Lauren Alaina is opened up around the role Dancing v the Stars has actually played in helping she heal after she breakup v John Crist.

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The country singer -- who break-up up through Crist simply a couple of days before the start of this season of DWTS -- obtained candid about her love life in a pre-taped parcel on Monday, prior to the very first of her 2 performances that the night.

"I am solitary for the first time as an adult, so i am no trying to hurry love," Alaina said her pro partner, Gleb Savchenko, during rehearsals. "I will certainly say that. Ns am enjoying it."

Monday was boy Band and also Girl group night top top DWTS, and also their very first number was a quickstep collection to The Supremes" "You Can"t hurry Love," i beg your pardon is what sparked the speak of love and also romance in the an initial place.

"I went through a split two weeks before I came on this show. It"s type of a crazy time," Alaina explained.

However, it seems that competing on the show has really given her part emotional support.

"Being on Dancing v the Stars has actually been the perfect recipe because that healing my broken heart," the songstress shared. "It"s like the present is my new boyfriend. I"m date Dancing with the Stars and it"s going great."

Alaina and also Savchenko finished up earning a 34 the end of 40 for their quickstep and also a 36 for your rumba -- collection to the Backstreet boys hit "I desire It that Way" -- for a total of 70 out of 80, and also they finished up moving on to next week"s semifinals.

As for her previous relationship, Alaina and also Crist began dating in May, simply three month after the nation crooner broke off her engagement to her ex, Alex Hopkins. Then, simply weeks before the show started in September, Alaina sat down for an interview with reigning DWTS Mirrorball champ Bobby Bones and also revealed they"d ended their relationship.

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"I mean, there"s, like, no large story," she explained. "We to be like, ideal friends prior to we dated, and also we’re still finest friends. It just didn’t work out. I guess that’s exactly how dating goes, right?"

Earlier this month, Crist became embroiled in a sex-related misconduct scandal when an disclose in Christian newspaper Charisma News featured interviews with five women accusing the comedian of inappropriate behavior.Last week, he handle the allegationsleveled versus him v an apology statement.


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Lauren Alaina claims She's Channeling Sexy top top 'DWTS' After john Crist break-up (Exclusive)

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