“I learned how solid I was, exactly how to persevere and not just on the run floor… but in the run of life.” – Maria Menounos

My EveryGirl Journey

When abc called and asked me to it is in on the hit series Dancing with the Stars, my an initial thought was, No way. Born v crooked legs that required metal braces and also steel reinforced shoes, I grew up as an uncoordinated kid and still have an awkward running style to this day. Nor was I lot of a dancer. Growing up, I never ever performed in recitals the means other girls did, together my parental couldn’t afford run lessons. Ns didn’t want to make a silly of myself in former of the totality world. And also unlike several of the other Dancing v the Stars contestants, I had actually a full-time job, hosting Extra every day. To chat news is like any other news, it never ever stops. Would I even have the ability to fit in hours of rehearsing every day? in ~ the critical minute, I decided to do it. My parents, my boyfriend Keven, and also his mommy were substantial fans of the show, and also Kev assumed that the included exposure would certainly be good for mine career. It no easy, emotionally or physically. Ns didn’t find out the measures as quick as the other contestants, and also I was constantly terrified the I’d chaos up. I fractured both of my feet (in multiple places) and two of my ribs during our rehearsals, and I was in pain throughout. Time was tight—I held Extra every day ns was dancing, and had come cram in mine Dancing through the Stars rehearsals during the evenings. However for every the pain, the was among the most financially rewarding experiences I’ve ever before had; an impressive fourteen mainly learning around my body—and about my life.

Any success I had in the dancing department, i owe 100 percent to Derek Hough, my dance partner. The is the most superb dancer and also a genius-level choreographer and teacher. He makes every partner look amazing. He yes, really is the unbelievable. Derek, his parents, his sisters, and also their children are like family to me, therefore I gained a many emotional support, too. However, i take full credit for any success I had actually in regards to stamina. I owed the success to the difficult lessons I’d learned in the arena of diet and fitness and also the strong foundation I’d developed as a result. That structure took year to build, and also I didn’t perform it alone.

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It associated a most trial and error, and also it certainly wasn’t easy. – Excerpt native The EveryGirl’s overview to Diet & Fitness