy to victory it the most: JoJo and also Jenna and Iman and also Daniella

So that earned the trophy?..

Iman and Daniella! In a truly unexpected minute -- one of numerous -- Iman and also Daniella took house the optimal prize, leaving JoJo and Jenna in 2nd.

First NBA star to make it come the finals, and also now the an initial to win! This is just epic.

Jimmie Allen Returns!

6:48 PM:

He may not have actually made it come the finale together a contestant, however Jimmie Allen is ago in the run floor because that a live performance in the closing moments of the night!

It's a funny song, however my anxiety over voter making the dorn (or simply bad) an option in this voting has me too on-edge come really evaluate it.

Iman & Daniella near the Night with Epic Freestyle

6:42 PM:

Iman and also Daniella room truly a dream team. He's got personality for days and also she knows just how to channel his power and also energy to make truly i can not forget moments.

Tonight's finale run of the night -- a freestyle collection to both"Lose Control" through Missy Elliott and also "Bounce" by DJ Clent -- can be the ideal number they've ever done.

It combines every little thing they're lover for and more, and proves just just how mindblowing Iman's footwork has actually really gotten.

"This season has actually been favor a terrific book!" Len says. "You don't know exactly how it will turn out until you turn the last page, and the last web page was amazing."

"That to be my favourite freestyle I've ever seen in 30 seasons," Julianne declares.

Carrie Ann praises Iman for letting Daniella shine and for showcasing her talents during their last performance.

Unsurprisingly, the pair earned another slew the 10s for an additional flawless 40, offering them a perfect 80 for the night!

JoJo and Jenna Dance as Besties

6:30 PM:

Seeing JoJo's journey on DWTS has been a delight, and also it's good to check out the genuinely strong bond in between her and also Jenna. Your friendship bring so much joy to the world.

Tonight's freestyle is also an especially meaningful, as they room dancing to Lady Gaga's "Born This Way" -- a song that has ben a main theme to JoJo's whole time top top the show.

Glamming it up, this dance allows JoJo adopt everything she loves with pyrotechnics, glittery outfits, a next-level background (in which she lifts Jenna and it's epic).

This number is together a celebration of love and self-acceptance -- and it's also phenomenal.

"That was beyond amazing!" Carrie Ann gushes. "When ns watch friend dance, i feel for sure for the future since you space such an incredible role model."

Len states he loved all the elements of the freestyle mixed together and says they've to be the "stand-out couple" for all the time they've to be here.

"I to be floored by you," Julianne marvels.

"That stop hits store coming and just keep getting better," Bruno marvels. "I wish you'd been around when i was younger."

Obviously, the pair earn all 10s for a full of 40 and also a merged perfect score the 80.

Amanda and also Alan Dancing amongst the Stars

6:19 PM:

In the pre-taped package, Amanda explains how important her friendship v Alan has been because that her, specifically in the wake of the lose of she husband.

So, come truly cap off their incredible partnership end the season, the pair are giving their final freestyle dance their all.

The number -- collection to Coldplay's "A Sky full of Stars -- begin with the pair rotate in native the air, holding top top suspended rings that reduced them ~ above the run floor.

The number, favor the song, is an joyful celebration event of love and life and is the life-affirming performance that really renders the freestyle run so special.

"This display really is special," Bruno marvels, prior to telling Amana, "You're glowing brighter than ever."

Carrie Ann says Amanda is "hope and also resilience personified," while Len praises her "lyrical" dancing and also stage presence.

The pair earn a perfect 40, giving them a an unified total the 78 the end of 80.

Cody and Cheryl room Freestyling

6:09 PM:

For their freestyle routine, Cody and Cheryl kick turn off the number through a dance set to Beethoven's"Symphony No. 5."

However, the multi-colored animal leather bodysuit Cody is rocking hints at the twist: The music cuts and is replaced by the Todrick hall dance fight "Nails, Hair, Hips, Heels."

It's a big, wild, fun and showy number the embraces whatever Cody has been bringing come the phase every week.

"Let the freak flag fly!" Julianne cheers. "Your true me is bright through! i feel alive!"

Bruno to compare the number come The evil one Wears Prada and Gina Gershon (somehow).

Len states the dance was "wild, wacky and also wonderful."

The pros Rock

6:02 PM:

Right in the center of this finale, castle are having actually the every the pros provide a leather-clad routine set to "Pour part Sugar ~ above Me" by Def Leppard.

It's a great routine, together you'd expect. The males all rip your shirts off, the women room all clad in black. It's the best glam-rock hypersexual dance number you can hope for.

The trouble is... Well, it type of reminds girlfriend of just how TRULY an excellent the pros compared to every the celebs (except perhaps JoJo).

Iman and also Daniella have actually Come for this reason FAR

5:46 PM:

Iman has done something never completed before by being the very first NBA agree on DWTS history to make it to the finale.

I never would have actually guessed that he and Daniella would make the this far -- till Halloween night, and also they yielded their routine based on the movie "Us."

This was among the most incredible numbers in the show's history. They have actually lifts that are beyond belief and they know how to do a real moment.

Their very first dance tonight is a fusion dance mix cha-cha and foxtrot and collection to Earth, Wind & Fire's "September."

It's clear the Iman's charisma and personality are effortless, and lets castle showcase a different side that Iman's growth as a dancer.

"What ns love about your dancing, you dance cool," Len said. "Well done."

Julianne praised Iman for learning just how to combine dance right into who the is as a person.

Bruno marvels that is the the "King the the Ballroom," and also Carrie Ann states that he has "evolved come a allude beyond words."

The judges praise is suitable by your scores and also the duo nab a perfect row of 10s for a full of 40 out of 40!

Derek renders a special Appearance

5:39 PM:

Derek might not be in the ballroom, however he does do a remote appearance via video clip chat to share an upgrade on his health.

"I'm emotion great, I certainly turned a corner. Yet I'm therefore sad ns can't be there through you all." Derek shares.

He also wishes the stars luck, and also gives a one-of-a-kind shout-out to the advantages who have actually been working so difficult this season.

JoJo and Jenna carry Fun blend to the Floor

5:35 PM:

To it is in honest, JoJo and also Jenna have actually been the frontrunners from week 1 and also never looked back.

Their story, their friendship, their groundbreaking coupling, every one of it has actually lead to a remarkable story the growth and evolution. JoJo and Jenna havedelivered few of the biggest and best musical moments of the season.

Tonight, their an initial dance is a cha-cha and also tango blend set to the most JoJo-themed tune ever: Icona Pop's "I Love It."

While this might have been a moment for JoJo come retreat back to her comfort zone -- through glitter and hair bows -- she instead embraces she brilliant evolution into adulthood and also blends her bubbly personality through a flawlessly fun, sexy, high-octane number that is beyond anything we've seen before.

"What are you doing to me?!" Carrie Ann marvels. "What I check out is a mrs transformed... Ns am so proud of you."

"You've simply proved it doesn't matter if it's two girls to dance together, two guys, if it's great dancing magic happens," Len shares.

Bruno declares the they room "freaking awesome" and also that the dance was "nuclear fusion."

After the feedback, Tyra asks whatwinning the mirorrball trophy would median to her.

"Winning the Mirrorball isn't jsut for me or because that us, it's to win it because that so many people aroiund the people who are possibly afraid to be themselves," JoJo shares.

Cody & Cheryl mix Cha-Cha and also Paso Doble

5:24 PM:

Cody and also Cheryl have weathered so much to acquire to the finals -- including capturing COVID-19, i m sorry meant having to perform virtually, as facing some tough critique.

However, their fans have actually really traction through and kept them for sure week after ~ week until tonight, where they will gain two final dances to shoot their shot for victory.

Tonight's very first dance is a blend of cha-cha and also paso doble, and that might prove to be a winning combo because that the high-energy pair.

The pair fight the stage and also bring your fan-favorite flair to your fiery routine, set to "Free her Mind" through En Vogue.

"Cody, I have actually to give you credit. At the beginning of this season, that looked favor Mission: Impossible. But you've do it to the final and also you deserve it," Bruno shares.

Carrie Ann states the dance was "so strong," when Len claimed it was full of "vim, vigor and vitality."

"I'm feeling so proud, and I'm so proud that Cheryl, she's just been the finest partner," Cody tells Tyra ~ the judges feedback.

The pair earned four 9s throughout the board for a total of 36 out of 40.

Amanda & Alan Deliver blend Perfection

5:14 PM:

For their an initial number tonight, Amanda and also Alan space going to it is in dancing a fusion routine the blendsViennese waltz and Paso doble.

The performance is collection to the moody and also emotionally stirring Bishop Briggs' tune "Never Tear us Apart," and also it feels really thematically ideal for Amanda.

Most of she time ~ above the show has showcased her delicacy and also vulnerability. Because that tonight's number, she's wearing red and also she's comes at it v seductive, fiery passion. It's a brand-new look for her, and it's a good look.

Before the feedback, Julianne share a couple of words around being back:"I stepped away for a while just to come to be a fan... And I'm therefore excited come be ago so i don't need to yell at the TV anymore."

As because that the dance, Julianne tells the paid, "You found the balance perfectly" in between the dance styles.

"You have actually beauty, talent and range!" Bruno marvels, including that the regimen was "scalding."

Carrie Ann claims that she "danced the from the bottom of her heart." Len, meanwhile, adds that the dance to be "spectacular."

The pair gain two 9s native Carrie Ann and also Julianne, and two 10s native Len and Bruno, because that a total of 38 the end of 40.

That's a solid start to what can shape approximately be a really one-of-a-kind finale.

Julianne Hough and Tyra Banks

5:05 PM:

Tyra is rocking a swollen ensemble that gives realGlinda the an excellent Witch vibes, and also oddly I'm below for it.

She introduce Julianne, and explains the Derek acquired a breakthrough instance of COVID. While we already knew every this, it's interesting to watch Julianne behind the judge's desk again.

Although it's disappointed to recognize Derek won't have the ability to be here for the finale ~ spending the totality season helping and guiding the performers.

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The grand Finale Is Here!

5:03 PM:

We're kicking points off with a high-energy power from the show's army of super talented pros every dancing to BTS' "Dynamite" and also it's the exact kind of spectacle the the finale phone call for!

The judges -- including fill-in judge Julianne Hough -- space on your feet and dancing, and also it's yes, really a fun means to acquire the blood pumping prior to the couples take it the stage.

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