It’s no yet choice Day, yet the remainingDancing v the Stars couples still awaited a collection of life-changing poll outcomes on Monday night.

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As we head right into the last month that Season 29, the alphabet competition coagulation its lucky top 7, with one more duo acquiring booted from the ballroom. And though Monday’s episode was supposed to end with a dual elimination, only one couple ultimately go home, following Jeannie Mai’s premature exit due to an urgent health issue.

Before we get to the results, though, let’s break down the rest of the broadcast, which discovered each pair performing 2 routines. And first, a little bit of housekeeping: due to a TV outage on Monday evening (I trusted you, cable company that shall remain nameless!), your resident recapper let go the night’s first few routines. I have the right to tell you the scores in lieu of any kind of commentary, though: Nev and Jenna earn a 27 the end of 30 through their Viennese waltz; Justina and also Sasha also scored a 27 the end of 30 through their samba; and Kaitlyn and also Artem obtained a 25 the end of 30 v their jive.

As for the night’s other performances, here’s exactly how those shook out:

Nelly and also pro Daniella Karagach (Rumba): in ~ the begin of this season, I never would have actually expected to see Nelly dance v the sensitivity the he brought to this rumba; there was a softness and also refinement in his activities that’s yes, really impressive, provided how steep the finding out curve to be for him at the beginning, and also those arm flourishes prolonged all the method through his fingertips. The said, in ~ this pivotal suggest in the season, Nelly needs to it is in much much more technically precise, and also I worry that his casual swagger — which has been such an asset thus far! — is transforming into a liability, avoiding him indigenous performing these ballroom formats the method they’re expected to be performed. Judges’ Score: 21/30

Chrishell Stause and also pro Gleb Savchenko (Viennese Waltz, pictured): us all understand that Gleb can choreograph some sexy routines. (Case in point: this.) and the sexy routines space fun! In moderation! however this Viennese waltz featured hardly any Viennese waltz content; the felt an ext like a modern-day routine v some traditional waltz sprinkled in here and also there, i m sorry isn’t sufficient time because that Chrishell to showcase she skill, or to prove she’s implementing the judges’ critiques indigenous the main before. I love a an excellent dramatic narrative, yet Gleb and also Chrishell’s performances just don’t have enough substance, specifically at this allude in the competition. Judges’ Score: 24/30

Skai Jackson and also pro Alan Bersten (Salsa): The improvement! The improvement! ns was a small nervous to watch that Skai and Alan were dancing the salsa, together these high-energy ballroom layouts have been problematic for Skai in the past. However on the heels of critical week’s ultra-moody Argentine tango, it was thrilling to see how much an ext comfortable Skai was on the dance floor; over there was small to no trace of she panicked expression, and she had a firm master on the choreography — also though she could have afforded to sink also deeper right into the floor and also get a little looser v her arm movements. Judges’ Score: 25/30

Johnny Weir and also pro Britt Stewart (Foxtrot): I’m so dazzling to see Johnny lastly coming right into his own, and there’s a newfound, week-to-week consistency in his performances that we’ve all been wait for this season. Here’s hope he stays this sure-footed, because when he’s on, he’s on. Judges’ Score: 27/30

AJ McLean and also pro Cheryl Burke (Rumba, pictured): This isn’t AJ and Cheryl’s fault, but it’s odd to me that so plenty of Season 29 contestants — consisting of AJ, Jeannie and also Chrishell — space using rumbas to connect their most harrowing life experiences. Rumbas have to be steamy! and also intense! and also they aren’t the greatest vessels for heartbreaking storytelling, which is why this regime (inspired by AJ’s battles with drug and also alcohol abuse) feel a little incongruent. There was passion, and there was intensity, yet the subject issue seemed to stop AJ and also Cheryl native being as sultry and also seductive as this layout requires. Judges’ Score: 24/30

This episode also featured “relay dances,” in ar of the normal team dances that social distancing guidelines are avoiding this season. In every relay dance, multiple couples performed to the exact same song in the exact same style, through a new pair tagging in at the beginning, middle and end that the song; each pair then got their own collection of bonus points indigenous the judges — ranging from one to three points — because that their part of the routine, i beg your pardon went toward their complete score because that the night.

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Group 1, performing the cha-cha, contained Nev and also Jenna (three points), Chrishell and Gleb (two points) and Nelly and Daniella (two points). Team 2, performing the Viennese waltz, had Justina and also Sasha (two points) and also Johnny and also Britt (three points). And also finally, group 3, performing the samba, contained Skai and Alan (two points), AJ and also Cheryl (three points) and Kaitlyn and also Artem (three points).

And now, the results:

COUPLES IN JEOPARDYSkai Jackson and pro Alan BerstenChrishell Stause and also pro Gleb Savchenko

SAVED by JUDGESSkai Jackson and also pro Alan Bersten (saved by all three judges, though Derek was genuine cagey about it)

ELIMINATEDChrishell Stause and pro Gleb Savchenko

Your turn! space you sad to check out Chrishell and also Gleb go? and also which optimal 7 pair is your present favorite? Tell united state in the comment below!