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Dancing through the Starsreturns Monday night for the 4th week that Season 30! v a slew of excited celebs prepared to present off their moves,ET is adhering to along throughoutthetwo-hour spectacularto malfunction all the best dances andthe most surprising moments from the fan-favorite Disney Night!

As the contestants battle each other it out on the dance floor, judgesCarrie Ann Inaba, Len Goodman, Bruno Tonioli and also Derek Hough will give feedback and dole the end their scores -- every before another pair gets the boot.

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All the remaining 13 couples will certainly be dancing your hearts the end to several of the most iconic melody from the Disney songbook, together they try to victory the votes the the viewers and the assistance of the judges.

The battle forthe mirrorball trophykicks off onMonday at 8 p.m. ET/PT top top ABC, and ET will be extending all the highlights in actual time.

Who's Safe and also Who's walking Home?

7:01 PM:

Well, it's Disney Night! What's more, it's the an initial of two Disney Nights!

So nobody is walking home and also everyone is safe!

For the very first time this season, there's 2 nights that DWTS this week! This to be Disney Heroes Night, and also tomorrow we're gonna view Disney Villains Night!

And we're almost certainly walking to view at least one pair get the axe in ~ the finish of Villains Night!

The Mickey Dance difficulty Winners!

7:00 PM:

As it turns out, there space some genuine stakes come the Mickey run Challenge!

The winners, however, gain two extra points to their totals!

This week, the judges agree the the couple who go the finest job through the included moves are Jimmie and also Emma! That's two extra point out that can take every the difference!

Iman and Daniella warm Up the Floor v a 'Frozen' Routine

6:54 PM:

Iman's pre-taped package is legit amazing. He's an NBA superstar, but he additionally personally yielded both his children when his mam unexpectedly got in labor, and also his recounting of the -- and he pride -- is just delightful.

Their routine tonight is a foxtrot set to the megahit Frozen tune "Let the Go," and there's a captivating delight to Iman's performances -- even in the locations where he's tho learning, and still growing, he's clearly putting his all into arising his talents.

"It's evident you're an excellent at delivering, and you yielded a yes, really elegant foxtrot," Len says. "I thought you walk a really good job."

Derek says it's an excellent how everyone can see his advancement week after week.

Bruno claims Iman had a "command that the room" and that he ultimately tapped into his gracefulness v his size.

"You're a hero in genuine life by getting out here and also dedicating this number ," Carrie Ann says.

Iman's little girl is in the audience and also lovingly watching she dad dance, and also it's simply a heartwarming moment.

The pair earn 3 8s and also a completely unreasonable 6 from Len because that a full of 30 out of 40.

Cody and also Cheryl room Electric

6:44 PM:

Cody and Cheryl are back in the studio after having to dance from residence last week due to their COVID-19 battles, and also they are clearly excited.

The two hit the phase in wild and memorable ensembles to supply a funjive collection to "Stand Out" from A Goofy Movie. While they plainly are having actually a an excellent time, the judges aren't quite as wowed.

"My favorite component of that dance was the Mickey run Challenge," Carrie Ann says, including that it was a "great performance."

Len critiques the there "wasn't enough jive" and also that he to be "a tiny disappointed."

Derek states he has actually "a an excellent energy" and that he's "such a great performer," yet that they needed a tiny more.

Bruno thinks they still require one much more week to get back into step with one one more 100 percent,

"I feeling great. I'm so happy to be the end of quarantine and also so back to be ago in this place," Cody speak Tyra after ~ the feedback.

Ultimately the pair earn 3 7s and a 6 indigenous Len for a full of 27 the end of 40.

Melora and also Artem Live Live as much as 'Jungle Book' Greatness

6:39 PM:

Melora and Artem room a dream team. She's the quiet dark equine who might come in and also surprise everyone.

For your routine, the actress and also the agree dancer room tasked through delivering a fast step come "I Wan'na Be like You" native The Jungle publication and they bring every ounce of skill, timing, acting and also professionalism to the stage. And the judges love it.

"The finest quickstep I've checked out so much this season," Bruno marvels, including that they included comedic moments v a lot of of timeless number.

"You carry something unforeseen to every dance, and also that what provides you special," Carrie Ann shares.

Len says, "That to be by much your best dance for this reason far," and Derek takes the a step further calling the "the finest dance that the night!"

The pair earn the greatest score of the night hence far too -- four 9s because that a complete of 36 the end of 40.

Suni and also Pasha room Enchanting

6:30 PM:

For Suni and Pasha's Disney Night dance, they get the possibility to see a screening of the yet-unreleased Disney film Encanto, and also it offers them a lot of inspiration.

So, there's a the majority of their number as soon as they struggle the stage for a salsa set to "Colombia, Mi Encanto," and it blends a lot of big, flashy moves v passion and style.

The judges are conveniently falling in love through Suni's personality.

"I love see you open up up much more and an ext each week," Derek says. "Well done! that was great."

Bruno agrees, complimenting she on "getting much more free" through every dance.

"That to be the many expressive I've ever seen you," Len says. "You really came out of your shell!"

The pair end up with an exceptional score the 33 out of 40, with 3 8s and a 9 native Derek.

Brian and Sharna lug Romance to your 'Snow White' Waltz

6:24 PM:

As the season's only developed couple, the pair's outing to Disneyland is prefer a date night.

The pair additionally have part cutesy banter, and go earlier and forth about their mainly on the show.

"The first couple of weeks ns was an extremely careful v your feelings," Sharna quips in the pre-taped package, adding that she's no so worried now.

As because that the dance, the brings every one of their romance to the stage as the pair do a waltz set to"Someday mine Prince will Come" from Snow White and the 7 Dwarves.

The dance exactly how some striking and memorable moments, and also their romance permeates the entire routine. However, a few of the judges space left a little cold through the dance itself.

Len criticizes the "kissing and also cuddling and also messing about," and says he would have actually liked to check out a "much much more traditional waltz."

Derek disagrees and says that, once he's in frame, his framework is great.

Bruno claims "Sometimes, too much sweetness provides you a toothache," and that that wants more "sweeping power."

They finish up earning three 6s and also a cost-free 7 from Derek because that a complete of 25 out of 40.

Kenya and Brandon will Go much (They Hope!)

6:13 PM:

After finishing up in the bottom two last week, Kenya and Brandon space looking to make up ground this week through a Moana-inspired number.

The pre-taped package is a moving, tearful one and Kenya defines how she feels so moved by Moana's "How much I'll Go" because of her "miracle baby," daughter Brooklyn, who is her totality life.

Kenya and also Brandon fight the phase for a strikingcontemporary routine set to the Oscar-winning tune, and it's a joyous celebration event of movement and also hope.

Carrie Ann states it was a "beautiful" dance, yet critiqued a couple of of the dance's lifts.

Len calls the "a an initial class performance," if Derek praises the number for how it began off timid and then blossoms into greatness.

Bruno claims he "felt the activity of the water... It was lovely."

The pair earn 3 7s and then a gleeful 8 from Derek for a total of 29 the end of 40.

The Miz provides Magic as the Genie

6:05 PM:

The Miz is really transforming the perception civilization have of that he really is. As he revealed in his pretaped parcel tonight, he states he's proudly a "girl dad" and is a real household man.

He's additionally delightfully charming and clearly willing to go all out!

When he and also Witney fight the stage for theirquickstep -- collection to "Friend prefer Me" indigenous Aladdin -- The Miz is shirtless and also covered completely in blue body repaint to portray the genie, and also it's certain enthralling. He absolutely pulls off the look.

Bruno calls that "the genie of the ballroom" and also praises your interpretation and inclusion the the Mickey Dance difficulty steps.

"You're yes, really honing your power in to complement the special, of every dance," Carrie Ann says. "You are so lot fun to watch. Fine done!"

Len praises him because that "dancing with control," and marvels at how light that in top top his feet for being such a big guy.

The pair earn some of their highest possible scores of the season with three 8s and also one 7 (from Len) because that a total of 31 the end of 40.

Olivia Jade and also Val room Roaringly Regal

5:56 PM:

Olivia Jade has been working tough to learn an ext about dancing and to move beyond her previous scandals. Back there's tho a most distance once it comes to her pre-taped packages. That feels choose a real wall surface has to be raised, which can hurt her votes in the comes weeks.

Although if she keeps transporting dances like tonight's, she might win over quite a few people.

Olivia and Val done their ideal lion-themed outfits because that a samba set to The Lion King's "I just Can't Wait to be King," and also it's got some genuine fun, fierce energy.

"You're ending up being one of my favorite performers ~ above the show," Derek marvels, calling her dance "effortless."

Len, Carrie Ann and Bruno seem come have comparable praise for the routine, and also her energy and also personality.

The respect and love is reflected in your scores, together the pair earn 3 9s and an 8 (again, indigenous Carrie Ann) because that a full of 35 out of 40 -- and also tying Jojo and Jenna!

Amanda Kloots and Alan Bersten go Wild

5:46 PM:

Amanda and Alan hit increase Disneyland in the pre-taped package, and also prepare for your rumba collection to "You'll it is in In mine Heart" from Tarzan.

Amanda describes that she connects come the song's template of the bond in between a mother and a son, due to the fact that of her own son, Elvis -- that actually accompanies his mom and Alan top top his first-ever expedition to the Magic Kingdom.

As they hit the stage, Amanda shines together Jane, looking gorgeous in a pale yellow gown. Alan, meanwhile, plays the function of Tarzan -- definition no shirt and a long, messy black color wig. It would certainly be a little bit distracting if their program wasn't together gorgeous together it is.

"I thought it was brilliant," Len says, before adding that the feels castle "missed" the Mickey dance Challenge.

Derek disagrees through Len top top that, and tells the pair the he loves theway lock move and also their articulation.

"Effortless, easy, natural," Bruno claimed of the dance. "You yes, really made the look easy... Brilliant."

Carrie Ann hilariously asks Allen if they are wearing the very same wig, and jokes the he looks choose he's 12, however that she really liked the number.

In terms of scores, castle get four 8s across the board for a total of 32 out of 40!

Jimmie and Emma Soldier Up

5:40 PM:

Every week, Jimmie Allen lets fans into his life an ext and more, and it yes, really connects.

This week, he and Emma room performing come a tune from Mulan, "I'll make a guy Out the You" and Jimmie states he's performing as a tribute to his late father.

The pair fight the phase for their paso doble set to the well known tune, and give a militaristic flair come the number the is equal components surprising and charming.

"Everything around that dance to be delicious!" Carrie Ann gushes.

Len claims that he "really liked" how they added in the Mickey run Challenge, and how the integrated it.

"What I'm so impression with about about is your texture and also your movement," Derek shares.

The duo earn two 8s and two 7s for a total of 30 the end of 40.

Matt and also Lindsay come to be Incredible

5:30 PM:

For their Disney Night dance, Matt James and also Lindsay are paying tribute to The Incredibles!

James access time the dance floor decked out in head-to-toe teal spandex, dressed together Frozone, together the two do a quickstep routine set to "The Incredits," the credit transaction music from the Pixar classic.

Meanwhile, Lindsay brought a truly unanticipated sultriness to the personality of Edna, which ns don't recognize anyone was ready for.

"The quickstep is all around feet, and I have to say they are getting better," Bruno praises.

"I smiled the whole time," Carrie Ann says, adding that they still have actually some job-related to do.

Len says, "I excellent your occupational ethic and also your tenacity," i beg your pardon Derek agrees with.

The pair end up earning two 6s and two 7s because that a complete of 26 the end of 40.

Mel C and also Gleb action In Time

5:20 PM:

Mel C and Gleb are celebrating Mary Poppins this week, and this it s okay them ~ above the object of Mel C's heroes -- namely, her mom. It's a sweet moment that really enables us come learn an ext and connect with Melanie in a brand-new way.

Then, when it comes to their Jazz routine, it's hard not to just love she more. The pair carry out a Jazz number collection to the iconic Mary Poppins track "Step In Time." The spice Girl take away on the eponymous duty of the magic nanny, while Gleb dons the chimney move duds and also they supply some fast-paced magic.

Derek claims that he thinks if dick Van Dyke experienced this number, that would have actually loved it, and also that the power was "fantastic."

"That was so difficult, since the tempo sped up... There to be a small , but still, means to go!" Bruno marvels.

Carrie says it was choose a "stunt show come to life."

"That was just like Disneyland," Len says. "It was complete of fun, joy and it was enchanting."

The pair end up earning 3 8s and a surprisingly short 7 -- native Carrie Ann the all civilization -- because that a full of 31 the end of 40.

JoJo and Jenna dance On a Wish prefer a Dream

5:11 PM:

So, this mainly there's an ext to Disney Night than simply dancing come Disney song -- there's likewise the Mickey computer mouse dance challenge, in which they need to incorporate movements performed by an man Mickey.

JoJo and also Jenna space performing aViennese waltz, which does not at every lend itself to the super modern moves in the Mickey run Challenge.

However, the pair struggle the phase to supply their routine, collection to"A Dream Is a Wish your Heart Makes" from Cinderella. Jenna look at stunning in blue together Cinderella if JoJo looks flawless as a striking Prince Charming. And also the pair managed to make genuine magic with their performance.

"It was beautifully danced. Your footwork was fantastic and ns loved watching friend dance," Len marvels.

"You to be so clean, therefore elegant, it was a breath of new air," Derek adds.

"JoJo, Jenna, girlfriend two are a dream come true," Bruno praises, calling the dance a "Viennese waltz because that the 21st century."

The pair earn the an initial 9s the the season -- earning 3 9s and an 8 (from Len) for an incredibletotal of 35 out of 40.

Tyra banks Comes out In Fringe

5:05 PM:

Tyra never ever holds back when it pertains to rocking some sophisticated looks.

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This week, she comes out in a truly fascinating ensemble, complete with fringe,that she describes asa nod come the Lion King.

Well, let's gain this always-wild display on the road!

It's Disney Night once More!

5:03 PM:

It's Disney Night on Dancing v the Stars and also everyone is celebrate at Disneyland!

Disney Night is among the most well-known DWTS themes every season and for a good reason: The music is rad!

We constantly get some truly memorable number on Disney Night -- and occasionally the first 10s of the season. Will certainly that be the instance tonight? i can't wait to uncover out!

Check the end the video to hear an ext aboutthis season ofDancing v the Stars!


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