Viral violin Lindsey Stirling come this close to winning the Mirror ball Trophy on “Dancing v the Stars.” She and also her pro companion Mark Ballas made the finals in season 25 but placed 2nd to Jordan Fisher and his pro partner Lindsay Arnold. No worries. Stirling has a shot in ~ winning an additional trophy in May. She’s nominated for a Daytime Emmy.

Stirling contends for finest Musical power in a Daytime program for performing “Dance of the sugar Plum Fairy” ~ above “Live v Kelly and Ryan” (watch it above). She was fostering her Christmas album “Warmer in the Winter,” in i beg your pardon she brought her singular blend of classical and electronic dance music to vacation classics. And her power on “Kelly and Ryan” lugged together she instrumental an abilities and her dance skills — have actually you ever before tried playing the violin when spinning on one foot?

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But deserve to Stirling win? The last two prizes have gone come the casts the Broadway shows (“The shade Purple” in 2017, “Dear Evan Hansen” in 2018). Currently Stirling is up against the Tony– and also Grammy-winning cast of “The Band’s Visit,” for this reason they might have an edge. But this award has actually only been offered out 3 times before, and the very first year to be an upset, as soon as Rachel Platten’s “Good Morning America” power of “Fight Song” shockingly to win performances by Adele, Annie Lennox, ELO and Bruno Mars. Given the uniqueness of Stirling’s performance, don’t counting her the end for just that sort of upset. Who requirements a mirror Ball, anyway?

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