The skilled dancer and also his songwriter sweetheart bound the knot on Friday, and also we have actually all the details!

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Jamie Cuccinelli is contributing writer for She served as a digital editor for the brand indigenous 2015-2019. She really hopes to inspire couples to litter a wedding that's completely them." data-inline-tooltip="true">Jamie Cuccinelli

Jamie Cuccinelli is contributing writer because that She offered as a digital editor for the brand indigenous 2015-2019. She really hopes to accumulate couples to throw a wedding that's wholly them.


We absolutely know what these 2 were thankful because that this year! note Ballas and also BC Jean not only celebrated their Thanksgiving weekend through the traditional family dinner, but with a wedding! The Dancing v the Stars pro and also his songwriter sweetheart tied the knot on Friday in Malibu, California, and we have actually all the details!

After getting engaged the day before Thanksgiving critical year, Ballas and Jean have officially come full circle, saying their "I dos" the work after Thanksgiving ~ above November, 25. (Wedding dress after pumpkin pie? Sure, why not?) follow to Us Weekly, the wedding took place at Calamigos Ranch with tons of Dancing through the Stars alum in attendance. Julianne Hough, Brittany Cherry, Sharna Burgess, Keo Motsepe, Cheryl Burke, Sasha Farber, Emma Slater, and also Jenna Johnson all scored guest list status, while Derek Hough offered as best man. "It"s Time!" Hough created on Instagram front of the ceremony, captioning a picture of a vintage-inspired bag watch.

When the moment did arrive, the bride stunned in a beaded lengthy sleeve wedding dress with open shoulders and a jeweled high neckline — so unique! Meanwhile, the groom looked dashing in a blue suit, complete with a newsboy cap and velvet bow tie. This couple is simply too-cool, no?

And indigenous the reception photograph booth snapshots and also the reality that so many DWTS pros to be cutting a rug top top the dance floor, we have actually no doubts the this was rather the shindig! "Everybody was having actually a blast," a resource shared with Us Weekly. "It was a funny day through a most love and also emotion. Over there was many dancing, the course, and also it was a an excellent party."

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And the groom of food agrees! "It"s a wild feeling," Ballas called People newspaper of his and also BC Jean"s big day. "Your wedding is miscellaneous you potentialism prepare for your entire life. Friend wonder who it"s walk to it is in with, where it is going come be and how the ceremony and reception are going come be. Currently it"s lastly here and happening. It"s surreal. I simply want come soak it all up since I just know I"m going to click mine fingers and the entirety evening will be over and I want to make certain I gain it."

"I'm so thankful so numerous family and friends to be able come travel below to celebrate our wedding," ongoing the to dance pro. "It's walking to it is in a night of remarkable moments." native the watch of this photos, it definitely was!