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After 11 incredibleweeks, season 29 of Dancing through the Stars concerns anend Monday night, as the new mirrorball champions will be revealed live by organize Tyra Banks.

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Be sure to follow along with ET as we live blog all of the best moments native finale night, including Derek Hough"s second sure-to-be epos performance the the season and Nelly taking the stage to entertain us through a medley the his biggest hits, together Daniella Karagach and also Pasha Pashkov dance to his music.

On height of that, anyone from the cast (with the exception of Tiger King star Carole Baskin) will certainly be earlier in the ballroom tonight to cheer top top the four finalists --Nelly and also Daniella Karagach, Kaitlyn Bristowe and Artem Chigvintsev, Justina Machado and also Sasha Farber, and also Nev Schulman and Jenna Johnson.

Voting will certainly take ar live during the show, i beg your pardon kicks off Monday in ~ 8 p.m. ET/PT top top ABC. If you"re ~ above the West Coast, you"ll need to vote for her favorite couple early -- so we"ve obtained you covered! We"ll it is in breaking under all the details and highlights from the Freestyle round, which marks the couples" last possibility to impress the judges, and America. Check out ours live blog below:

And the Winner Is...

6:59 PM:

It's all come under to this! Here's just how the finalists place...

Fourth Place: Justina and Sasha

Third Place: Nelly and also Daniella

Second Place: Nev and Jenna

So the huge winners are: Kaitlyn and Artem!

The pair space so excited they can't also speak, and also Kaitlyn is carried to tears as she hugs Artem through one arm and clings come the Mirrorball trophy through the other.

Congrats to the happy couple!

Nelly owns the Night

6:51 PM:

Does it also matter if maidename wins the Mirrorball trophy? He's already won everyone's hearts and minds.

Joined by Daniella and also Pasha, girl name delivers a mini-concert that is the instant highlight of the totality season.

There's nothing but love, and also it's a great thing this came after voting was closed, due to the fact that otherwise it simply wouldn't have been fair.

Justina and Sasha Close out the Competition

6:40 PM:

Justina and Sasha have actually the respect of closing the end the competition through dancing the last variety of the season, and also they lug all the energy and enthusiasm humanly possible for your freestyle routine, collection to“Let’s acquire Loud” through Jennifer Lopez and “Bamboleo” through The Gypsy Kings.

From Justina dance a slew the hologram Justina back-up dancers come owning the stage with Sasha, castle couldn't have ended the season any better.

Nev and also Jenna acquire Soaking Wet

6:29 PM:

If you're walk to shot to recreate Gene Kelly's most famous routine, you're setting the bar yes, really high for yourself, however these two brought their A-game.

The pair took to the run floor for a wild, wet routine set to district 78's EDM-infused remix the "Singing in the Rain" that just wowed the judges.

"You can't pull turn off Gene Kelly or 'Singing in the rain' uneven you're a leading man. And Nev, mine friend, you're a leading man," Derek shares. "That wasso good."

"You were aiming very, really high v this one. Yet I have to say, friend succeeded," Bruno chimes in.

For your ambitious efforts, the pair earned a perfect 30 the end o 30.

Kaitlyn and Artem lug the Moulin Rouge come Life

6:21 PM:

Kaitlyn and Artem's last performance that the season is a freestyle routine that recreates one of the best moments from Baz Luhrmann's Moulin Rouge.

Donning a shimmering silver ensemble, Kaitlyn is a perfect balance come the dapper and flawless Artem and also together castle pull out all the stops for their number, set to "Sparkling Diamonds."

"Kaitlyn, that is my favorite movie of every time. The number is one of my favorite all-time cinema moments. So i have really high expectations," Carrie Ann says, pausing for dramatic effect."Thank god you met them! You're incredible. You carried that come life!"

The pair earn an additional flawless score -- three 10s because that a full of 30 out of 30 -- bringing their finale score come a perfect 60 out of 60! This method Artem might have a chance at win his first-ever Mirrorball trophy!

Nelly and Daniella space Dance Floor Royalty

6:07 PM:

If naught else, girl name knows how to supply a truly memorable moment.

The power starts through Nelly and also Daniella sit on golden thrones and also delivering a sexy, perfectly over-the-top freestyle routine collection to“Savage” by Megan Thee Stallion.

The routine transforms as they require to the phase -- as doesthe music. The pair pull off part wild choreography set to“Hypnotize” by The infamous B.I.G.

"Nelly, the king the swag and the king of bling. Ns mean, that opened tableau, i said, okay, we're in the visibility of hip-hop royalty," Bruno says.

"In the freestyle, it's so essential to start solid and end strong. That's exactly what you did," Derek adds. "Well done!"

The pair finish up earning three 10s because that a total of 30 out of 30!

A Tribute to dance by Derek Hough

5:57 PM:

If situation you didn't know, Derek Hough is a fairly great dancer.

So, once it concerned putting together a season finale, there's nopoint in not making use of your Ace in the hole. Throw Derek in a tux and put him on the run floor.

This Fred Astaire-inspired number included tap dance and also ballroom and was a true love letter come movement and also the art of dance itself.

Justina and Sasha get Their Respect

3:47 PM:

Justina and Sasha take it things earlier to the really beginning come recreate their cha-cha earlier from week 1.

The energetic number -- collection to Aretha Franklin's "Respect" -- is a wonderful demonstration the the actress' growth, and also gets a most love from the judges.

"Girl, friend know how to bring it. Every time friend hit the hardwood floors, you irradiate them increase on fire like nobody else. You have actually something the is different than anyone since you fire in a different way... AndI love her fire!" Carrie marvels.

"Justina, I stated it main one, and also I'll to speak it again, you're exploding through charisma and also energy, and also you're therefore sensational to watch," Derek adds.

The pair end up earning three 10s for a perfect 30 the end of 30 -- an incredible improvement 11 weeks after ~ earning a 21 out of 30 once the season premiered.

Nev and Jenna Recreate your 'Black Swan' Moment

5:35 PM:

For your repeat dance, Nev and Jenna determined to remake their huge breakthrough paso doble indigenous Villains Night, and they regulated to surpass also their very first flawless performance.

"That dance was perfection the very first time, that was once again perfection, no doubt about it," Carrie Ann praises the pair.

"You switched the characters, and you produced even more dramatic structure. An ext intensity, the was much more thrilling, and you killed it!" Bruno adds.

Like before, Nev and Jenna earned 3 perfect 10s for a perfect 30 out of 30!

Nelly and also Daniella Samba with Spirit

5:23 PM:

Nelly and Daniella decision to recreate your Week 5 Samba, and also they punch the dance the end of the park!

The lively number - -set to"Rhythm that the Night" by DeBarge, is a perfect showcase for just how much Nelly has actually grown together a dancer, and he impresses the judges v his charm and enthusiasm.

The pair finish up earning three 9s for a full of 27 the end of 30 -- a remarkable advancement from the an initial time they danced this number.

Also, girl name won anyone over in the human being when he revealed exactly how he's utilizing his time on the show for a an excellent cause. The rapper defined he'll it is in auctioning off all the bespoke dance sneakers he's worn transparent the season and also donating the proceeds come a charity that gives shelter and also sanctuary to teenagers who have actually been the victims of sex-trafficking.

So, yeah, Nelly's nice great.

They to be flawless the very first time, and also they traction it off again, earning 3 10s for a total of 30 the end of 30!

Kaitlyn and Artem Repeat their Argentine Tango

5:12 PM:

For their an initial dance of the night -- their repeat dance, in which castle recreate one of their favourite dances native the season -- Kaitlyn and Artem took to the stage to try and recapture the magic of their Argentine Tango indigenous Week 9.

Set come a covering of Britney Spears' "Toxic," the pair supply a wildly impressive display of talent. And while it may have actually been a threat to to and recreate a run they got a perfect 30 out of 30 for, it appears the judges choose it even an ext this time around.

"Wow. Kaitlyn, what a perfect run to remind human being that you deserve to be here, and that you space a true challenger for the Mirrorball trophy," Derek marvels.

"It to be so intensely sensuous.I'm tingling all over," Bruno adds. "The detail, if the is even possible,was even much better this time around."

"I'm so happy you decided to carry out this run again, since this was the dance whereby you walk from gift an exceptional dancer to an unforgettable, exquisite ," Carrie Ann shares. "This is now one the my height three favourite dances of all time."

Then Tyra as soon as again misled us into thinking we're gonna gain their scores, just to litter to a advertisement break. Fantastic.

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It's wild just how talented every the pros are, and also sometimes friend forgot how fun it deserve to be to just let so lot raw talent loose on the dance floor.

This is the way to get a audience pumped up! and also you can't ever before go wrong with glitter cannons. More glitter cannons!

In the meantime, inspect out ours exclusive interviews v the finalists below. Each of castle tease just how they arrangement to wow Monday night, and what a mirrorball win would median for them:

Kaitlyn Bristowe & Artem Chigvintsev

Nelly & Daniella Karagach

Justina Machado & Sasha Farber

Nev Schulman & Jenna Johnson


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